Chapter Five



“The knowledge of good and evil”

I have already said much more against “education” than you ever wanted to hear said against it. But I am still far from finished with what I believe my Creator wants me to say opposing it. So if you are tired of listening to what I have to say about education, then go listen to most anyone else talk about it. Most people will praise it to the highest heavens. Out of all the many sacred cows that the human race sinfully worships and holds in high esteem, education is likely the most sacred cow of them all. Just as the first “right things” (God and His perfect creation) are most important for us to fully know and comprehend, so are the first things that went wrong the most important ones for us to know and comprehend. And the very first thing that went wrong with God’s created human race was that it ate of the knowledge of good and evil. Nothing empowers human beings, lifts them up, and makes them as gods, like that of eating of the knowledge of good and evil. Because most all people want to be as God, just as their grandmother Eve did, they love and hold “education” in the highest esteem. People who love rising up to become a god, just naturally love that which raises them up. And the knowledge of good and evil certainly raises up human creatures.

Individuals, communities, towns, cities, states, and nations fervently cherish education and place it on the highest pedestal. Knowing its great power to raise up states and nations, many of those governments make eating of the knowledge of good and evil compulsory. You well know about such laws in your own nation. I am a citizen of an earthly nation (the U.S.) that boasts of protecting the freedoms of its citizens. But one freedom that the U.S. government robs its citizens of, is that of obeying our Creator’s command forbidding us to eat of the knowledge of good and evil. Nations set on rising typically make the eating of much knowledge compulsory for its citizens. As soon as little children are old enough to do just about anything, governments require them to start their education and to continue it through the most formative years of their lives. If parents keep their children from eating that knowledge, often the government will take those children away from those parents, deeming such parents unfit to rear children because those parents want their children to obey our Creator’s first command to us. Such actions by governments are grossly wrong in the sight of God. If you want to be deemed a bad citizen, just let it be known that you oppose education in general and see how your fellow citizens regard that.

Secular education trains up little children to be good citizens of the devil’s kingdom. The prince and god of this world (the devil) goes all out to shut our Creator God and His Holy Bible completely out of public education systems in order for him (the devil) to gain complete control over those tender, formative minds that sit in school for most of their waking day. Christian parents, if your children being saved from this present evil world of darkness, wickedness, and evil, is of any importance to you, then it is a must that you keep them out of the sinful, wicked clutches of public education.

Though anyone with the least amount of brains in their head can easily see all the massive sin and evil inside most all education systems throughout the world, still so few people will dare admit that there is anything basically wrong with education itself. Instead, the majority of people throughout the world (Christians included) tend to look on it as the savior or mankind. So many Christians think it most terrible of me to call education the knowledge of good and evil that God forbade the human race to eat of.

Before, I wrote of the Christian man, a friend of mine, who told me that God’s command forbidding eating of that tree, was a command given to Adam and Eve only. And he said that after they were driven out of the Garden, that forbidden knowledge of good and evil has never since been available for any human to eat of. Therefore our Creator’s very first command to the human race (in Genesis 2:17), has not been relevant to any human creatures since Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden, because no one since then has had the opportunity to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because it was that one tree located in the Garden of Eden. 

Now, he may be right and I may be wrong. But I sure don’t think so. And if he is wrong, look carefully at what he has done. Just as normal as his act of breathing air, he has declared a lie to be the truth. Why can he so “calmly” commit the sin of lying? Simply because he has risen up higher than God and God’s Truth. He professes to be a saved, born again Christian, and I believe that he is. He is a soul winner. I have gone “soul winning” with him and listened to him speak (without error) of salvation in Christ to lost people. But in certain instances where there is Truth that he doesn’t like, he denounces it as a lie and replaces it with his own lie. He may do it because he is totally deceived and believes his lie, but that still doesn’t change the nature of his lie.

I have observed many Christians who have “risen” high above much of God’s Word in His Holy Bible, and they manifest their “risen” status by denying God’s Word and replacing it with their opinions that are lies and falsehood. That is what a horrible thing that “rising” does to us. It truly makes us all into gods who freely fabricate our own truth from the devil’s lies and deception, and that is a most deplorable, sinful thing. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” May God save each and every one of us Christian believers from “rising” up above His Eternal Word that He has magnified above His Great Name.

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” (Romans 1:25) The first creature that fallen humans choose to worship and serve, over worshipping and serving their Creator God, is the creature of SELF. And to commit that sin of serving Self instead of God, we must first commit the sin of changing the Truth of God into a lie. This above verse is perfectly clear about that. So think deeply on the tragedy of the truth in it. So many people (Christians included) commit those sins just as normally as they breathe. Because many Christians madly love how the knowledge of good and evil raises them up and makes them into great gods, they relegate the sin of eating of it to a sin that is not presently available for anyone to commit. Therefore we are ever so piously right, justified, and innocent to devour all of it that we can. May God open our eyes to see just how terribly sinful we are in these matters.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to totally submit myself to Thy Word, The Holy Bible. Please help me to never deny any of its truths. Help me never to set my opinion above it. Please save me from ever changing the Truth of God into a lie. Help me not to make myself into my own god, but rather always submit to my Creator and to Thy Eternal Word. Please save me from worshipping and serving myself. Please help me to worship and serve my Creator God only. I pray that all other people would also do right in these matters. Amen.”

