Chapter Seven



God, Who does much of His creating in sets of threes, ordained 3 human organizations; the family, government, and the church. He ordained human government more or less out of the necessity of controlling degenerate sinners/criminals, not as an object of His Love and Affection. But He formed the family and the church as human organizations most dear and precious to Him, greatly loved and cared for by Him. Thus they naturally become prime targets for Satan’s most fierce assaults, because he delights in trying to destroy that which God loves the most. It is tragic that we willingly do so much to aid the devil’s attacks on the family and the church. God is extremely jealous over the human family and the church. Therefore His Wrath is heavy upon anything that harms either of them.

Upon creating man in His Image, our Creator promptly proclaimed, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18) “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” (Genesis 5:2) It is interesting here to see that God applied the name “Adam” to both the male and the female. “And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” (Genesis 3:20) Prior to this verse, the woman has simply been called “woman.” Now the male human creature, not the Creator, gives her a name and calls her “Eve”, because she was the mother of all living. The dictionary in my concordance defines “Eve” as “life giver” and “first woman.”

God ordained that the male and female join together as husband and wife in holy marriage till death doeth part them. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Adam and Eve did not have any earthly fathers and mothers. So before there were any earthly fathers, mothers, and children, while the first 2 created human beings were still in their first estate, our Creator ordained the human family, which is made up of husband and wife (father and mother) and children. Thus the human family is composed of 3 different “kinds” of people, husband/father, wife/mother, and child/children. A married couple is not yet a family. Children/offspring are the 3rd kind of humans necessary to a married couple, to be a family in our Creator’s Sight. “And they shall be one flesh.” This is how God ordained a that married couple produce a family, by the husband and wife becoming one flesh together in holy, sacred marriage before God and man.

Our Creator God restricted the act of a man and a woman becoming one flesh to married couples only. If two unmarried people (a man and a woman) become one flesh, it is the sin of fornication. If a married person becomes one flesh with someone to whom he or she is not married, it is the sin of adultery. “Know ye not that…neither fornicators…nor adulterers…shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (I Corinthians 6:9&10) Nowadays, spineless, cowardly preachers, Christian leaders, and Christians frequently use the nice sounding, politically correct term, “sexually active,” when referring to the immoral sins of fornication and adultery. But those acts will always be awful, soul-damning sins in the Sight of our Creator God, and the punishment for them will eternally remain the same, never ending Hell fire.

Nowadays, with the God ordained family so terribly destroyed by the devil’s kingdom, so many assorted individuals are spending their lives “communing” and abiding together. Thus, in the 1990s, wicked, high-ranking government officials in the US declared that any groups of people abiding/living together compose a family. LIE! A BIG LIE from the devil! A genuine family is that which God created and ordained a family to be; husband/father, wife/mother, and offspring/child/children. “God setteth the solitary in families.” (Psalms 68:6) Immediately upon creating Mr. Adam, the Lord God declared, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” Thus our Creator remedied that problem by setting the solitary in families.

The human family is most dear and precious to the Heart of our Creator God. Therefore He well provided for its protection, safety, preservation, provision, life’s work, joy, pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment in that first estate He ordained for the human family to live within. God ordained that all the family members live together practically all the time, on the land, living and working together day in and day out to produce (not to buy with money) their physical needs. This God ordained lifestyle preserves the integrity of the family. The farm (earth) is God’s glue that holds His created human family together. The world (the devil’s kingdom) is that which pulls apart and destroys the family so dearly loved by God Who ordained and created it. The God created family is that which we degenerate sinners sacrifice upon the devil’s altar in his kingdom of this world, because we so madly love that world and the things that are in that world. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” God’s Wrath hangs most heavily over this modern-day generation of rebellious world lovers who have so terribly destroyed God’s beloved family. May He open our spiritual eyes to see just how great and severe that wrath presently is.

“Heavenly Father, please teach me just exactly what has so terribly destroyed the human family in our modern times. And give me a heart to totally believe the real reasons for the destruction of the family. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”  

 “The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 7:39) God ordained that marriage be for a lifetime, broken only by the death of one of the partners. The above verse shows that the wife is bound to the husband for a lifetime. Now let’s look at a verse forbidding the husband from ending his marriage. “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” (Matthew 19:9) “Fornication” would be an act by a woman espoused to (engaged to) a man, before they have gotten married. God permits the husband-to-be to put away the woman in that case, because he has not yet become one flesh with her. But once the man and wife have become one flesh, it is God’s plan that they remain together as long as they both live. Here, Christ clearly calls it adultery for a man to put away his wife and marry another woman. Not only that, but if another man marries that woman who has been put away by her husband, that man also commits adultery by doing so. God clearly tells us that adulterers and fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9 &10)

God ordained that married couples daily live their lives together. Barring hardships, disasters, accidents, wars, and such things entirely beyond their control that separates them, a married couple should live practically all their days together, not just their evenings and nights, daily working together to provide the family’s needs. The family being together practically all the time bonds the family together in a most strong way. God ordained that it be so. When the man and wife are apart daily or for days at a time, that is already “separation” of the married couple and it often leads straight to divorce.    

I am acquainted with a very godly, fundamental Christian man in the U.S., reared by 2 godly, Christian parents, his father being a pastor of a fundamental Baptist church. On one brief occasion, that pastor’s son and I did a little street evangelism together, back about 1986, and I still vividly recall how diligently he witnessed to some young, unsaved men on the street. I was so impressed over his love and compassion for lost souls and the skilled ability he had to talk to them in such a favorable manner that they stayed around him there on the street and listened for a long time. (I don’t have the talent that he did. I tend to spout hellfire and brimstone all the time and run the people off quickly.)

