Chapter Six



Our Creator God ordained that 3 things be necessary to sustain the physical life of our human bodies; air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat (and drink). (Keep in mind that God did much of His creating in sets of “Three.”) And the human body lives the longest and in the healthiest condition if that air is clean and fresh, if the water is pure and clean, and if the food is wholesome, clean, fresh, healthy, and nourishing. God created the air, water, and food in those “good” conditions, “for our sakes.” So sad to see how terribly the devil’s kingdom has polluted God’s air, water, and food supply, thereby putting our health in great danger. The air, water, and food would maintain their best quality possible by everyone tilling the ground for his or her living, instead of building the devil’s kingdom on the ground.

God ordained that the air we breathe be totally free to us without cost or price. God created us to live outdoors, breathing the clean, fresh air He so graciously provided for us out there in the nature He created. Presently, in the devil’s kingdom, many people spend much of their lives working, living, and sleeping in small man-made cubicles (many made of concrete and/or other unhealthy man-made materials), constantly breathing stale air brought in through a man-made ventilation system that cost plenty of time and money to build. Often the lighting is artificial, made by man and detrimental to one’s eyesight. For most of my life, I never once thought I would pay money to buy air to breathe, in a similar way that I pay money for food I eat. But I hear accurate reports of the oxygen content of the earth’s air steadily decreasing due to air pollution, a reduction in the size of the land areas covered by forest and vegetation, an increase in the size of land areas covered with “hardtop,” and such (all these oxygen depleters stemming from the devil’s kingdom). I also read of the health benefits of breathing pure oxygen a few minutes each day. And more and more, I am becoming inclined to start buying air (oxygen) to breathe.

God ordained that the water we drink be more or less free of charge. Whereas the air is always available to be sucked into our lungs, we have to fetch the water to drink. Typically we have to dig wells to have a water supply, or go to a spring or stream to fetch the water. And in dry areas of the world, obtaining drinking water can involve much labor; digging deep wells, having to fetch the water from a far distance, etc. Presently in our modern world, a lot of people pay a monthly fee to have water piped into their house. When I was growing up, I never thought I would buy drinking water like I buy food. But I have been doing that for many years now. In my house, I distill the tap water and drink distilled water (paying for electricity to distill it). And when I am away from home, I often buy “clean” drinking water in a store. At times, I pay more (per gallon) for that drinking water than I do for the gas I put into my car. Until I was about 30 years old, I could have never imagined that the day would come when, at times, my drinking water would be more expensive than gasoline for the car.

God ordained that air we breathe be totally free to us. He ordained that the water we drink be essentially free. But He ordained that we labor to obtain our needed food; long hours per day, for many days a year, on God’s prison farm. It just naturally follows that this God ordained method of us obtaining our food is the safest and most secure way for us to be fed. And you well know how important you consider eating to be to you. Therefore you should hold in the highest regard, the method your Creator ordained for you to feed yourself and your family, and consider it an important thing for people to do, you not being excluded.

A main reason we leave God’s farm for the devil’s “world” is because we love the world. Included in that is our love for the security the world system provides. We quickly come to love the world’s security over the security of God’s ordained farm, and that alone is sin. It is a dangerous thing for us to opt for the world’s security in any area of our lives, but especially dangerous regarding the food provision that is a must to keep us alive. 

“Heavenly Father, please help me to think on the important fact of food being necessary to sustain my physical life while I live on this earth. Please make me fully aware that the safest and most secure method of having food for me and my family to eat, is Thy ordained method of tilling the ground. Help me to highly regard that method as being something important for me to personally do. I pray that all other people will also think on the importance of this. Amen.”

“There shall be famines”

When we choose the sin of loving the world (the devil’s kingdom), it quickly becomes easy for us to love having the devil’s kingdom feed us. The convenience of it makes it so appealing to us; just open our money bag and hand over some of our mammon for whatever food we want to purchase, among the much food for sale out in the devil’s kingdom. And the modern day devil’s kingdoms, that advanced nations have built, have such “high class” efficient buying, selling, and trading techniques that a mind boggling variety of foods from all over the world are available to you at your nearest supermarket. How glorious is the devil’s kingdom in this aspect alone! All you have to do to eat of that great variety of foods is to simply hand over some of your money, and any of those foods you desire instantly become your possession. Presently, the peoples of many “advanced” nations can praise the devil’s kingdom for feeding them so well. But that will not continue indefinitely. Now the food supply in the devil’s kingdoms is fattening the masses (many to gross obesity), but it is fattening them for a slaughter. And that slaughter is to come in the form of famine.

In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus tells of many things that will happen in the “end time.” “There shall be famines.” (Verse 7) The world has seen much famine since Jesus spoke those words almost 2,000 years ago. But I believe the most severe famines are yet to come. Revelation Chapter 18 tells of several catastrophic things that will take place in the end time, and one of them is a complete economic collapse of the devil’s kingdom when the mammon-based system of buying and selling will completely break down. Likely that will bring famine to many who depend on the devil’s kingdom to feed them.

I can easily believe the Truth of Jesus’ Words, “There shall be famines,” simply because He never lies. But He also confirms that Truth with His Wisdom that He has given me. I can look around at what is happening and see the signs of that famine coming on. I see 3 major things occurring that are going to bring on famine. (1) The percentage of the world’s population that produces food is steadily decreasing. So the day will come when there will not be enough tillers of the ground to feed the world’s masses who do not till the ground. (2) The devil’s kingdom steadily seizes more and more farm land and puts it to use in the devil’s kingdom, using it for anything and everything except for growing food to eat. Much of that farmland is put to death under concrete and asphalt, to never again have the ability to produce food. (3) A growing number of people come to disdain and hold in contempt our Creator ordained first estate, and would never consider lowering their proud, highly risen selves to such a humble position as that of tilling the ground. This #3 brings on #1 and #2, so it doesn’t really have to be considered separately except for one important fact. It is prideful, sinful rebellion against our Creator that He will definitely judge, and I believe He is soon to judge it by letting masses of those rebels starve to death in end-time famines.