In order to get human lackeys highly qualified in building his kingdom, the devil exerts much effort to ensure they are fed all the knowledge of good and evil that they can possibly hold during their formative years of childhood and youth. While they are feasting on that knowledge, the devil does all in his power to motivate them to build his kingdom. You well know the extent of the motivation that parents, teachers, society, government, and most of the human race give to children and teenagers to do their best while getting an education and then to go out into the “world” and rise up as high as they can. You have heard enough of the motivation speeches to be familiar with their content and to know their goal. The main goal of most all graduation speeches that “cap” a segment of their education, is to motivate those graduates to go out and give it their ALL in building the devil’s kingdom. Thus it naturally follows that each time a speaker is chosen to give that annual speech, it is a must to choose the “good” example of someone who has succeeded in rising highly in the “world.” So, the famous car maker, Lee Iacocca, clinches his “excellent” motivation speech at a high school graduation with, “Class of 19__, start your engines.” On your mark, get set, GO AND BUILD THE DEVIL’S KINGDOM WITH ALL HASTE! You only have one life to live, so make it count (for the devil).

I recall the intense desire I had while I was growing up, to get grown and go out and do the greatest good I could for mankind, as it was plain to see that mankind certainly needed much help. I believe that God instills such desire into us all, making it felt so strongly during our formative years. It is certainly an honourable and noble desire and goal. But where we drastically go wrong, is in the way we choose to accomplish that goal. There is only one proper way to go about that goal; total and absolute obedience to God’s Holy Bible. That alone, is the ONLY true help for ANY fallen human creature. By doing that, we will set that example for others to do, and we will also verbally call upon others to do the same in obedience to many commands in the Bible to preach it and teach it to others.

But the father of lies (the devil) is ever so skilled at deceiving us into believing that building his kingdom is the proper way to better mankind. It is the old theory of man pulling himself up by his own bootstraps. Upon rejecting God and His Holy Bible, it is essentially the only help that Creator rejecting, fallen humans have available to them. Therefore they sure make the best of it, giving it maximum effort in building the devil’s kingdom. This is basically the position of people called “liberals,” man helping (saving) mankind by man’s own power. It is a road that goes straight away from God and straight to destruction as fast as possible. May God keep us all from traveling that road.

“Heavenly Father, please save me from all the devil’s deception. Please help me to fully believe that there is absolutely no salvation for mankind in man building a better “world” to live in. Please totally convince me that the only good I can possibly do for a suffering, sinful human race is to personally obey Thy Holy Bible. Please create in me a desire to follow Thee wholly, to fully believe all the Bible and to obey all that the Bible commands me to do. I pray for all other people to do right concerning these matters also. Amen.”  

“First estate”

In Chapters 1, 2, & 3, as I repeatedly denounced the sin of “rising,” I also repeatedly spoke of man “rising up” out of his “first estate.” I purposely did not name that first estate till Chapter 4, wanting you (as you read the first 3 chapters) to guess at what the “first estate” was/is, if you did not already know what it was. The “first estate” that our Creator ordained for us human creatures is that of tilling the ground.

In Genesis Chapter 1, God gives us record of Him creating this earth and everything on it, including man. Then again, starting in Genesis 2:4, God gives a shorter summary of that creation which contains some statements not given in Chapter 1 of Genesis. Look at Genesis 2:5. “And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.” At this point, the Lord God declares something lacking in His creation, a being to till the ground. And even before God creates that being to till the ground, He names the being; MAN.  

Genesis 2:7 tells us just how God created man. Verse 8 tells of Him planting the garden and putting man in it. I do not know if our Creator had to first till that soil Himself, but the record is certainly clear that He did the planting. Thus it is likely that the Lord God Himself was the very first Being to till the soil. What a good and godly example for us human creatures to follow. Now look at verse 15. “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Thus the Lord God provides the tiller of the ground that He had declared missing (lacking) back in verse 5. That God-provided tiller of the ground is you and I. God created man a body, soul, and spirit. God created the human’s physical body to need physical activity. And the physical activity He ordained for it is that of tilling the ground. Most every present-day human creature experiences such thoughts as the following, flowing through his head at sometime. “Why do I exist?” “Why am I on the face of this earth?” “What am I here for?” “Why am I cluttering up the face of this earth?” “What am I supposed to be living for?” “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” “What is the very best thing for me to do with my life?” Well, the one right answer, to all those important questions, is found in God’s Holy Bible in Genesis Chapters 2 and 3. You were created by Almighty God for the purpose of tilling the ground. God created YOU to supply the missing tiller of the ground. That is one main reason you exist. Another main reason you exist is to glorify your Creator. And you glorify Him greatly by tilling the soil. Otherwise, you will lazily do nothing, or you will build the devil’s kingdom, which robs your Creator of much glory.