He must have been about 20 years old then, and soon got married to a Christian woman. But his father later told me that they soon separated, and as best I recall, the father said they also divorced. His Dad also told me the reason for that marriage dissolving. His son worked a job that regularly kept him away from home 24 to 48 hours at a time, and that alone put enough strain on that Christian couple’s marriage to end it. You see, being a fundamental Christian and believing most everything in the Bible is not enough to hold a Christian marriage together. We need to truly believe in the importance of our Creator ordained first estate and also in the importance of God’s command, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” A couple needs to live their lives together, being together practically all the time, in order to insure the preservation of the family. And God well arranged for that in our Creator ordained first estate.

I’ll try to keep my examples few in order to be brief. You well know that married couples being apart much of the time was a primary cause of millions of marriages failing in Christian America during the 20th century. A lot of those couples were godly, Christian husbands and wives who meant every word of those marriage vows they took, vowing to love, honour, cherish, and live together till death do they part. But all those good Christian intentions were not enough to make a marriage work. The couple must be “glued” together almost all of the time to ensure that the marriage stays “glued” together. And when one or both of them live and work in the devil’s kingdom, it keeps them apart much of the time. That enables God’s archenemy to destroy the family God so loves. God ordained for a married couple to live their days together, on a farm.

I recall how that separation and divorce of Christian couples was practically non-existent in the 1950’s in the rural Alabama area where I was growing up. Also, separation and divorce was most rare for couples then and there who didn’t go to church or profess to be Christians, and some of them lived terribly sinful lives. Still most of those marriages stayed glued together. I contribute that to the fact that they were living in (or close to) their Creator ordained first estate, which naturally kept those marriages glued together.      

Living together tends to make us fonder of each other. I believe that God ordained that. It also makes us more irritated with each other. I believe that stems from our degenerate nature. With God’s Help, we should strive to live in victory over our degenerate flesh, so as to be a blessing and not a curse to our family members with whom we live. “Separation makes the heart grow fonder.” I know there is truth in that man-made proverb. But “separation” is definitely not the way God ordained for married couples to grow in love. Being together practically all the time is how God ordained that they grow in love. Therefore that is the way married couples should live. Some of you find it so difficult to get along with your spouse that you feel like the only thing that makes your marriage bearable is that you two are apart from each other all day for 5 days a week. Such a condition is most regrettable and should not be. The way to improve on that situation is for both of you to strive, with God’s Help, to be the best Christians possible.

Daily being away from all of one’s own family members while mingling together all day long with a host of other people who are also away from all their own family members, tends to breed familiarity toward those associates that God never intended to be. Each gender will come to naturally do innocent little things with and for the other gender that God ordained to be done with and for one’s spouse. Over a period of time, often an affectionate bond just naturally forms and grows between a man and woman not married to each other, simply because they are spending their days together 5 days a week. Many times that has led to a person divorcing his or her spouse in order to marry this new found friend, thus destroying that family, because a husband or wife has grown fond of someone else with whom they are regularly spending much of their waking day. (I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of what is written in this paragraph.)

“Almighty God, I praise Thy Name that nothing is impossible with Thee. So please teach me clearly and perfectly, the importance of the statements in the above paragraph. Amen.”  

Several times, I have spoken of God confining us sinners in solitary (family) confinement on His prison farm. He did so with the purpose of preserving the family and preventing the rampant spread of sin by us sinners. Frequent visiting privileges are permitted, and in an old-fashioned farming community, visiting is usually done by an entire family visiting another entire family. That setting, plus the fact that it is typically infrequent rather than all day every day, stifles the growth of undue familiarity between a male and a female who are not family members. May God teach us the great importance of the family daily living together throughout the day, not just rooming and boarding together after the day is done.

“Heavenly Father, please send Thy Holy Spirit to teach me Thy Divine Truths concerning what Bro. Richard has just written here. Teach me how important it is for the family to daily live together. Show me how this bonds the family together and preserves and protects the family from separation and divorce. Show me the importance of Thy ordained lifestyle for us human creatures regarding the family daily living their lives together. I pray for all people to come to an understanding of Thy Divine Will concerning the human family daily living their lives together. Amen.”          

“His quiver full of them”

A married couple becoming one flesh “naturally” produces offspring. God created within the human creature’s heart, the desire to produce offspring. The intensity of that desire varies from person to person. God instilled that desire to ensure that His human race would not die out. Offspring are typically most welcomed and most desired by married couples living in their first estate, on God’s prison farm, tilling the ground. “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” (Psalms 127:3-5) Bible scholars tell us that in those days, a quiver held about 7 arrows when full. I believe that is the approximate number of children to which this scripture refers. 

As civilization “advances,” married couples typically produce fewer offspring, and they give 2 main reasons for doing so; putting education first and career second in their lives. Their first priority in life has come to be that of eating all the knowledge of good and evil that they possibly can. And then it just naturally follows that their second priority in life becomes their career, using all that knowledge to build and enhance the devil’s kingdom. These 2 goals cause married couples to produce few or no offspring. Many such couples produce only one child, which results in a most bland childhood (and adulthood also) because there are no siblings. Nowhere else is a quiver full (about 7) of children as welcomed, as they are on the God-created farm, our Creator-ordained first estate.  

The deeper one goes into the devil’s kingdom (Sodom and Gomorrah) and the busier one gets there building the devil’s kingdom and enjoying all the things and pleasures there, the less he or she will desire offspring. They choose to take pleasure in the devil’s kingdom instead of taking pleasure in rearing godly descendents. Also, the cramped living quarters and the busy lifestyle are not conducive to rearing a quiver full of children. Loving the devil’s kingdom and giving one’s life to building and enjoying its pleasures leads straight to the terrible sin of people murdering their offspring before they are born (abortion). Just as divorce was almost totally unknown to an old fashioned farming family, more so was the terrible, murderous sin of abortion unknown. These deplorable, family destroying sins mainly stem from people choosing to live in the devil’s kingdom instead of on God’s earth. “Love not the world.”