You are likely to answer my #1 above with, “Oh, Brother Richard, someone will always grow food, because it will always be in demand and therefore will always be a money making job.” There is much truth in such a statement. But the trend is that, more and more, big businesses are supplying your food. Back in the 1980’s, I read an “expert’s” prediction about the changing trends in food production. He predicted that the time would soon come when most farming is done by large corporations who pay the farm workers union wages and maintain insurance against crop failures, natural disasters, etc. And if that comes to be, he predicted that fact alone would increase food costs 3 or 4 fold. The bottom line is that no matter what kind of plans the devil’s kingdom devises to feed you, they are going to end in disaster and famine.  

Now listen to some important details about #2 above. God has chosen the exact time when He will put an end to this present world, and He has planned exactly how greatly He will allow the population of the human race to increase until the end of time. Folks, it just may be that our Creator wisely planned for there to be enough natural resources (especially air, water, and food) for the large population all the way to the end of time, IF the human race had stayed in its first estate, instead of building the destructive devil’s kingdom on this earth. But because most people on the earth have opted to build the devil’s kingdom, that one factor might deplete the earth’s resources and thereby bring on the end time famines the Bible prophecies.

I know there have been cobblestone streets on this earth for many ages. But around the start of the 20th century, it became necessary for us rebels to hardtop God’s earth with concrete and asphalt in order to build the splendid devil’s kingdom that enables us risen gods to race to and fro all over God’s earth (and in the air) at great speeds. You can read the statistics of how many additional acres of earth in your nation get put to death by being hard topped each year. And you can hear other alarmists than me, sounding the warning that we are destroying our livelihood by doing so. But so many people love the devil’s kingdom so much, that there will be no turning back. We will hardtop ourselves to death in famine, ‘cause you can’t grow your food on concrete and asphalt. Each year the earth’s population increases and each year there are fewer acres available for farming. That is a road straight to famine. Such insanity is soon to catch up with us and destroy us by starving us to death. “There shall be famines.”

So many Christians who zealously love the world believe that God will put an end to time before “things get very bad.” Ha, Ha! So many of us thought God would do that by 2,001 at the latest. He is tarrying longer than we thought He would. And likely He is soon to laugh at our calamity of famine.

“Heavenly Father, please confirm to me what Truth of Thine is in these paragraphs after the previous prayer. And please show me what attitude I should have toward it and any action I should take concerning it. I pray this prayer for all other people also. Amen.”

“Love not the world”

Upon getting out the first edition of this book about 1984, I was soon after fairly shocked at the large number of Christians who were greatly angered by me exalting so highly our Creator ordained first estate. I was on furlough in the U.S. from December 1984 to May 1986. And during that time several of the “opposers” gave me an earful of their opinions. I will award first “prize” for the “best” essay to the pastor of an independent Baptist church. He and I had never known of each other till he somehow got my book, read it, and got mad about a lot things I had written. So he invited me to come preach at his church on a Wednesday night, apparently for the sole reason of him getting a chance to rebuke me in person about my religious beliefs.

“When it rains, it pours!” And when one thing goes wrong, it seems that many things go wrong at once. And that sure is what happened to me that historic Wednesday. I was at my Dad’s house and it was over a 9-hour drive to this church. So I planned to hit the road early Wednesday morning. But Tuesday night, I recalled that I didn’t get my 3 suits out of the dry cleaners that day. They were all the suits I owned and I had to take them with me this day, as I would be traveling to several churches to preach for the next 3 weeks. But this dry cleaners was closed every Wednesday. So, at the breakfast table early Wednesday morning when I asked Daddy who owned the dry cleaners, I got the bad news that the owner didn’t live there in Vernon, but in a nearby town. I called him, explained my “emergency” to him, and he gave me the name of a man in Vernon who had a key and could open up and let me get my dry cleaning. This man usually sat around in public playing checkers or dominos with other men. But when I hurried to town and looked around all the places those loafers usually loafed; he wasn’t at any of them. I asked all the loafers where he was, but none of them knew. I went back home, packed everything else I needed for my 3 weeks on the road, went back to town again, and vainly looked all over for him, asking everyone if they knew where he was. I had just about given up on finding him when I finally did find him. He opened the cleaners and let me get my preaching suits, but because of that delay I left town about an hour later than I had planned.  

But I always allowed extra traveling time to be on the safe side. And for this long 9-hour trip, I had added more than a one-hour “cushion.” So I wasn’t yet concerned that about all of that “cushion” got used up before I started. That is until just a short time later as I drove eastward through Alabama, I remembered that I was to cross into another time zone when I reached Georgia and thus lose another hour. That really put me in a bind, time wise. I didn’t stop to get any lunch, but only when I needed gas for the car. And I drove in a very “positive” manner for about 9 hours. The last time I stopped for gas in the late afternoon, I called the pastor’s house and his wife gave me directions to the church. I also hurried into the men’s room and changed into my preaching suit. Reaching the town where the church was, I followed those written directions from the pastor’s wife. I had never before been in this town, so I was careful not to make any wrong turns that would cost more time. Church started at 7 PM and I arrived in the parking lot about 7 minutes before 7 PM. With my Bible in one hand, I put on my suit coat as I hurried inside and the song leader was announcing the first song as I walked into the church, just in time, not 10 seconds to spare after driving hard for 9 hours with no breaks.

I walked to the very front of the church auditorium and choose the 1st or 2nd pew. The pastor was in his place on the platform and I gave him a nod that said, “I’m the missionary you are expecting.” (He and I had never met before and I had no idea that he had invited me here solely to “chew me out” for what I had written in my book.) I sang the songs with them, plenty bushed after pounding the pony so hard all day, but immensely relieved that I had gotten to church on time, as that question had hung in doubt as I drove all day. When it came time for the preaching, the pastor rather curtly introduced me and sat down on a pew near the front. And in my weariness, as I preached my heart out about taking the Gospel to heathen lands, he sat there with a bored, disinterested look on his face which caused me to began to suspect that something was slightly amiss. Anyway, his congregation got a good sermon that night and I hope and pray some were blessed by it.