At the beginning of the last paragraph, I mentioned Genesis 2:7, so let’s look at that important verse now. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” People with just a little Bible knowledge usually know what man is made of; “the dust of the ground.” Your physical being is nothing more than dirt. And look at how well we identify with dirt. Young and old alike, most people like to play in the sand at the beach. And small children prefer playing in the dirt above most other forms of play. If small children are outside in warm weather where loose dirt is available to them, typically they will choose to play in it. It comes natural to them because their Creator ordained it to come natural to them, and because He created them from dirt. In bygone days, children who didn’t grow up on farm dirt still often had a sandbox in the yard to play in. But presently, masses of children are cursed by apartment style living with no sandbox and no dirt available. Parents, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your little children is to provide them dirt to play in. Next provide them dirt to work in, tilling the ground to produce the food they must eat to live. And the most beneficial physical thing we adults can do is to keep working in that dirt, tilling the ground for our livelihood. Working and playing in dirt is refreshing because we are dirt. So please put that important dirty fact in your mental file cabinet and keep it there.

Godly, diligent Christian parents are typically ever so keen to train up their children “spiritually” by teaching them to obey God’s many commands in the Bible against sinning. However, far too few Christian parents train up their children regarding what they should do with their “physical” lives. Many Christian parents teach their children to obey the 10 commandments (and several more commandments), but regrettably fail to teach them from Genesis 2 & 3 what our God ordained first estate is, and what God ordained that we physically do with our lives. Christian parents are noted for leaving it completely up to their children to decide what “career” in life they will choose to pursue, while obeying the 10 commandments (and possibly a few more). And Christian parents are certainly noted for pushing their children to rise, and to pursue the most glamorous career possible (which will add the most glory to the devil’s kingdom). What a tragedy.

Christian parents, if you succeed in training up your children in the way they should go, it is of dire necessity that you teach them from Genesis 2 & 3 exactly what their Creator ordained first estate is. You must exalt that first estate as highly as you can before your children. And as they grow up, you must constantly teach them that unless their Creator gives them clear and definite leading in some other direction, then they should always first consider abiding in this first estate. Along with teaching them about our first estate from Genesis 2 & 3, consider sharing with them what I say about it in this book, because with my Creator’s Help, I am doing my best to make these writings most profitable for all. Please help me to do so, Lord, I pray.

“Heavenly Father, please give me thorough understanding from Genesis 2:5 & 15 that Thou created man to till the ground. And if that directly relates to me, please confirm that to me. Please teach me all that is significant about me being created from the dust of the ground. Please help me to perceive just how beneficial it is to me to till the ground and to work in the dirt. Please help me to fully understand how important it is to children for them to grow up playing and working in the dirt. Please guide me clearly as to exactly what to teach my children about man’s first estate. Help me to properly train up my children regarding what they should physically do with their lives. All this bitter medicine that Brother Richard is putting forth here sure is hard to handle. So I ask Thee to guard me from anything He may be mistaken about and guide me into Thy Perfect Will concerning these important matters. I also pray that all other Christians and Christian parents will seek Thy Will and do Thy Will in these matters. Amen.”

In loving kindness, our Creator ordained the very best for all His creatures. For that reason alone, we all should love the first estate that He created for us. Tilling the ground is the most beneficial lifestyle for the human creature’s body, mind, and spirit. That is because it is what our Creator ordained for us and He would never ordain anything but the best for us. Tilling the ground by man and animal power (without any noisy machines, chemicals, etc.) is the most peaceful and serene life. It is lived in harmony with nature, working during the day and resting during the night hours. It is work that is done in harmony with the yearly seasons that God created, planting in the spring, cultivating in the summer, harvesting in the summer and fall, and closing up somewhat against the cold of winter. It gives a human creature much God ordained pleasure to plant and grow crops, watching the miracle of them growing, and then to harvest them. The several different farm animals also bring us God ordained pleasures as we tend to those animals and work them on the farm. When they are stubborn, they teach us patience and make us appreciate the Patience our Creator has with our stubbornness. There is different work to be done each season of the year and a vast variety of chores to do each day. The many different jobs and chores of farm life is the God ordained way of combating boredom in our daily work.

The tiller of the ground works outside in the beauty of God’s nature. Viewing that natural beauty of the plants, animals, and the earth’s terrain is a pleasure ordained by God. It is manual work with much movement and much walking in the fresh air, that God ordained to maintain our body’s health and strength. The walking is done on God’s created dirt, and therefore can easily be done barefoot. That massages the bare feet to maintain the body’s health. Presently, you can read much about what man has learned regarding the massaging of the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands to be healthy for the body. Our Creator ordained that foot massaging be done as we walk barefoot on the ground. Also, doing manual farm work with our hands massages them. Doing the manual labor of farm work, one spends all day winding down, expending his day’s energy. Therefore when the day’s labour is ended, he is content to sit on the porch, listening to the music God provides from many animals, and then soon lie down for his night’s rest.