“It is not good that the man should be alone.” “God setteth the solitary in families.” Thus what God ordains will result in the majority of the human race joining with a mate for life in holy marriage and producing a quiver full of offspring. Human creatures living in their first estate are most inclined to do these things. Living in the devil’s kingdom, more people remain unmarried, leading to an increase in the sin of fornication. Also more mothers murder their unborn offspring. How terribly the devil’s kingdom destroys Gods most beloved family.

“Almighty God, teach me the truth of, and the importance of, these things, and guide me into Thy Perfect Will for me concerning these matters. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

It is natural for married couples to desire offspring. It is unnatural for a married couple not to desire offspring. I do not believe it is always a sin, but it is unnatural. Some Christian couples may not desire offspring because they desire to fully give their lives to serving God. Also, in this present time, I believe there is possibly another just reason for couples to not desire offspring. “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days.” (Matthew 24:19) “For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.” (Luke 23:29) Many people believe that we are presently in the last days prophesied in these verses, and thus some of them do not desire offspring.

The head of the woman is the man

God clearly tells us that the head of the woman is the man. (I Corinthians 11:3) I believe that naturally makes the man the head of the family, and there is much instruction in the Bible that bears that out. As the head of the woman and the family, the man is the primary power, authority, protector, & provider for his wife and children. I believe that the woman is the heart of the family. Though the Bible does not state that, I believe that it does clearly bear out that role of the woman. With her God-created soft emotions and affections, she is the primary provider of the family’s tender, loving care which God ordained that she shower upon her husband and their offspring. A primary role of the woman is that she feather the nest. We can observe most all animal mothers doing that, just as their Creator ordained. And it is more important that He ordained it for the human family He created, and thus important that the human male and female each carry out the primary family role that God ordained for each of them.

God ordained that the stronger male primarily do the heavier, manual labor involved in tilling the ground, caring for animals, building shelters for family and animals, and such like work. God ordained that the softly affectioned woman (who is the weaker vessel) primarily do the house work of feeding and clothing the family, caring for the children (especially the infants), and such like work. I believe that God clearly ordains for the human male and female, these separate and distinct primary gender roles. But the common sense God gave me also teaches me that there is nothing wrong with either spouse “crossing over” and helping the other with his or her work, when necessity demands it or when there is simply the desire to do it. However, amidst this perverted, wicked, sinful generation we now live in, we Christian believers should never be ashamed to boldly stand for that which our Creator ordained, including clear and separate gender roles.

It is most important to our Creator, and most pleasing to Him, for males to live a masculine life doing the masculine work God ordained for them, and for females to live a feminine life, doing the feminine work God ordained for them. It is important for parents to train their sons and daughters in each of their respective gender roles. This glorifies their Creator and it is THE main thing God ordained to guard against them becoming sexually perverted. Parents are to rear masculine boys (not sissies), and feminine girls (not tomboys). 

God did not ordain that the man and woman co-rule the family on an equal basis, as many Christians now preach and teach. He clearly tells us that man is the head of the woman. This is born out by the fact that Eve’s name appears 4 times in the Bible, and Adam’s name appears 31 times, if I counted correctly. 

God certainly ordained separate primary roles for husband and wife, making Him a Discriminator between the genders, which is entirely proper of Him. He hath done all things well, and it is most good, fitting, and proper of Him to ordain separate primary roles for male and female. I find no fault in Him concerning this, or concerning anything else He chooses to do with His creation. Anyone, who objects to anything that Almighty God does with any of His creation, is wrong in the matter and thereby is in rebellion against his or her Creator concerning that point. And we Christians who believe in our Creator God should NEVER be ashamed of anything that He hath ordained for His creation. And our life and our speech should both always boldly testify before this sinful, perverse, and perverted generation that we are totally in favor of all that our just and righteous God ordained for the male/husband/father, female/wife/mother, and their offspring.

“Almighty God, please give me Thy Wisdom concerning the gender roles Thou didst ordain for male and female. Teach me to love these separate roles, knowing that they are good and right. Help me to properly fill the gender role Thou hast ordained for me, and help me to teach my children their proper gender roles. I pray this for all other human creatures also. Amen.”

The father filling his masculine roles, the mother filling her feminine roles, and both of them training up their sons and daughters to do the same, is the primary way God ordained to prevent sinful, sexual perversion. And in order for each parent to fill his or her role and in order to properly train up their sons and daughters to fill their masculine and feminine roles, all the family members need to live together day in and day out, practically all the time. Look at the history of most any nation, and you will see a rise in the sin of sexual perversion as people leave the farm to go work in the devil’s kingdom. When a boy grows up daily toiling and sweating along side his father as they do manual farm labor together, that guards against that boy becoming perverted. But when his dad is daily absent from the home and the son is reared mainly by his mother while rarely in the presence of his father, that increases the chance of him becoming perverted.

Government should not make child labor laws that forbid children from laboring on their family farm. Any chores that farming parents assign to their children should be kept in accordance to the child’s age abilities. Following that wise guideline, it is most beneficial to the child to regularly do appropriate farm chores from an early age, and I believe that God ordained that to be. I have observed that it is most rare for farm parents to ruthlessly push their children to do hard labor that strains at the child’s ability, in the manner that coaches and managers of children’s organized sports teams sometimes ruthlessly push children (from a very young age) to excel and perform dazzling feats in numerous types of sports. How sinfully wrong people are to push children to the limits in training them to rise up as high as possible in some worldly endeavor, but then call it child abuse for farming parents to have their own children do appropriate farm chores. Such should not be. Growing up on a farm and doing appropriate farm chores from a very early age is the best way to train and equip a person to labor productively enough to earn his or her living. Such is what our Creator ordained.    