When the church service ended, my adrenalin completely drained away upon finishing all my day’s work of long, hard driving and then preaching at night. I now felt totally bushed, and hoped that the pastor had no plans for me to lodge with him or another church member. I was plenty hungry and tired, so I just wanted to go eat a relaxed meal alone at a restaurant and then immediately collapse in a motel room alone so I could completely relax and get some restful sleep. But the pastor had other plans for “entertaining” me with a long, late night show of his. He was not friendly or cordial to me at all. After I shook hands with the people at the back door as they left, he introduced me to another man and told me to follow that man to his house and that he (the pastor) would come there after taking his family home. “Oh no, I don’t like the sound of this.” In my car, I followed this man and his wife to their house, as a lamb going to the slaughter. Arriving there, the wife soon set a plain cheese sandwich and a drink (milk or juice) before me. That sure wasn’t much after not having eaten all day. Why is it that, when I am not hungry, my host/hostess will set a feast before me? But when I am famished, they set the smallest portion before me? No one asked me if I was hungry or if I had supper, or lunch. So I just kept quiet and ate my plain sandwich with thanksgiving for it. And before I finished eating that, the pastor showed up about 9 PM to provide a long, one man show of late night entertainment for me.

I was eating at a dining room bar in their house and as best I recall, I was sitting on something like a stool. It may have had a short back, or may have been completely backless. It was a plenty uncomfortable seat after my long, weary day. And I sat there like that till almost 1 AM, a captive audience to that fine fundamentalist pastor while, for almost 4 hours in the dead of the night, he debased our Creator ordained first estate and highly exalted eating of the knowledge of good and evil and rising by the human creature. I do not cram my religion down people’s throats like that! I write it in these books and everyone is free not to read a word of it. I never pressure any pastors to let me preach in their churches. And when they do invite me to preach, I finish my sermon in 30 to 40 minutes. And after that sermon, when I am in their home or yours, I never say, “I want to talk about my books,” and then bore you by doing that for over 3 hours. I just talk about the weather and such, unless you want to talk about my religion. Now, ain’t I nice? No doubt that pastor would strongly object to me inviting him to drive 9 hard hours to my house for me to then cram my religion down his throat from 9 PM till almost 1 AM, after setting a plain cheese sandwich and drink before him. That preacher knows absolutely nothing about obeying Christ’s command in Luke 6:31, (which is the subject of a future chapter in this book). “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

Oh, was he ever opposed to me exalting tilling the ground and denouncing “rising” and eating of the knowledge of good and evil. He wasn’t skinny at all, so it was plainly evident that he regularly ate plenty of the food that farmers produce. And from his foul breath camouflaged under mouthwash or something, and from the stains on the pudgy finger he kept poking in my face as he derided me, I think he might have been habitually using the produce of the tobacco farmers in his fine state. (But I am not certain of that.) And from about 9 PM till almost 1 AM, I sat on that hard, uncomfortable stool, totally spent from the rough day I had sacrificed totally to his request to come to his church, and I listened to him deride our Creator ordained first estate and exhalt disobedience to God’s very first command to us in Genesis 2:17. There is one thing about such people as him that I absolutely cannot understand at all. WHY DO THEY BOTHER TO EAT FOOD???

He, and many others like him, have made it most clear to me that they fervently disdain farming. Then why do they have anything at all to do with the produce from the farm? Why do they bother to eat the food that the farmers grow? Why do they want to “defile” their bodies by putting into them, the plants, animals, and animal products that dirty farmers produce in dirty dirt on God’s dirty prison farms? All that farm produce does inside their bodies is to turn into foul waste and gas that they have to regularly eliminate. So why do they bother to eat it? That hypocrisy is perplexing to me. They are already committing the sin of disdaining and holding in contempt our Creator ordained first estate. Why not just stop with that one sin alone, instead of adding to it the additional sin of being a hypocrite about it by regularly eating the food that tillers of the ground produce? And for all these hypocrites who criticize farming so vehemently as being such a terribly deplorable thing to spend one’s life doing; if only they would cease their sin of hypocrisy in that matter by ceasing to eat of the farm, then it would not be long at all till we would no longer have to put up with listening to their bellyaching against farming.

Mister Baptist Pastor, you won hands down, my first place trophy for your “essay” against farming and in favor of “rising” and the world, mainly because of the length of your “essay.” The second place winner was not anywhere close to you at all. Anyway, here is your trophy. You can see that it is made from cheap metal and thus tarnishes easily. So you will have to spend much time polishing it to make it look halfway decent. Then, when you meet your Creator on Judgment Day, you can lay this fine trophy at His Feet and stand in His Face like you got in my tired face those long, late night hours, and proudly recite your 4-hour essay to Him. No doubt you are looking forward to the time when you will get to meet your Creator Face to face and set Him straight on what a deplorable thing it is for humans to farm and what a wonderful thing it is for them to eat all the knowledge of good and evil they can and for them to build the devil’s kingdom. No doubt you will wax even more elegantly with your fine, first place speech, when you impress your Creator with it on Judgment Day.  

That pastor wrongly used 2 things recorded in the Bible to support him in debasing farming. I want to share his points with you, and rebut them as being false conclusions on his part. He opened his Bible and showed me Psalms 107:23&24. “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.” Using this scripture, he declared that it is seamen that see the works of the Lord and therefore know God the best, not farmers. But this scripture does not bear that out at all. It says that people, who go out to sea, see the works and wonders of the Lord out there in the sea. That is true, of course. But this scripture in no way elevates seafaring men above tillers of the ground.  

The other thing he argued from the Bible was that David, a man after God’s Own Heart, was a shepherd, not a farmer. And he used that point to debase “farming,” as opposed to being a shepherd. Therefore, when I first defined and described our God ordained first estate toward the beginning of chapter 4 of this new edition of this book, I described it as “living off the land and water,” personally taking one’s own food from the land and/or water. If one chooses to eat only fish or mutton, I believe he is still in his Creator ordained first estate if he catches his own fish or grows his own mutton. Most fishermen and shepherds eat some fruits, vegetables, grains, and such along with their fish or mutton. And if they grow their own, they will do a little farming along with fishing or herding sheep. Eskimos and other such people living in extremely cold climates have been known for living almost solely on animal products, not being able to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains in the frozen earth there. I consider such people to be living in their first estate, because they are personally taking their own food from the land and water, as opposed to buying it out in the devil’s kingdom.