Contrast that to building the devil’s kingdom in a noisy, fast-paced (stress-filled) “world,” in an artificial environment of man-made lighting and a man-made system of piping in stale air to breathe inside closed buildings. In the office one is normally trapped in a small cubicle doing the same routine every day. In the factory, one typically sits or stands stationary doing one routine function in assembly line style production all the time, enduring high noise levels, and breathing toxic air that is often hot from the factory environment. Many jobs, such as construction and factory jobs, are extremely dangerous because of job accidents that kill and seriously injure. One is isolated from the beauty of God’s nature and the change of the seasons, performing only one or just a few minor functions in an overly confined space, which brings on stress and boredom. One often has to do shift work, and the body’s health suffers, never adjusting well to working at night & sleeping during the day because that is perverse to what our Creator ordained for us. Many jobs in the “world” are sedentary, damaging one’s health from lack of exercise. After being confined all day, doing mentally stressful work and little or no physical labor, one then needs to go “wind down” some way, by exercising (at best), or by partying, consuming liquor, drugs, or by some such destructive means.

Of course, I am well aware that all employed people do not work inside offices and factories. Some of them do work outside in God’s nature. But you know there are plenty job sites that are man-made, enclosed, confined spaces; many being noisy with foul air to breathe and poor, artificial lighting. A lot of such job sites are plenty harmful to the health of one’s body, soul, and spirit. I am also well aware that accidents happen on an old fashioned farm that has no electricity, self-powered machines, and such “dangerous” things. In the Old Testament, we can read God’s instructions concerning a woodcutter’s ax flying off the handle and killing the person it strikes (Deuteronomy 19:5), and concerning an ox goring someone to death (Exodus 21:29). Still, an old fashioned farm (with no dangerous, “powered” gadgets) is likely the safest job site that exists. (One thing that increases its safety rating today is that it is likely the last job site that would be targeted by terrorists.)   

Also, I believe that being content with our first estate would make us more or less content with the things our Creator provided for us on top of the ground. The entire Holy Bible covers over 4,000 years of man’s history on this earth. And I do not recall any record in the Bible of man going deep into the depths of the earth to mine that which God put there. No doubt he did some digging to get gold, silver, iron, jewels, and such. But likely it was limited to very shallow depths. Personally, I think it to be a pitiful lot that miners have, going deep into the earth each day to spend their work day in the darkness and stale air there, subject to the great dangers that exists in those depths.

Well, Brother Richard, just why did God put all those riches down in the depths of the earth, if not for us to use for our benefit? I do not rightly know. One reason could be to give us a choice of leaving them there and being content without them. Most of the things we mine from deep in the earth have absolutely nothing to do with being obedient to our Creator’s command to till the ground. And the main uses we make out of them are in building the devil’s kingdom.   

Life in the “world” is lived on the hardtop (concrete and asphalt) much of the time. You can easily find much to read about how detrimental it is to feet, ankles, legs, and knees, when we stand, walk, and run on hardtop. Falling on hardtop will almost always injure one more severely than falling on the ground that God created to catch us when we fall. Children naturally take many falls when they play. And if they are on hardtop, the hurt is so much more than it would be if they were playing on God’s earth. God created us from dirt to live on dirt. He did not create us from concrete and asphalt to live on that hardtop. May our Creator help us all to love what He ordained for us.

God did much of His creating in sets of threes; “air, land, and water,” “body, soul, and spirit,” and an infinite list. I perceive that He ordained 3 things to provide pleasure for His human creature, one of them uncreated and 2 of them created by Him. First and foremost, our Creator gives us untold pleasures and we should always first and primarily seek pleasure from Him. As for the other 2, I cannot rightly discern if one takes priority over the other. I will list “God’s created nature” as 2nd because it sustains our physical life. It is composed of the land, water, and air, and the plant and animal life on this planet. Without those 5 things I listed there, our human bodies could not live. So, “other people” comes in 3rd in the list. And inside that group of people, by far, family members are to take TOP priority in bringing us pleasure. Far more important are they, than other people.

These are the 3 primary things that your Creator ordained that you take pleasure in. And you can best take pleasure in them by abiding in that first estate that your Creator set up for you. The 72-hour workweek that He ordained is a long one. But because He ordained manual labor to strengthen our bodies, it leaves one’s mind free to meditate on one’s Creator, sing praises to and pray to one’s Creator, and to fellowship and commune with one’s Creator the entire time. Thus our Creator ordained it to be. Glory to God for it! I love it! Many of the jobs in the devil’s kingdom require us to give our minds to those jobs (to the devil). And that alienates our mind from our Creator while we are doing those jobs for the devil (building his kingdom and adding all the glory we can to it). Working in the devil’s kingdom takes our mind off our Creator and to a large degree, blocks the daily pleasures He ordained we receive by the ability to constantly be in touch with Him in that first estate. 

Second, most jobs in the devil’s kingdom remove us from God’s prison farm of beautiful, peaceful, serene God created nature, and puts us into the devil’s noisy, foul air prison of concrete, asphalt, steel, aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic, fiber glass, asbestos, plaster, hardware, software, audio, video, computers, hi tech junk, and an unending list of devil made junk that has absolutely no ability to bring any true pleasure to the human creature’s body, soul, and spirit. Instead, his junky prison brings boredom, stress, and destruction to the human creature. How stupid we human creatures are when it comes to choosing which prison we want to serve our life sentence in, God’s prison or the devil’s prison.