The God-ordained family is best preserved by living together all the time on their God-ordained first estate, the earth (farm). And if you are going to live together daily, you definitely need a few acres of land on which to live. A family daily cooped up together all day in a small apartment would likely drive each other crazy. Also they would have little profitable work to do there.

When the man daily leaves home to go work all day in the devil’s kingdom, the head of the family is then missing, removed by the devil from daily ruling over his family. If the woman daily absents herself from the home, then the heart of the family is missing. In either case, it results in death to the family. I didn’t say it results in death to any person, but rather to the family, which is the very first and most precious earthly human organization God ordained. If someone were to remove either my head or my heart from my body, I well know that would result in death to my body. Therefore I believe that removing either the head or the heart from the family just as certainly brings death to the family, long before any legal separation or divorce occurs. All the devil has to do in order to destroy the precious, God-created family is to get its members separated from each other for much of their waking day. And he does that by enticing them to leave God’s prison farm each day and go their separate ways out in the devil’s kingdom. Little children go to a babysitter’s or to day care. The older children go to school to eat of the knowledge of good and evil. The parents go work to build the devil’s kingdom and to enjoy the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life to be found there. Thus the family is daily dismembered, put to death, and made null and void in a true sense. A most basic cause of this is the human creature’s love for the world, the devil’s kingdom. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.”  

God ordained that both parents together daily rear their offspring. “It takes a community to raise a child.” That is a lie of the devil that we have been bombarded with for some time. But recently, “experts” who have honestly evaluated that concept have admitted that it is mistaken thinking. They have observed that day care children are overly aggressive and “bad” in several other ways also. Therefore they concluded that parents do a much better job of rearing their children. God ordained that the 2 parents do that job together, as the head and as the heart of the family. Always remember that both a functioning heart and a functioning head are absolutely necessary to keep a body alive. God created the two parents as THE absolute authorities over their offspring. Therefore, no one else is as well equipped or qualified to discipline them properly or to love them properly. God did not intend for parents to turn their children over to babysitters, day care and kindergarten personnel, and school teachers to be reared by them. You well how a child naturally recognizes the authority of parents in a way that the child never totally recognizes and accepts the authority of any other adult. I am not implying that a child always obeys its parents. But a child well recognizes God’s authority bestowed upon those parents, that recognition itself instilled in the child by its Creator.

Parents alone have the patience to suffice for this most important task of properly rearing children, that sufficient patience stemming from the God-created love, affection, and concern for their own offspring that God instilled in parents. Some working Christian parents choose a Christian day care facility as the best place for their little children to be reared while those parents are daily living their lives out in the world building the devil’s kingdom. Once I stopped by a church (in America) about mid-afternoon on a weekday, and thus just happened to briefly observe their day care in operation. In one room of it, a teenage girl was taking care of about 5 little children, each about 4 years old, and “imprisoned” there on that concrete, tile floor and surrounded by drab cinderblock walls. That teenage girl’s workday was approaching its end, and she also was about at the end of her rope. She had been taking care of those children all day and had long before run out of patience with them, leaving her frustrated and mad, which had reduced her to simply yelling each child’s name when one did something he or she should not do. And by this time, the children were reduced to whimpering and whining in response to her yelling. What a terrible situation that was for both that teenage girl and for those little toddlers.

There were 3 important things wrong in that situation. She was not the parent of any one of those children. She was too young and immature for the task she was attempting to do. And God ordained that human parents rarely give birth to more than one child at a time, making it most rare for parents to have to care for more than one child of the same age. Childcare providers, schoolteachers, and other people who take care of groups of children, are often afflicted with high blood pressure, frayed nerves, and other such maladies. It is a practice filled with much destruction, because it stems from the devil’s world and is not the life our Creator ordained for us. To me, it was most regretful to see how those precious little souls were being reared there at that church day care. By the way, the farm scenes and nature scenes painted on the drab cinderblock walls of many day care centers and kindergartens give clear testimony that the children confined there have been robbed of their God-ordained environment.

Sometime back in history when we Christian believers firmly set ourselves to love the devil’s kingdom, we declared that it was proper for the man to daily absent himself from the home to go out into the world make a living for the family and that the woman was to stay home and rear the children. As time passed and more Christian mothers began to work away from home, much of Christianity (maybe somewhat reluctantly) put its stamp of approval on that, and called on the parents to choose a good person or facility to care for their children. Such free thinking and freely setting of our own rules for our lives had its start when Eve opted to be her own god by disobeying her Creator, a trait which is now common in all of us degenerate human creatures. We choose to let our own minds be our bibles and thus we make what rules we want when we want them. Not only do lost sinners do that, but individual Christians and Christianity as a whole also do it.

“Lord God, please save me from making myself and my own mind and thinking into my own bible and god. Please help me to totally submit myself to Thee, my Creator, and to Thy Holy Bible. Please help me to diligently study the Bible and to keenly listen to the Voice of Thy Holy Spirit as I do so, in order to learn what Thou requirest of me. Please give me the will and the ability to obey Thee fully while in this life here on earth. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”    

Down through the ages till the 20th century, it was predominantly the male who left home daily to go work a job out in the devil’s kingdom, with much of Christianity putting its stamp of approval on that while declaring that the mother’s place is in the home. That leaves the family without a head, without the strong authority figure that is so necessary in the home. Somewhere in times past, the man was declared to be the breadwinner. But God ordained that he be the bread grower, tilling the ground to grow the bread and the rest of the family’s food. Thus the male authority is daily present with his family to exercise the proper authority any time it is needed. Even though he is out in the fields much of the time instead of inside the house, often some of his family members are right there with him. And when they are in the house at the time he is out working his land, he is still close by to exercise his authority when needed.