Also, you can gather from the Bible that an Israeli shepherd family of David’s generation would likely have cultivated (at least) a grape vineyard, fig and olive trees, and likely several more fruits, vegetables, and certainly some grains. (They certainly didn’t make their bread out of mutton.) Those shepherd families tilled some ground along with herding sheep.

So with these words of wisdom, I want to rebut that pastor who derided farming to me for 4 long, late night hours when I was most tired and sleepy. By doing so, he won first place among many who spoke to me against our Creator ordained first estate. Also by doing so, he has become famous as one of the main characters in this book. When I am invited to preach at a church, I never mention money unless it is to thank them for money they have already given me. I never ask for an offering for coming there, or appeal for support for my missionary work. However most churches that invite me, are kind and gracious enough to give me an offering because it requires money for me to travel there. But this first place trophy winner pastor gave me no offering at all, thereby considering himself most worthy for me to spend a whole day traveling to him at my own expense for the purpose of him having access to my ears for 4 late night hours. Congratulations, you highly risen creature who so disdains your Creator ordained first estate. (The next morning as I was leaving that home, my host (the church member, not the pastor) did give me $20. And when doing so, he appeared plenty embarrassed by his pastor’s rudeness to me by keeping me up so late the night before and by not giving me an offering for coming to his church.) So be it.    

My Christian friend, stand behind the good pastor God has given to you. Pray for him and support him in every way God would have you to do. And all the time, bear in mind that he is just as fallible as perfect Lucifer and perfect Eve were. So be careful not to follow him where he errs. I too am certainly fallible, and I do not claim perfection in any topic I address in this book. But I do know there is a lot of God’s Truth in this book. And many preachers and Christian leaders will oppose the truth in this book that they do not like, just like that first place trophy winner did for 4 long, late night hours before my weary eyes and ears after I arrived there for his convenience at the end of a 9-hour long strip of concrete and asphalt. Personally seek your Creator’s confirmation of what truth is in this book and obey your Creator regarding it. When I, or any other Christian “leader,” part from God’s Truth, then you owe it to your Creator to immediately part from following us. Don’t be so foolish as to be a blind follower of a blind leader, because you will both soon end up in a deep ditch.   

“Heavenly Father, please save me from this sin of hypocrisy. I know I must eat to live. I also acknowledge that eating is one of the most frequent pleasures in my life. Therefore I ask Thee to save me from being a hypocrite in this matter by disdaining the people who till the ground to produce the much food that I eat. I pray for Thee to also save all other people from this hypocrisy. I also ask Thee to please save me from following any and all error and falsehood that Christian leaders preach & teach. Please save all other Christians from being blind followers of blind leaders. Amen.”

“There was not a man to till the ground”

Many human creatures have risen up so highly that they would never consider the possibility of working in farm dirt every day. They can’t stand the thoughts of wearing farm dirt under their immaculately manicured fingernails or wearing barnyard manure on the soles of their shoes or boots. They gladly choose to perform most ANY job out in the devil’s kingdom while adamantly rejecting their Creator ordained first estate. They also train their descendents to disdain farming, to hold it in the lowest regard, and to set their minds to do anything in the “world” except farming. Therefore I can clearly see the Bible prophesied famine coming our way, because the tiller of the ground is disappearing from the face of the earth. “There was not a man to till the ground.” (Genesis 2:5) That was the condition of God’s creation before He created man to fill that void. Is it going to be the ending condition of God’s creation on this earth, with Satan enticing every last human creature to escape God’s prison farms and go build his kingdoms? You say it will never happen? Well, just look at what a small percentage of people presently remain on God’s prison farms; less than 2% in some highly risen nations. The tiller of the ground has already just about completely vanished.

Several people who read the first edition of this book then collared me the first chance they got and held me captive to the hot air spewing out of their mouths as they derided farming in every way possible, as this first place winner of a fine pastor did with his long, late night performance after I had spent a long, hard day solely on traveling to preach to his people at his invitation. But I have found a few questions that throw a monkey wrench into the cogs of their smoothly moving mouth and tongue. “So, you think people shouldn’t farm, huh?” “So, you are against farming, huh?” “So, you are against people farming, huh?” Throw that monkey wrench at them and listen to their smooth running tongue go spastic. “Uuh, huba, huba, uuh.”

They sure do not want to say anything at all in response to such questions and will skirt them in a most cunning, devilish manner. Sure they want SOMEONE to keep farming to provide for their regular sin of gluttony. It is just that they themselves have long ago risen high above growing food for anyone, including themselves. And though they think just about everyone should get onto the band wagon of escaping God’s prison farms and going out into the “world” and competing for the best jobs out there to build a splendid kingdom for the devil, somehow they are stupid enough to think that there will always be some lowly creatures wearing dirt under their fingernails and barnyard manure on the soles of their shoes, working in farm dirt every day to provide the mountains of food that the builders of the devil’s kingdoms gluttonously devour everyday. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Romans 1:22) You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Everyone can’t escape God’s prison farms to go build the devil’s kingdoms, and still have food to eat. There will not always be “fuel” to feed you overweight, fat, obese builders of the devil’s kingdom. Famine is coming, folks. Why? “There was not a man to till the ground.”

Highly risen human “gods” quickly become too good to dwell in their first estate and there till the ground. Rather they come to hold that God ordained estate in contempt and disdain. They so worship always having all their attire and their entire body immaculately and squeaky clean, never sweaty and dirty. Therefore the Lord is soon to reward them with more cleanness, cleanness of teeth. “And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places.” (Amos 4:6) When God rewards you with famine for being too good to till the dirty ground, you will no longer have to worry with the daily chore of dental hygiene. Famine will keep your teeth clean with no effort on your part.

Not only do many people despise our Creator ordained first estate for themselves and for their descendants. Furthermore, they hold the lowly farmer who feeds them in contempt and aren’t the least bit thankful to him for feeding them. Nor are they thankful to God for that farmer and for the food he provides to keep them from starving to death. Years ago, I recall an humble man giving God thanks for the farmers who grew his food, as he prayed his prayer of thanksgiving for his daily food. That prayer of his made a profound impression on me. Therefore I started praying regularly in the same manner. If you do not desire to experience famine and cleanness of teeth, a good start in the right direction would be for you to genuinely appreciate the lowly tillers of the ground who provide the necessary food to keep you from starving.