And thirdly, working in the devil’s kingdom keeps many people separated from most (or all) other family members for most of their waking day. Therefore we do not receive the pleasures from them that God ordained. And furthermore, because living one’s daily life separated from other family members brings on separation, divorce, broken homes, and such; that certainly destroys the pleasures God ordained we receive from family. So please keep these 3 God ordained pleasures in mind and cry out to your Creator to help you to totally hate the devil’s world which so completely destroys these genuine pleasures in the lives of the poor, miserable human creatures imprisoned in the devil’s kingdom.

“Heavenly Father, if Brother Richard is right about these 3 pleasures Thou hast ordained for me, then please confirm that to me. And then help me to truly hate the devil’s kingdom that destroys these God given pleasures. And help me to truly love the first estate that Thou didst create for me and help me to desire to be in it to enjoy the greatest pleasures possible in this life. Open my eyes to clearly see just how miserable people actually are as they work and live in the devil’s kingdom. And please save me from that misery. I also pray for all other people to come to a full knowledge and understanding of these things I have prayed about. I pray that other people also be saved from living in the prison of the devil’s kingdom. Amen.”        

“Cursed is the ground for thy sake”

Upon being created, Adam was put into the Garden of Eden to keep and dress it. While in his perfect state, that Creator ordained occupation brought absolutely no discomfort to Adam. But when Adam and Eve sinned, that ended their life of perfect ease. “And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” (Genesis 3:17~19)

Adam and Eve became sinners/criminals by transgressing God’s one law that He had given to them. Therefore our just God immediately meted out a life’s sentence of punishment to them. No longer will mankind dress and keep the ground with no discomfort to them. Now their Creator curses the ground that is to be their livelihood. “In sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.” Upon reading my first edition of this book, several Christian friends who had grown up on the farm complained to me that farm life was one of drudgery and sorrow. Some of them didn’t use those exact words. But those 2 words certainly fit the descriptions they gave me of the farm work they did growing up. They hit the nail right square on the head with their assessment of farm life. Their assessment of it is just what our Creator ordained it to be for disobedient, fallen mankind.

We are ever so prone to think too highly of ourselves. The human race became sinners by disobeying our Creator. All too often, too vague an image forms in our minds when we hear the words “sin” and “sinners,” and we tend to relegate the meaning of those words to be anything that anyone wants them to be (and also tend to think those 2 words apply to others much more than to us). Such thinking is in error, as the Bible clearly defines both words for us. But along with those 2 words, we can also use the words “crime” and “criminals,” which form a clearer image on our minds when we hear them. Adam and Eve (and all of their descendents) became criminals in their Creator’s Sight when that first pair of humans committed the crime of disobeying God’s Law. It was only proper that God mete out punishment for that crime. And the punishment, which He did mete out, is most just and fair. Therefore none of us criminals/sinners has any justifiable grounds at all for finding any fault with that punishment from our Just and Righteous Creator.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to fully acknowledge and accept the fact that I am a sinner in Thy Sight. Please give me understanding as to exactly how the punishment that Thou didst mete out to Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 3 presently applies to me. Regarding this punishment that Thou has ordained for me during this short life of mine here on this earth, please help me to understand and acknowledge that it is completely just, that Thou hast dealt it out in love, and that it is the most beneficial thing for me, a fallen, degenerate human creature. Please help me to completely accept this punishment from Thee, and not to try to escape from it. I pray these things for all other people also. Have mercy on us and help all us guilty criminals, dear Lord, I pray. Amen.”

“Cursed is the ground.” What a step-down from that perfect environment in the Garden. Now, “in sorrow,” will man eat of the ground all of the days of his life, fighting the thorns and thistles that are a part of that curse. Now, in the sweat of his face, will man toil and labor to produce his food from the ground. This is our sentence to be served out in the “prison” of the farm. And this just punishment is very close to being solitary confinement in that each family stays confined on their own farm, with minimal interaction with other people.

That situation of each family being confined on their individual farm will do the most to hamper the spread of sin by a degenerate human race. Thus, our Creator ordained that it be. That is a most important fact, so please keep it in mind. “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil.” (Exodus 23:2) You well know how rapidly sin spreads when people mass together. When sinful people group together, they just naturally do what sinners are prone to do, commit sin. Even when Christian believers are grouped together a lot, they quickly tend to become loose in their speech among themselves and their tongues commit lots of sins, even if no other parts of their bodies do wrong.

You can readily observe rampant sin throughout the societies in most every nation on earth, as people group together to build the devil’s kingdom and then group together to eat, drink, play, and be merry when the day’s work is done. “They encourage themselves in an evil matter.” (Psalms 64:5) Without fail, we sinners/criminals will do exactly that most any time we mix together very much at all. The more that degenerate humans mingle and associate with each other, the more sin will abound as groups of sinners naturally encourage each other to sin for all the fun, pleasure, and excitement they get out of it. Observing others committing sin naturally erases one’s fear of God and of sinning against the Holy One. Habitually mingling with crowds of sinners/criminals and observing their sinful acts emboldens and encourages one to yield to committing sin. This is especially true of children and young people whose minds are so shaped by what they frequently observe; hence the importance of both parents rearing their children at home on the farm, as our Creator ordained.