Our Creator set up you husbands and fathers as the head of your help meet, your children, your house, your home. It is impossible for your family to be anything close to what God ordained it to be, when you are nothing more than an infrequent visitor in your home. When the devil daily removes the head of the family, he deals a most devastating blow to the family that is dearly beloved by its Creator God. Too often it results in a broken marriage, a fatal blow to the family. I urge you husbands and fathers to seriously think on that.

“Heavenly Father, please help me, as a husband and father, as the head of this precious and most valuable family for which Thou hast made me responsible, to properly fill my role and completely do all my duties involved in being the head of this family. Please clearly teach and show me the full extent of those duties, and help me to change my life in any way that is needed in order to properly carry out those duties. I pray this for all other heads of family also. Amen.” 

First, it was typically the man who daily left home to work elsewhere, decapitating the family’s head. Soon the woman followed suit. That removed the “heart” from the family and also usually resulted in the parents hiring other people to take care of their children during the day. The concept of “family” CANNOT mean as much as it should to children who are not reared full time by both parents. When those children become parents, I believe they are handicapped in their knowledge of how to fulfill their parental roles. That produces many family problems, including a greater likelihood of divorce.

God ordained that all the family members (father, mother, and offspring) live together most all the time as a way of preserving the family intact and preventing broken marriages and broken homes. Another thing God ordained to bond the family together is that of the family members working together to produce their needs of food, clothing, shelter, and such. I do not mean working a paying job to obtain mammon to buy those necessities. I mean actually growing the food they eat; cutting trees and sawing them into boards to build their house and barn; and spinning the thread, weaving the cloth and then sewing the cloth to make the garments they wear. The farm family of yesteryear seldom or never ate out, nor did they order ready-to-eat meals delivered to their house, nor did they zap food in a microwave oven or quickly throw together a meal of “instant” food. Instead, the farm house was daily filled with the tantalizing aromas of bread baking in the oven, a meat roast simmering in the oven, and one or more pots and fry pans simmering on the stove or over the fireplace. The children participated in all this family work according to their ability. And by growing, building, making, producing, and cooking their own necessities of life, they are demonstrating their love for each other in a most concrete way that bonds the family together just as our Creator ordained that it do. Children participate in this family work all the time they are growing up, which trains them to well carry it on when they marry and start their family.

Look at how kitchen size becomes smaller and kitchen facilities become fewer as families prepare and eat fewer meals at home. That situation alone gravely weakens family ties. If you believe the truth of what I am writing in this chapter, but do not see how you can possibly immediately move your family onto a farm and start growing your food, then start with smaller, easier steps. Start cooking your meals at home and there eating them together as a family as often as you can. Major on preparing meals from scratch, baking bread, and such. The pleasant smell of food cooking is one thing that turns a house into a home and is important in preserving the family. Eat your meals together as a family around the meal table while looking at each other and talking together, instead of eating in the living room or den while each person stares silently at a TV or video screen, mesmerized by the continuous worldly and sinful scenes shown on that screen. Take control of the life God has given you, so that you have time to regularly enjoy leisurely meals with all family members present and talking and fellowshipping with each other. Daily spending an appropriate amount of time in this way is not being lazy, but rather it is enhancing and strengthening the family in a way that God ordained.  

“But Brother Richard, we don’t have time to do that.” If so, then you do not have time to be a family, nor do you have time to keep the devil from destroying the precious family your Creator entrusted in your care (and for which He holds you responsible), tho you have the same number of hours in your day as all other people have had since God created the human race. And just look at what you and your family members are spending your time doing; eating the knowledge of good and evil, building the devil’s kingdom, and enjoying the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life out there in his kingdom. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.”

“Well Brother Richard, it is not exactly like that. It is because we all have to work so many jobs so many long hours just to make ends meet financially.” Well if that is the case, it is far past the time when you should be frantically calling out to your Creator in prayer, for Him to save you from, and deliver you from, your bondage to the devil’s kingdom. Honestly confess to God your need for that deliverance and submit yourself to Him for Him to bring about that deliverance for you. Though in your own eyes you cannot see the possibility of any such deliverance, ask God to give you faith to believe that all things are possible with Him.

“Heavenly Father, I do desire that Thy Will be done in the lives of all my family members. I desire Thy salvation and deliverance from any and all of Satan’s entrapments I am presently in, and from all things I am presently doing that are not Thy Will for me to do. Please give me strong faith to believe that with Thee, all things are possible. Please give me the faith to see Thee make my life just what it should be. Thank Thee, Lord, for giving me the necessary help in these matters. Amen.”       

As Christian parents rear their offspring on a farm, they can teach their children reading, writing, and arithmetic. They can add as much history, geography, government, and true science as they deem necessary. And they can use God’s Holy Bible as a textbook for much of this teaching. God ordained 12 hours of labor a day, 6 days a week on His prison farms for sinful mankind. That is a long (72 hour) workweek. But all that time, the family can be together, loving and cherishing one another as they grow, build, make, and cook the things necessary for our life here on earth. Also, farm life best enables them to take pleasure in the 3 things God ordained that we take pleasure in; our Creator God, other people, and the nature God created. These are the 3 things that God ordained to fulfill our being (body, soul, & spirit), during our stay on this earth. 