Back about the year 2,000, I heard a news commenter in the U.S. mention that the percentage of farmers in the nation had gotten so low (2%) that the politicians had just about completely quit “courting” them, because they represented so few votes. Years ago, farmers were a very high priority for politicians. But politicians have steadily paid less attention to farmers while paying more attention to the builders of the devil’s kingdom. After all, that is where 98% of the votes are. And recently (2,003), as more residential areas are being built in farming communities, I am hearing scattered reports of the newly arrived, non-farming, city slicker types “campaigning” to evict and shut down the farmers who were living there first. (Reader, can you give me some accurate and factual reports of this.) That is plenty shocking to me to hear of the builders of the devil’s kingdom becoming that hostile to the few remaining farmers who feed them. Have they been so blinded by the god of this world to completely forget the necessity of eating? Builders of the devil’s kingdom build suburbia throughout farmland, and then try to evict the farmers, complaining of the barnyard smell. Well, honey child, “it goes with the farm!” It goes with producing the food that your fat, highly risen being so madly loves to eat. And when you succeed in shutting down the farmers and doing away with the barnyard smell drifting toward your immaculate castle of concrete, glass, and chrome; you will also do away with your heretofore problem of trying every diet plan that comes along, as you attempt to lose that tub of lard you have to drag around because it is attached to your carcass. Succeed in getting rid of the farmer and you will get cleanness of teeth, you will become skin and bones, and you will starve to death in a famine. The devil has so blinded you with the joys of building his kingdom that you can’t see that. So I warn you, you had better wake up!

Multitudes of people have become too proud to till the ground. Furthermore, they keenly train up their descendents to likewise scorn and disdain farming. Some of them exert much effort to evict the few farmers who remain living near them because their sinfully proud beings are repulsed by the sight, dust, and smell of the farm. Well, God has given me a warning for such people. Don’t be so stupid to forget that the only reason you are alive is because there are still a few people on this earth who haven’t become as vain as you have, and therefore they still farm, for you, growing your needed food, for your life’s sake. And when every last person on earth gets just like you (too proud to farm), then you (and everyone else on earth) are going to starve to death. So, if you think that rising up to be the greatest human being possible is a wonderful thing for everyone to do, be sure to keep in mind that when everyone on earth reaches that goal, then the world’s food supply will vanish because the farmer will have vanished. “There was not a man to till the ground.” You are free to love what you choose to love; rising, disdaining your Creator ordained first estate, etc. But if you choose to love such sin, then get ready to love starving to death. “There shall be famines.”

“Heavenly Father, please create within me a heart which truly loves that which Thou hast ordained for us human creatures. Help me to exalt those things that are of Thee and to apply all of them to my own personal life in accordance to Thy Will for me. I pray this for all other people also. Please help us all to obey Thee. Amen.”

Back about the 1980’s, several farm problems in the U.S. became acute enough to daily be in the national news for some period of time. Getting weary of repeatedly hearing the same dismal news, one city lady exclaimed in frustration, “Well, so what if the farmers fail. I’ll just keep buying my food at the supermarket.” It was reported that she said that in earnest, and not in jest. If she was serious, she has lived in the devil’s kingdom so long that she no longer connects the food she buys with a farm. Modern day airheads, blinded by the devil, have developed such a vacuum inside their skulls that their I. Q. would not even register on a tire gauge. I can clearly see God rewarding them with famine.

As we fervently enlarge the devil’s kingdoms at an alarming rate, sprawling cities and suburbia are rapidly destroying the farmland. Still we are stupid enough to believe that food can always be brought into these concrete jungles from further away, even if more and more of it has to be imported from other countries. That system will increasingly become problematic and will eventually collapse. The further you remove your food source from your mouth, the greater the danger becomes of that food not reaching your mouth. Many different problems could halt food arriving from abroad, such as a strict quarantine because of some food related, deadly disease breaking out in other countries. Domestically, the deeper you are inside the concrete jungles of some modern Sodom and Gomorrah, the greater the possibility of something halting food flowing to you from far away farms. For instance, just one Mafia type teamsters’ boss could get mad at someone and call for a transportation strike and thereby do much to eliminate your food supply. Wise up and know that the safest and most secure way for you to eat is to grow your own food as your Creator ordained that you do.

By growing your own food as God ordained that you do, you are located at your food source and thus eat much of your food fresh and in season. What many fond memories I have of plucking apples, peaches, pears, mulberries, and plums off their trees; grapes, muscadines, blackberries, dewberries, huckleberries, strawberries, and other assorted berries off their vines; and eating all those right on the spot. It is so healthy to eat plant foods as soon as they are separated from the plant that enlivens them, before the life and nourishment in them begin to wane away as they are shipped far away to set on a grocery store shelf. Using God’s wisdom, farmers dry and can foods to eat “out of season.” If you presently freeze foods to preserve them, keep in mind that you are then dependent on electricity supplied by the devil’s kingdom, to keep that food frozen for you. So you might possible want to rethink using that method of food storage, as it is not the safest method available.      

One main way that 2% of a nation’s population produces enough food for 100% of the population, is by using “modern” farming methods developed from the knowledge of good and evil; large, automatic machinery that is evolving into robots, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and herbicides, hormones to spur animal growth, etc. Each of these methods has its down sides, which are nothing more than destruction. That is because they are of the devil’s kingdom that is inherently self-destructive. All such “progress” and “better” methods that man comes up with are nothing more than rebellion against the way our Creator ordained that we eat (by tilling the ground). By forsaking our God ordained first estate and turning to those methods devised by fallen man, we thereby declare to our Creator that we can outsmart Him and devise better ways to live our lives. Therefore all those methods naturally have God’s Wrath and Judgment upon them, which includes them destroying us.