The apex of this scale, of following a multitude to do evil, is the mob. When a group of people gets stirred up into mob frenzy, they take on a mob mentality of no individual responsibility and easily become an awful force that destroys property, and injures and kills people. Then when their destructive work has run its course, they shrug their shoulders in innocence saying, “The mob did it.” (Of course, the Judge of the Universe accurately records each sinner’s sinful act, no matter how large a mob action it may be a part of. And when each individual sinner stands in fear before this Holy Judge to receive a just punishment for his sins and crimes, then there will be no cohorts to stand with him and encourage or help him at all.) May God help us to fear Him NOW and always do right. And may He help us to truly acknowledge that the life sentence He gave us of manual labor on a prison farm is just and appropriate for us sinners/criminals. 

Therefore our Creator in His Perfect Wisdom imprisoned degenerate sinners/criminals in solitary confinement on their individual farms. People are least prone to sin in the presence of their family members. Please read me clearly on that. I did not say they would not sin when the rest of their family can see it. I am asserting that they are least likely to sin with their family watching. Therefore God isolated each family on individual farms to live their lives together as a family (rarely separated from the rest of their family members). That fact alone, restrains the spread of sin like nothing else will. Our Wise Creator did not ordain that we criminals live our lives out in the “world” (the devil’s kingdom), spending most of our waking day separated from all other family members, and freely mingling with a host of other sinners/criminals, many of them being strangers to whom we tend to feel absolutely no accountability for our conduct and actions carried on in their presence and/or with them.

The more fleeting our contacts with others, the more the tendency we have to commit sin with others and then simply forget it (lightly brush it off), when we part from their presence. Living in the devil’s kingdom and earning one’s living there, results in a life on the road for many people. And the jukebox songs are full of stories about the many sins committed by people who are constantly on the move, living their life on the go, living on the road. The pace of life in the devil’s kingdom steadily increases, definitely causing sin to increasingly abound as we have more brief, fleeting, casual contacts with more people. What a vivid contrast to the lifestyle of all family members living together all the time on a farm, annually producing their livelihood at essentially the same pace year in and year out. Glory to God for this wonderful “first estate” that He ordained for us!  

“Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life…In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground.” (Genesis 3:17&19) Our Creator God made it completely clear that the punishment that He meted out to criminal Adam was a life sentence, and that his physical death was to be the only thing that would bring an end to this prison sentence. At that time, a human being had never been born. Only two humans were in existence, each of them being directly created by God, and created as adults. At that time, Adam was the only human male in existence, and in his loins were the seed of the entire human race. Therefore, when his Creator and Judge gave him a life sentence of hard, manual labor in solitary confinement in a “prison” of a farm, that was a sentence meted out to the entire human race of sinners/criminals. This is a most important fact for you to know and to believe.

“And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.” (Genesis 8:21) God spoke this after Noah and family exited the ark after the floodwaters abated. I cannot discern if He removed the curse He put upon the ground in Genesis 3:17, or if He is saying that He will not now curse the ground once more in addition to that first curse He put upon it in Genesis 3:17. Either way, it does not change the fact that He ordained that man till the ground all the days of his life to earn his bread. And I know from years of experience in tilling the ground, that the thorns and thistles are still there, and that much sweat drops from my brow (and most all my body below my brow) as I till the ground. Therefore it appears to me that some curse is still upon the ground.   

“Heavenly Father, if it is true that the punishment, that Thou didst mete out to Adam in Genesis Chapter 3, applies to me just as much as it did to Adam, then please teach me that. Please give me a complete understanding of that punishment. Help me to totally submit myself to it, and to serve out this life sentence in obedience to Thee. I pray that all other people will also do right concerning this punishment that Thou didst mete out to the fallen human race. Amen.”

“Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work.” (Exodus 20:9) God clearly ordained that this sentence of manual labor be for 6 days each week. Also, Christ’s parable in Matthew Chapter 20 sets the workday at 12 hours, as He tells about the householder who went out “early” in the morning and hired labourers. Then again at the third, sixth, ninth, and even the eleventh hour, he went out and hired workers. At the end of the day, he paid each and every one of them a day’s wage. And upon doing so, he got complaints from the ones he hired earlier in the day, because the last ones hired only worked for one hour. (Matthew 20:12) That shows the workday to be 12 hours long. Six days a week for 12 hours per day equals a 72-hour workweek of hard, manual labor, confined to the family’s solitary farm/prison. Such a workweek (in sorrow) does not leave time to spend in town, eating, drinking, playing, being merry, and sinning. Thus our Creator ordained it to be so. Man was not to live his short life on earth out building the devil’s kingdom and sinning in the devil’s “world.” God sentenced him to work 72 hours a week tilling the ground and taking off one day each week for rest. 

Of course, we sinners/criminals sure do not like that sentence. And the devil’s kingdom certainly offers us better deals. You know how that the workweek has gotten shorter and shorter down through the years, so that it is now 40 hours, or fewer, per week for many laborers throughout the world. And some people, who strain their brains to the fullest working at “get rich” schemes, achieve great riches by working just a very few hours per week. That leaves them plenty of time to enjoy much fun, fame, and fortune out in the devil’s kingdom, and thereby send them and their family speeding toward their destruction at the fastest rate possible.