Nowadays, few families spend much time together at home. And for the brief time they are together, they have ceased much of the interaction among family members that God ordained. Instead, they work and play (often in solitary) with an unending assortment of things of the world, especially hi tech gadgets. To love the world is to sacrifice the family on the devil’s altar out there in his kingdom. May God save us from doing that.

I see a clear (and most alarming) trend in the use of all the mind-boggling gadgetry that keeps rapidly evolving and advancing in the devil’s kingdom. Solitary use of it by individuals steadily increases. It tends to isolate people from each other. Tho they may constantly be in a crowded environment with people all around them, that crowd of people is interacting less and less. More and more they are in virtual solitary as they interact with some hi tech gadgetry and not with other human creatures. Just look at the increase in the use of cubicle type work areas and study areas. And when the physical cubicle isn’t present, just observe how that people form their own mental cubicle as they carry on in solitary with some hi tech gadget, oblivious to the people around them. I believe that is turning people into lonely souls like nothing else ever has. It is emptying out their hearts of every good thing God created in the human heart and soul. It is robbing people of their natural affections and emotions, and it is making them into extremely lonely creatures in a crowded world full of lonely human creatures. So few people are aware of this fact, and that alone is dangerous. Not only does the use of this dazzling gadgetry make the user oblivious to people, it also makes them oblivious to their Creator God and to the beautiful and wonderful nature He created for us to live in. (Remember, these are the 3 things God ordained that we take pleasure in; God, the natural world He created, and other people.) I believe the increasing solitary use of the devil’s gadgetry is robbing people of their sanity and natural affections (II Timothy 3:3), that it is destroying the family, and that it is destroying the human race God created in His Image. Therefore it would behoove us to not love the devil’s kingdom and the things in it. God forbid that we sacrifice the family upon the devil’s altar, because we love the world and the things of the world. Look at the steady increase of crime and sin by teens, and now by children, of younger and younger ages. I believe one of the main causes of this increasing destruction is people loving the devil’s kingdom, living in it instead of on God’s earth, and constantly staring at an infinite number of images on various screens of the devil’s gadgetry. The quickest way to destroy the God created family is to live in the devil’s world. The best way to preserve the human family is to live on God’s earth, tilling it for a living, and finding our pleasures in our Creator God, His created nature, and other human creatures. May God open our eyes to see the important truth of this.

“Heavenly Father, please give me Thy Wisdom concerning these things I have just read here. And also give me Thy Divine Guidance as to what I should do concerning them. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”    

If mankind did not eat of the knowledge of good and evil, I do not believe that the human race would “progress” in the way we regard the term “progress,” that is, becoming more modern and advanced. That would just about totally prevent “generation gaps” where descendents become estranged from their living ancestors because the lives they live are so different. I was reared by a dirt farmer, my Dad, who did not have a high school education. I grew up doing much hard, manual labor on our family farm. On reaching adulthood, I decided I did not want to live that kind of life. So I got a college education and became a military jet pilot. When I achieved that status, my life and my Dad’s life had very little in common. He knew almost nothing about the job I was then doing, and I had very little interest in his lowly occupation of tilling the ground. In very definite ways, that set up a barrier between us.

Not only does this “progress” alienate family members by means of generation gaps, I believe it also definitely alienates human creatures from their Creator and steadily leads each succeeding generation further from God and further into sin and destruction. I look at my Dad’s generation, how that many of them had very little education, farmed for a living, and were quite content with little more than the basic necessities of life. But very few of the farm boys of my generation continued to farm, because we were intent on rising higher than that. More of my generation of farm boys went to town to get the best job to be found there or entered a university and got a degree there as we set ourselves on rising and gaining many things of the world. Then I look at each succeeding generation after me, how they lust more and more after the world, and how that increasing numbers of them are destroyed by worldly and sinful things like drugs and such. And we can expect the destruction of families and of individuals to increase as each succeeding generation alienates itself further from our God-ordained first estate. Each generation needs to stay in that first estate for the salvation our Creator God provided in it.  

As each generation goes deeper into the ever changing “world” (the devil’s kingdom), they become more estranged from the previous generation, having less in common with them. This naturally weakens family ties. Living ancestors come to mean less to the younger, modern generation who will easily be bored by the old-fashioned speech and actions of the older ones. Our Creator Who changes not, intended that His human race remain old-fashioned in its first estate. By doing so, grandchildren grow up doing the exact same thing with their lives that their grandparents are doing with their lives. Therefore each of those generations can receive much pleasure from each other as grandparents help train up their grandchildren to work in their Creator ordained first estate. (My dirt farmer Dad could not possibly have given me any of the training necessary for me to become a jet pilot, because he had no knowledge of that job.)

Living on the land, it has been customary for one child and his or her family to remain at home. Therefore, as his or her parents become old they just naturally reduce their labor as age and waning strength dictate. What joy and security they derive from seeing the next 2 generations (children and grandchildren) bearing the load in the vigor and strength of their youth as they do the exact same farm labor the grandparents did. That prevents generation gaps with the generations being worlds apart in their lifestyles. As the older generation becomes frail and unable to do most anything, they are cared for by their descendents. In general, that is what our Creator ordained regarding retirement for the elderly and none of us can improve on it.

Safety is of the Lord

Life among a human race of degenerate sinners abounds with danger, and true safety in any area of life is to be found in our Creator God and in Him alone. Overall, tilling the ground is the safest occupation and lifestyle on this planet. That is one reason God ordained it for us. I know that farm machines frequently cause horrible accidents that kill or severely injure farm workers. But such power machines came about as products of people eating of the knowledge of good and evil and using that knowledge to invent those machines. I do not believe such machines were in God’s plan for man to till the ground.