With everything that the human creature builds in the devil’s kingdom, he is building his own destruction. And the more knowledge of good and evil he consumes, the greater destruction he builds. One dangerous way this climatic destruction (in relation to our food supply) is now being manifested, is in the form of genetically engineering our food. Keep your eyes open and just watch it turn into one of the most enormous and destructive powers ever known on this planet. That is because it is nothing more than sinful, rebellious man putting his wicked face right into his Creator’s Face and angrily declaring that he is not at all satisfied with the way God created our food. Therefore he (man) will “re-create” it “better.” Ha. Ha. Ha. God is soon to laugh at their calamity and mock when their fear comes. You already know how that little children’s bodies prematurely turn into adult bodies when they eat meat (and eat and drink animal products) from animals fed hormones to boost their growth. What a terrible thing! But likely that is just a small preview of gross, freaky alterations that genetically engineered food will bring on human bodies. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” And now they have professed themselves to be so wise that they are soon to become dead fools, destroyed by their own stupid, foolish “wisdom.” Don’t you be so foolish to perish with them! Love your Creator and love the way He ordained that you obtain food to eat. Love your first estate of tilling the ground to obtain your food.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to truly love Thee with all my heart. And please help me to truly love the life that Thou, my Creator God, didst ordain for me. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

In a somewhat futile attempt to be brief, I am just giving a few examples of the many problems and much destruction inherent in man’s mad methods of outdoing his Creator. These are just a few samples, pertaining to food, to set you to thinking. So please be alert to listen to the news of the many, scary problems that increasingly crop up in man’s modern ways of growing and marketing food. Presently, they have “engineered” many vegetables and fruits to stay “fresh” a long time on the supermarket shelf. What a relief that “knowledge” is to food sellers. But think about you, the food buyer. In its God created state, you can look at fresh food in the store and fairly accurately guess at how old it is. Now with the “altered” stuff, you have no idea at all how long it has set there on that store shelf, posing as a fresh fruit or vegetable. Does that thought comfort you? It sure doesn’t comfort me.

Presently, some of the peaches I buy here in Japan are hard (not firm, but hard) and they stay hard indefinitely. They are not tasty or pleasant to eat at all. Some tomatoes in the grocery stores here now have that same artificial hardness to them. Some of the strawberries now taste awful, like the taste of a preservative that is engineered right into them. For its convenience, the devil’s kingdom is steadily offering us more and more “fake” foods and many people living in the devil’s kingdom are soon to have difficulty finding God created food to eat. Likely it will become increasingly difficult for people in many places (especially large cities) to find foods that are truly nourishing to their bodies. Also modern, convenient, “worldly” methods of preparing food for eating, like microwave ovens that likely destroy and alter the nutrition in foods, are detrimental to us.     

I will not even bother to touch on older problems of food for sale in the devil’s kingdom, such as the “manufactured” and processed foods being loaded with preservatives and many other things harmful to one’s health. You hear many of these various problems reported in the news, and you have an unlimited supply of sources of accurate information about them, handy to you in this “information age.” Therefore my main objective is not to inform you of these problems, but rather to tell you the most basic reason they exist; they all originate in the devil’s kingdom, which is most destructive to all the human creatures that have chosen it over our God ordained first estate. Almost no one else is warning you of that in such a plain manner as I am. Therefore I earnestly beg you to think on this warning.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to think on these warnings from Brother Richard, and please give me the wisdom to see all these things just as Thou, My Creator God, sees them. Please conform my mind to regard them in the exact same way that Thou doest regard them. I pray this prayer for all other people also. Amen.”

In the 1950’s, the county roads where I lived were then often called “farm to market” roads, because many farmers took their own vegetables and fruit into town or to nearby cities and “peddled” them to the grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants there. Or they would park under a shade tree somewhere in town and peddle the produce to passersby. Such is still done to some degree and farmers’ markets still abound, but look now at mega size corporations vying for control of various areas of the food business.

Every person is a potential customer for food businesses, because everyone eats. You would think that because everyone is going to eat anyway, that would make it totally unnecessary for food companies to advertise. But look at just how important much advertising is to them. They expend much effort to become your food supplier, mainly for the much mammon that will bring to them. Therefore big shot businessmen in the food businesses who love money and serve mammon will readily do many devious and dangerous things to the food you buy from them because some of them are in the business simply to make as much money as they possibly can. Their riches and power enable them to lobby the politicians to make these devious and dangerous things legal. The smaller the devil’s kingdom is, the tamer it is. But we have worked so hard to build it to mammoth proportions, making it as wild as a beast and also as destructive. And one of the most powerful, deadly strangleholds, which the devil’s kingdom can get on you, is that of controlling your food supply. “There shall be famines.” You had better believe there shall be famines. If you love the devil’s kingdom, you had better learn to love starving to death.

In chapter 5, I mentioned how that repeatedly doing one routine task all day on a job in the devil’s world brings on boredom. That boredom sometimes results in workers deliberately “sabotaging” their work, “just for the fun of it.” This has especially alarming potential in the food industries. Always keep in mind how safe you can feel when you do what God ordained, by growing the food you and your family eat.  

Before, I briefly mentioned that the devil’s kingdom is presently doing an excellent job of feeding the populace in most “advanced” nations. Think on how effortless obtaining food has become for you. You pick up the phone and order cooked, ready to eat, food to be delivered right to your door. You drive by a window at a fast food place, have food handed through your car window, and immediately start eating your meal while traveling. Lunch is delivered right to many workplaces, pre-planned by the week or month. You can walk into many establishments and quickly buy cooked food to take with you, or you can sit there and eat it immediately. In your house, you “zap” food in a microwave oven and it is instantly ready to eat. And the list goes on and on. And for many of us, the above convenient methods have sadly become our eating habits. Why would anyone want to bother with the dirty, sweaty, laborious, painstaking, time consuming, God ordained way of producing one’s own food on a farm?

In 1985, I visited in the home of a Christian elderly couple that were good friends of mine. He was a retired medical doctor and they lived in a rural area in Alabama. They didn’t have a vegetable garden of their own, but the wife told me how her neighbor invited her to freely pick lima beans from their vegetable garden, as they had just about picked all the beans they wanted for themselves. So this retired doctor’s wife walked over to that nearby bean patch one day, picked a basket full of beans, returned home, shelled them, prepared them for the freezer, and put them in the freezer. She counted the small number of pints they came to, thought of how much frozen lima beans cost in the supermarket, calculated all the time she spent on gathering, shelling, and freezing them; and calculated that her “pay” for doing so, was far below the minimum wage. And she didn’t even do any of the much more time consuming (and expense involved) work of planting and cultivating those beans. All she did was to harvest them and put them away, which did not amount to her earning a minimum wage. 