And of course, the more knowledge of good and evil we devour, the lighter we can make our workload by inventing machines to do our work for us, to provide cooling from the heat, to provide heating from the cold, and a never-ending list too long to write here. Therefore to thwart our Creator’s life sentence of 72 hour workweeks of hard, manual labor in solitary confinement, we consume all the knowledge of good and evil possible to shorten our work time, lighten the load, and give us much better pay (more mammon). Therefore we will have plenty of time to spend out in the devil’s kingdom sinning, and will have the means (mammon) with which to buy that sin. How skilled we rebels become at destroying ourselves so completely, when we set our minds on doing so.

“For thy sake”

Please think long and hard on 3 most important words found in this punishment decree. “Cursed is the ground FOR THY SAKE.” This harsh, strict, solitary, life sentence of hard labor is completely for our benefit. It does the most to oppress and restrict sin and to keep eternal human souls out of an eternal Hell of fire and brimstone. Most all governments in the world confine criminals to restrict their criminal activity. I believe that is a wise thing for governments to do for the safety of its citizens, and likely you believe that too. I also think it was most wise for our Creator to give us humans a life sentence of hard, farm labor and I fully believe Him when He said that He did it for our sakes. Our Loving God DID NOT pass that harsh sentence on us out of hatred for us sinners/criminals. He did it in loving grace, compassion, and mercy for our safety, benefit, and salvation. Therefore I find absolutely no fault in that sentence and I know without any doubt that it is for my sake that my Creator passed this sentence upon me. I think it is also most important for you to regard that sentence in the exact same way.

“Lord Jesus, please help me to totally trust Thee. Help me to fully believe that Thou didst curse the ground for my sake and didst give me a life sentence of hard labor for my benefit. Please help me to completely comprehend just how much it stifles the spread of sin for families to live on their individual farms, toiling in farm labor to produce their livelihood. Please create within me a heart that accepts this as the very best thing for me to do with my life on this earth, because it is what Thou hast ordained for me, for my sake. Please help me to come to love and cherish this lifestyle that Thou hast ordained for Thy fallen human creatures. I pray that all other people will also come to a good understanding of this God ordained lifestyle being for their sake and benefit, and that they will honour their Creator by holding it in the highest esteem. Amen.”

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread”

Sweating is one of the main ways our Creator ordained for the human body to rid itself of poisonous toxins that build up inside it. You well know of the foul odor that usually accompanies sweating. That foul odor comes from the toxic poisons that your body has ridded itself of by means of the sweat taking them out through your skin. Therefore sweating is most beneficial for the human body. Because if we do little or no sweating, that allows those poisons to build up in our bodies, harming our health. Therefore when our Creator decreed that we are to produce our bread by the sweat of our faces, that too is for our sake, for our benefit, done in love by a merciful and gracious Creator Who only wants the best for us. (Also, a good bath at the end of that 12 hour sweaty workday is the God ordained way of cleaning the exterior of the body, washing away the toxins, sweat, and foul body odor that have surfaced on the skin.)

Manual labor and sweating are both plentifully repulsive to most all of us lazy, vain (sinner/criminal) human creatures. Therefore we quickly search out a “better” way to earn our bread than the way our Creator ordained that we earn it. So there we go again, “rising” up higher than our Creator to look for a “better” way of living our life than the life He ordained for us. And we can quickly find a “better” way by listening to the devil, as he tells us to devour all the knowledge of good and evil possible and then tells us to leave the God ordained farm and go out into the “world” (the devil’s kingdom) and work for fallen man using that knowledge of good and evil to invent air conditioning for our houses, cars, and work places. Thereby we can spend all our time in a “controlled environment” at a comfortable temperature that prevents sweating that is so repulsive to us. We can invent automobiles that do away with the need to walk, as walking makes one sweat. We can cool the air inside that automobile down to a “no sweat” temperature. And instead of doing manual labor all day out in a field of thorns and thistles under a hot sun, the devil shows us how to sit in a cool building, constantly consuming fattening “refreshments” while simply pushing a few buttons and doing other similar light work that never works up a sweat, and thereby earn our bread. And we just madly fall in love with the way things are done out in the devil’s world and quickly come to hate, despise, and reject the way that God ordained for us to earn our bread. “Love not the world.”

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.” The healthy act of sweating is one thing that many vain people just do not want to do. (You might notice that I never call it by its nicer terms, “perspiring and perspiration,” simply because my Bible doesn’t use those nicer terms to describe it.) So along with inventing air conditioning that destroys the negative ions in the air making it not so healthy to breathe, man also uses the knowledge of good and evil to invent “antiperspirants” and then applies them to his underarms to prevent sweating. If you look at the list of ingredients on an antiperspirant, likely you will find “aluminum” listed as part of one ingredient. (By now that “aluminum ingredient” may be outlawed because it is so harmful to the human body.) That ingredient is (or was) aluminum, ground into the finest powder, put into antiperspirants for the purpose of it lodging in those tender sweat glands under our arms, and thereby clogging them to preventing sweating. Such aluminum powder rubbed into the sensitive underarm areas is most harmful to our health. It can produce terrible rashes and sores where it is applied. (You may find a warning on the antiperspirant, telling you to cease using it if rashes or sores develop.) It can get into the blood stream to do untold harm. But such as that is the stupid, insane, destructive lengths that vain people will go to, in order not to be a “sweat hog.” “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Amen! How true that is!