One area of safety to be considered is our physical health. Much food abounds in the devil’s kingdom, there available for anyone to purchase with mammon. Much of that food has been processed in ways that destroy much of its nutrition. Often preservatives, flavorings, colorings, and such non-food items have been added, which are usually detrimental to our health. Such foods comprise the main diet of many people who live in the devil’s world. Not only do these altered foods damage the eaters’ health, but also tend to turn them into worse sinners.

Once, a group of confined, inner city, juvenile delinquents was fed only healthy and natural foods to see what affect it would have on their behavior. To make a long story short, they soon ceased to be criminals. They just naturally ceased committing the crimes that previously were their nature to commit. Breathing the poisons in polluted city air has also been linked to forming criminal natures in people. Improper nutrition, junk foods, pollution, stress, and other such dangers in the devil’s kingdom have resulted in many children being put on prescription drugs for depression, hyper activity, and many similar problems. Those problems, and the drugs given to cure them, have resulted in suicides among children and teens. Truly, the devil’s kingdom is a most dangerous and deadly place to live.

Another way, in which living in the devil’s kingdom is dangerous, is that it hardens the hearts of the human creatures who live there against their Creator, greatly increasing the chance they will die just as they were born, a lost child of the devil who perishes in Hell. The “hardness” (and lifelessness) of its concrete, asphalt, iron, and steel environment just naturally hardens the hearts of those who live amongst that awful mess that fallen man has built. God ordained that we live in His created nature, because it is the most suitable environment for us. 

Once, in America, I visited a church that had a farm for “problem” young people who were drug users, criminals, and such. Those problem youth who were sent there were given farm work to do and also had the Bible taught and preached to them daily. After being there for some time, many of them would receive Christ and start living a victorious Christian life. One of the Christian men there who worked with them told me of how terribly hardened some of those city youth were when they first arrived there. At first, those who were most hardened would not listen to the preaching, Bible teaching, or any good advice by the Christians in charge of them. Satan had formed an extremely hard shell around their heart that was most difficult to penetrate. Bible preaching and teaching (along with prayer) was one main method those Christians used to change those delinquents for the better.

Another method they used was to have those sinfully hardened young people do farm work. And that is what usually FIRST penetrated that hard shell around their hearts and emotions. Upon coming there, most of those hardened youth would be totally closed to what any of those Christian adults tried to teach them. But as time went by with those youth doing farm work, usually the farm animals softened their emotions and started melting away that hard shell around their heart and emotions. Before long, they would be smiling as they helped take care of a calf, pony, or kid goat. They would typically first “open up” to and become friendly to the animals, and then in due time they would also open up their hearts to the Christians who were helping them. And in due time, a majority of them would open up their hearts to their Creator, repent to Him of their sins, and trust in God the Saviour to save them and change them into new creatures. “Environment” played a major role in them becoming converted into children of God. Their salvation was tremendously aided by them moving from a life lived in the devil’s kingdom to a life lived on God’s earth (the farm). “Love not the world.”

Another dangerous thing about living in the devil’s kingdom is the much sin and abuse that the children of the devil habitually and constantly heap upon most all of the human creatures around them; physically and verbal abuse, and all kinds of crimes including murder. Tho such sinners can invade your private property to there commit such sin and crimes against you, it is much more inconvenient and difficult for them to do that. Your privately owned land surrounding your abode acts as a buffer of safety to you against trespassers, rendering more difficult any kind of surprise attack or attempt of mischief against your family. Out in the devil’s kingdom, we regularly find ourselves literally rubbing elbows with numerous people who are total strangers to us. And we have no knowledge of what evil deeds they may be plotting against us, nor do we have much warning when they launch any kind of attack against us from less than an arm’s length away. Often when we are in public, we are alone without any family members or friends to aid us if the need arises. There is more safety in numbers, and when the family lives together on the farm, the males are there to rise to the defense of the family if and when that becomes necessary.

Everything in the previous paragraph, I wrote with the intention of relating it to the safety of the family, not an individual. God created little children as fragile and vulnerable creatures who are quite defenseless. But He provided parents to guard over them and protect them. And on this planet full of degenerate sinners, God ordained and provided the safest place possible for rearing vulnerable little children, that being the family farm, of course. There they have the spacious buffer of their private property surrounding them and both parents there all the time to protect and defend them. We can never improve on that Creator ordained plan for safety of the family.

You are as well aware as I am, of the much sin and abuse heaped upon children of all ages when they are out in the devil’s world, especially when their parents are not there with them to protect them. You have heard many horror stories from near and far (and no doubt personally know many cases) of the constant fear and dread that children live with because of the abuse they have already suffered as they live their lives out in the devil’s world away from their protective parents, and because of their knowledge of that abuse constantly lurking around them, waiting to again assault them at any time. I have heard plenty of true stories of children (especially girls, being the tender, soft-hearted creatures God created them to be, and also being strongly desired and determinedly sought after by males) lying in their beds at night, habitually sobbing throughout most of the night because of the abuse they suffered at school that day, and also because they know that the same horrible abuse awaits them the next day (and every day) when they go to school. That is because their parents, society, government, and all such powers that be, have all firmly decreed that children and youth will be reared at school for the purpose of devouring all the knowledge of good and evil possible, instead of being reared by their 2 parents on a farm as their Creator ordained. How heavy is God’s Wrath upon this destruction of those precious little human creatures of His. 

When children and young people live their daily lives grouped together with a good number of peers, it easily turns into a viscous jungle. Oh, the magnitude of the abuse they suffer from other children in day care, kindergarten, school, and in any such place where they are daily bunched together away from their family, especially away from their protective parents. Because you are as well aware of this fact as I am, I will not include any of those many true, but tragic, stories here. All of it is heartbreaking, especially some of the abuse the girls suffer. And likely the most tragic thing about it is that it could practically all be prevented by parents rearing their children the way God ordained they do; at home on the farm, always in the presence of those loving and protecting parents.