For a “farmer” who does all the work of growing veggies, if he kept a record of all his time and expenses involved, and compared that to working a paying job and using that money to buy veggies, his or her “pay” for growing that food would probably be a very small percent of the minimum wage. Therefore, “it just doesn’t make sense” to labor and sweat growing food, when the pay is so much better out in the devil’s kingdom. Yes, the devil has done such a good job of making his kingdom ever so appealing, and of making working in it ever so “sensible.” He is most desirous to completely control your food supply, food that you must have to live. He has done an excellent job in killing our desire to grow our own food. He is very skilled at fattening us up for the slaughter. Rest assured that it is not always going to be easy, convenient, and cheap to get your food in the devil’s kingdom. He is setting up his residents for slaughter and one day he is to cut off their food supply, or his residents will be required to take a mark in the hand or forehead in order to obtain food in his kingdom. Know for a surety that the wise way to get your necessary food is the God ordained way. May God help us all to love our Creator ordained first estate.

Almost as a side note, I want to mention an important fact here. The devil’s kingdom destroys the godly virtue of patience by making things convenient for us and so quickly available to us. This is plainly illustrated in the way it “instantly” gives us food ready for the eating as opposed to the way that God’s ordained method requires us to work a long time on that food before it is ready to be eaten. God’s method was ordained that way to build patience in us. In Genesis chapter 18, three heavenly guests paid Abraham a visit. Look at Abraham telling Sarah to get meal, knead it, and bake cakes of bread upon the hearth (verse 6). Look at Abraham running to the herd, fetching a tender calf, and giving it to a young man to kill, dress, and cook (verse 7). Then he set before them milk, butter, the calf (vs. 8), and apparently the cakes, for them to eat. I wonder how much time all that took? Nowadays, can you imagine you (or your guests) having the patience to wait for that kind of food preparation after guests arrive unexpectedly at your house? Today, when unexpected guests show up, you typically phone in an order for “ready to eat” food to be delivered to your house, or for you to run and pick it up shortly when it is ready.

Do you recall during the last half of the 20th century, how that words like “fast,” “quick,” “convenient,” and “convenience,” became common in businesses’ names and advertising, especially businesses that sell food? We so desire all that convenience with our food, because we are very busy building the devil’s kingdom and enjoying all the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life out there in the devil’s world. Therefore the devil gets glory by destroying the virtue of patience in us. God gets angry over our much sinful rebellion concerning this. And we are soon to get cleanness of teeth and famine for our sin. We all had better get on our knees and cry out to our Creator to give us a repentant heart in this matter and to give us a love for the first estate that He ordained for us.

“Heavenly Father, please give me a repentant heart over loving the devil’s kingdom and all the convenience of it. Please instill in me a genuine love for the first estate that Thou didst ordain for me. Please make me fully aware of how dangerous it is for my family and me, for the devil’s kingdom to have control of our food supply. And please guide me into Thy Perfect Will concerning these matters. I pray these things for all other people also. Amen.”

“The king himself is served by the field”

It is most wise for us to favor our God ordained occupation of “tilling the ground” above all the other jobs out there in the devil’s kingdom because eating food is necessary for us to live. There is a simple way to cause every person/family to till the ground to produce their own food; everyone cease producing food for anyone except their own family. Basically, I do not like to use “fantasy land” examples, but I want to use one here. Suppose you could wave a magic wand over the whole world and thereby cause everyone to declare, “From now on, I will never produce food for anyone except my own family.” That would turn the entire world population into food producers (tillers of the ground). People out in space would come back to earth from those space stations and start looking for some soil to till in order not to starve. The President of the U.S. would plow up the Rose Garden at the White House and plant vegetables to eat. Highly risen, rich, or famous, or powerful people all over the globe would all have to turn to tilling the ground and to wearing farm dirt under their fingernails. Even that plump Baptist pastor, that won my first place trophy for the best (and longest) essay debasing tilling the ground, would have to start farming. All the politicians, government workers, law officers, military personnel, education personnel, and such peoples, would suddenly have no time to perform those “important” duties because they would all be working 72 hours a week just to produce their food and clothing. But the good news is that their “important” duties would now be absolutely unnecessary to anyone, because everyone else would also be busy 72 hours a week, producing their own food and clothing. And NO ONE would have any time at all to build the devil’s kingdom for him! AMEN! What a wonderful “earth” that would be, the way our Creator ordained that it be, when He created it. 

“Moreover the profit of the earth is for all: the king himself is served by the field.” (Ecclesiastes 5:9) The deep meaning of that verse is direly important to you if you don’t want to starve to death in the coming famine. Memorize it! Write it in large letters! Display it in your home for your family to see. Display it on, or near, your family eating table. Teach it to your children. Teach them that the profit of the earth is for ALL people and that the most highly risen kings themselves stay alive by being served by the field. You have loved rising all your life and therefore have risen up to be a “God like,” “king like,” rebellious human creature. Well, you had better sober up enough to humble yourself enough to become fully aware that you will live on this earth ONLY as long as you are served by the field. Some of you Christians who read this are so deeply entrenched in the devil’s hardtop kingdom that you believe it is impossible for you to ever change to tilling any ground. Well, if you have children who are not yet grown, start faithfully teaching them these life sustaining and life threatening matters from the Bible (and from this book), while praying earnestly that they will do God’s Will for them concerning tilling the ground. Some of you are already doing that. I have gotten some handwritten letters from your little children declaring to me, “I want to be a farmer.” AMEN! Christian parent, you have already accomplished much, when you have trained your child to desire that.

One more thought on that “fantasy land” example I gave. Suppose all of those very few farmers in the U.S. (2% of the population) were to suddenly declare with one voice, “From this day on, we will no longer produce food for anyone except our own families.” Likely everyone would not start growing his or her own food as I fantasized. Instead, you would immediately realize that America certainly isn’t “the land of the free.” The government would do whatever was necessary to make those 2% keep right on producing the food our nation needs. The President would call out the National Guard to make those farmers keep supplying the nation’s food, at gunpoint or bayonet point. What an interesting scenario would unfold if only the few farmers who produce everyone’s food were to suddenly say in unison, “We will no longer do it.” 