Each and every human being is dearly beloved by our Creator God. Little frail, “defenseless,” vulnerable children are particularly precious in the Sight of their Creator God. He is a Consuming Fire, and His Wrath is fiery hot upon parents who daily opt out of their Creator ordained protective roles, but instead they send those precious little souls out into the devil’s kingdom to daily receive a strong dose of the awfully destructive abuse heaped upon them there by the children of the devil. Tho history abounds with a practically infinite list of those abuses, Almighty God did not miss nor overlook a single one of them. He has kept a minutely detailed record of each sinful abuse for parents (and all guilty parties) to face on Judgment Day. There those parents (and all guilty parties involved) can explain to their Creator just why they made the decision to sacrifice their children upon the altar of the devil’s kingdom in order to live for all the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life offered to them (and to their children) out in the devil’s kingdom. What a Consuming Fire of Divine, Holy Wrath awaits many people regarding this matter. “PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD.”

“Almighty God, I beg Thee to teach me clearly the truth and the importance of these things I have just read. Then please clearly guide me and show me Thy Will for me concerning these matters. Please open up the way for me and my family to be saved from the world and the things of the world. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

As more and more people move from God’s earth to the devil’s world, thus naturally adding to the power and destructiveness of the devil’s kingdom, Christians become increasingly alarmed as they observe it so viciously destroying the human family that God created. Hence arise numerous Christian ministries that focus on the family, with a general goal of coming to the family’s rescue to save it from this ongoing destruction. Think seriously on the fact that such ministries practically did not exist when most families were farming families. That is because the God-ordained family farm preserved the family, thus rendering such ministries unnecessary.

These various Christian ministries, which focus on the family, are typically founded by good, dedicated Christians with the noble goal of helping and saving the family. I commend them on that most worthy goal, and on their diligent labor toward that goal. They typically have large volumes of and a great variety of teaching, advice, and plans aimed at keeping the family intact. But if you will look closely at all their teachings and endeavors, you will see that, in general, most of these ministries that focus on the family, major on aiding families to have their cake and eat it too. By that, I mean that the thrust is to keep the family intact with it continuing to live out in the devil’s kingdom. That is a lot like putting a band-aid on a cancer. If we are going to focus on saving the family from being destroyed by the devil’s kingdom, it is of necessity that we focus on the family living where God ordained they live, on the land (farm) that He created to sustain our physical life here on earth. But very few Christian ministries that focus on saving the family care to focus on the farm. The main reason is that they despise the 72-hour workweek of dirty, sweaty, hard toil and labor that God ordained for us to earn our living. Rather they love the world and the things of the world. And if it means forsaking the world and the things of the world to live on a dirt farm toiling and sweating 6 long days a week to make a living, then they just won’t do that. Therefore they make the decision to sacrifice our Creator’s precious family upon the altar of the devil’s kingdom, in an act of loving and worshipping the world and the things of the world. “Love not the world, neither the things that are the world.”  

In recent years, I have seen God raising up Christians who see the family farm as the best salvation for the family. And some of those Christians have somewhat of a ministry of teaching and preaching about the importance of the family farm. It greatly blesses and encourages me to see that. Keep up the good work, and may God’s most abundant blessings be upon you as you do so. Tilling the ground is intensely despised by many Christian believers, some of whom have given me an earful of hot speech about how they detest their God ordained first estate. God forbid that you and I be among them. May God give us a great love for the first estate He ordained for us. And may He give us the boldness to declare to anyone and everyone that He ordained that the family live together full time on the farm, in order to keep the family from being destroyed in the devil’s kingdom.

Down thru the ages, Godly preachers and Christians have rightly exalted the family and lauded parenthood as the highest calling in life, commending fathers and mothers for both properly carrying out their important responsibility of rearing their offspring. But the kingdom of the devil belittles parenthood in many ways, causing Christian parents who love the world to feel as if they are missing out on the best things in life by taking the time required to properly rear their children. I have heard testimonies by Christian mothers who had gotten a university degree because it was a good thing to do. Afterwards, they got married, had children, and stayed at home to rear them. They spoke of how they felt trapped, and felt like they were missing out on so much because they were not pursuing a career out in the world. How tragic that is. May God help us to keep ours eyes firmly fixed upon our Creator. And may He help us to totally believe and obey all that He teaches us in His Holy Bible. May we constantly keep in mind the certainty of Judgment Day awaiting us, and therefore serve the Lord with fear and trembling regarding these most important aspects of our short life here on this earth. May we totally submit ourselves to God for Him to save us from loving the world (the devil’s kingdom) and the things of the world. May we do what God ordained that we do for the preservation of the human family that He created and so dearly loves and cherishes.

The first reason I gave in favor of people tilling the ground, is because that is what our Creator God ordained that we human creatures do with our lives. The second reason I gave was that it is necessary for us to have food to eat to sustain our physical lives. Now in this chapter I have given a third reason; it is the lifestyle God ordained for the safety and preservation of the human family. May God help each of us to think most gravely and seriously on the validity of these reasons and also help us to truly seek His Guidance for our lives.

“Almighty God, please help me to consider these things just as gravely and seriously as Thou desirest that I do. Please give me a full understanding of their importance. Also, please clearly instruct and guide me into Thy Will concerning these matters. Cause me to fully understand just how precious the human family is to Thee, and just how greatly it is beloved by Thee, and how terrible Thy Wrath is upon that which destroys the human family Thou has created as an object of Thy Divine Love. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

(This ends Chapter 7 of Creature Versus Creator)


Chapter 8


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