“The king himself is served by the field.” Oh how I love that eternal scripture! Wise King Solomon sure did make a wise declaration there. May God help us all to pay much serious attention to it. Let’s look at another good scripture like it. “He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread.” (Proverbs 28:19) Write that one also in big letters and display it inside your abode. That is God’s wonderful promise to those who are obedient to Him by abiding in their first estate. Tilling the land is the God ordained method for you to have plenty of bread to eat. The God ordained occupation of tilling the ground is the most humble lifestyle that exists. But it is not the most humbling “event” that can happen to you. Having no food to eat is about the most humbling event that can happen to you. So, if you desire bread to eat as opposed to starving in the upcoming famine, then repent of your love for the world and ask God to help you to start tilling some land.

“So, Brother Richard, do you think everyone is going to read this book, wise up and see the light, start farming, and thereby prevent the coming famine?” Oh no! I think they are going to continue fervently loving the devil’s kingdom and starve to death in the upcoming famine. That is, everyone except YOU! I think you are smart enough to wise up, do right, and start tilling the ground to have plenty of bread to eat. Congratulations on you being the only wise one. So actually this book is a personal letter just to you. Now doesn’t that make you feel good??

I recall listening to several godly, old-fashioned preachers in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s who believed that famine and the end of the world were close at hand, say within a decade or so. As they preached, I heard them give the wise advice of calling on people to get out of the cities and towns, and get on a little land where they could have a milk cow, chickens, a vegetable garden, their own water well, and such. I heard plenty of such preaching from the time I was a little tike, and it made much sense to me then, and ever since then. Keeping that in mind down through the years, I think on how that typically those preachers gave us little or no scripture pertaining to that advice. “Get out of Sodom because God is going to destroy it.” Saying something like that was about the extent of their use of scripture as they called on people to return to God’s earth. With God’s Help and from His much teaching to me for over 5 decades now, I am using many pertinent scriptures from His Holy Bible as I call on you in this book to love God’s earth and to hate the devil’s world. God has commanded me to do my best to make you without excuse for continuing in your sins of loving the devil’s kingdom and loathing tilling the ground. I pray that you will be totally receptive to all that God wants to personally teach you from these writings.

“Heavenly Father, please do give me a heart willing to receive and obey all that Thou doest want to teach me and to have me do regarding these things. Please give me clear, spiritual discernment of all Thy Truth that is in these writings. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

I also want to pay homage to you who are presently tilling the soil. I know how you are looked down on and disdained by many of the proud, highly risen, sinful human creatures who stay alive (and also get fat) by eating the food you grow for them. So many highly risen, proud people consider all farmers to be failures in the following way. They look on you, as having failed to do the main thing desired by most everyone; escape God’s prison farm. That is the stepping off place to rising, succeeding, becoming a great being, becoming a god. They consider the farmer a failure in that he will never rise to any degree at all, as long as he stays shackled to God’s prison farm. So many proud sinners look down on the farmer as THE person who did nothing worthwhile with his life. And all that time, the farmer is keeping them alive. What a marvel! My dear farmer friends, it takes a foolish mind most deceived by the devil to think like that. So I beg you, please do not be discouraged or downhearted because there are so many stupid, proud sinners around you who have such a foolish and deceived mind. You give so much glory to your Creator by abiding in your first estate. You are obtaining your food the way your Creator ordained. There is much safety in that. I encourage you to keep up the good work and to glorify this Creator ordained first estate before your children and train them up to love it, instead of loving the world. Amen!   

In the previous chapter, I gave you the most basic and the main reason for you to love tilling the ground; because that is what God created you to do. This chapter contains the 2nd most important reason for you to love your Creator ordained first estate; WITHOUT FOOD TO EAT, YOU DIE! Either you till the ground to produce your necessary food, or you buy it in the devil’s kingdom. The wisest, safest, most secure, and most blessed way to have food to eat is the way your Creator ordained; tilling the ground.

Right now is the time for you to repent of your scorn, disdain, and hatred of your Creator ordained first estate. You shouldn’t love eating any more than you love that first estate. You shouldn’t disdain that first estate any more than you disdain eating. It is time for you to repent of your sinful hypocrisy in this matter and make those 2 matters equally important in your heart. May God help you to do so.

In Genesis 1:31 when the Lord God looked around at His perfect creation, saw every thing that He had made, and beheld that it was very good, that creation abounded with fresh, clean air and water, and fertile soil for the food. The Lord God’s creation was rich in the 3 things necessary to sustain our lives. As we have gone about building the devil’s kingdom, we have more or less taken for granted the air, water, and soil that keeps us alive, all the while destroying and contaminating those 3 vital things God created for us. How madly we have loved all the building we have done that has destroyed these 3 things that our Creator ordained to provide for our physical life. And as the end of the world fastly approaches, along with its famines and plagues, likely we are soon to come to our senses and wish we could trade ALL the glory of ALL the devil’s kingdoms we have built, just for some clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and fertile, uncontaminated soil to till and grow food. How foolish we were to not leave God’s earth as He created it. How foolish we have been to be lackeys of the devil and build his destructive kingdom on God’s earth. It is now high time for us to come to our senses and see how sinful we have been and cry out to God to help us to change and do right. It is high time for us to truly repent of loving the world. “Love not the world.”

“Almighty God, by Thy Unlimited Power, please help me to obey this important commandment, and to truly repent of loving the world, the devil’s kingdom. Please help me to truly repent of the sin of hypocrisy of loving to eat like a glutton while all the time disdaining the thought of having to till the ground to produce the food that I so love to eat. Please help me to seriously meditate on all of Thy Holy Scriptures that Brother Richard has mentioned in this chapter, while being ever so sensitive as to what Thy Holy Spirit desires to teach me from those Scriptures. I pray these things for all other people also. Please guide us all into obedience to Thee. Thank Thee, Lord, for hearing and answering this prayer. Amen.”

(This ends Chapter 6 of Creature Versus Creator)


                                                                                           Chapter 7


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