“Their foolish heart was darkened”

What is the foremost thought on the minds of most all prisoners locked away in prison? “I WANT OUTTA HERE!” So the foremost thought of most of us sinner/criminal, fallen human creatures is that of escaping the prison farm in which our Creator put us. This prison is not locked up. One can walk out of it of his own free will. Most people choose to do just that. And to justify that prison break, the human race has fabricated a lie that tends to be regarded as truth by most all people throughout the world. The version of it will vary somewhat here and there. But, in general, it is the false theory that God created only a most base and primitive setting of only the scantest necessities to maintain human life. And that when God turned Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden into that primitive, newly created earth, it was God’s Will, Plan, and Desire for them to give it maximum effort in “progressing” and improving upon those bare basics that God created for them.

What I believe concerning this is that God imparted to Adam and Eve the wisdom needed to till the ground and produce food and clothing from it, care for “farm” animals, kill and slaughter animals to use for food and clothing; and the wisdom to make simple hand tools, animal drawn plows, and such for doing farm labor. I believe God gave them the wisdom to make simple abodes such as tents and likely houses also. Apparently the elements of the weather did not become harsh until after the flood. Then, men would use God-given wisdom to build shelter from the harsh elements of rain, snow, and cold, and to use fire for heat. I believe that the wisdom man uses to do such things as I just mentioned is not a part of the knowledge of good and evil that God forbids us to eat of.

Evolutionist liars delight in painting the bleakest pictures of the early history of mankind as cave dwellers with ape-like intelligence, and thereby try to deceive you into believing that the human race has always had to exert the maximum efforts possible toward “progressing” in order to come to where we presently are now from ape-like cavemen who conversed only in grunts and clubbed women in the head and dragged them by their hair into the men’s cave. (What a long sentence!) Hogwash to their devilish, deceiving lies! God’s human race started out just exactly as God’s Holy Bible tells us it did in Genesis 1~3, with the first two humans living in a perfect environment and possessing perfect intelligence and wisdom, and therefore living on a far higher plateau than any humans have lived on this earth since Genesis Chapter 3. And after Genesis 3, the people who followed their Creator God lived a most fine and plenty comfortable life. Sure, many of them were tent dwellers. But God blessed them with all the necessities of life and a head full of His Wisdom and Intelligence. I will not dispute the theory of there having been plenty of blockheaded, dense-minded, grunting cave dwellers back in ancient history. But they got that way by forsaking their Creator; thereby having their foolish heart darkened, and thereby chose the darkness of caves with a little glow from a fire. It is easy for me to believe that there was such primitive savages then, because there are a lot of such people on this earth now. But nowadays, instead of dwelling in dark caves, these foolish, darkened hearts walk around puffing smoke from a cancerous fire stick stuck in their mouth, and grunting into a cell phone jammed against their ear. Or they sit in a dark room grunting at the glow of a TV, video, or computer screen, living such an abnormal and darkened life for the same reason the cave dwellers did; they have forsaken their Creator and thereby their foolish heart has become darkened. Likely those ancient cave dwellers dressed more neatly and had fewer gross tattoos and fewer body piercings than these modern-day, foolish, darkened hearts have. None of the cave men had spiked orange, or green, or purple hair like these modern-day savages have. If these present-day foolish, darkened hearts continue to “regress,” likely they will soon start sprouting Darwinian monkey tails. All down through the ages, foolish human creatures have lived in darkness for only one reason; they willingly chose to forsake their Creator to go their own way to destruction. Obeying our Creator’s command to till the ground does NOT make primitive savages out of fallen human creatures, but forsaking our Creator certainly does. Living in little, concrete cubicles in high-rise apartment buildings in big, modern cities does not prevent fallen human creatures from becoming primitive savages. While grunting as they stare at all kinds of glowing screens inside these small, darkened, concrete cubicles, modern day savages habitually commit savage acts so grossly base and primitive that they would make any ancient ape-like cave dweller blush with shame. Building modern, glorious kingdoms for the devil does not keep fallen human creatures from becoming primitive savages. Obeying our Creator does! So put that in your fire stick and puff on it, you modern-day primitive savages who disdain your Creator ordained first estate. (My, what a long paragraph! I’m doing what my English teachers taught me, one thought per paragraph. Me thinks me think too long per thought. I sure do hope it is easier for you to read this than it is for me to write it.)   

I do not believe that very much of what we all label as “progress” is God’s Will for us, nor do I believe it is pleasing to Him. Rather I believe that most all of what we call “progress” is the human creature rebelling against His Creator. If I happen to be right about that, then that is a most important fact for all of us to live by. “Human progress” is a broad enough term to encompass some things that are good. Simply working diligently enough to always have a sufficient supply of food, clothing, and shelter for our family and a little left over to give to misfortunate people, is considered to fall in the realm of “progress” by some people. However, the vast majority of things that most people deem to be “progress” by the human race fall inside 2 rebellious, sinful acts against our Creator God. (1) Rising up out of our God ordained estate. (2) Building the devil’s kingdom.

“Heavenly Father, please teach me the true nature of “progress” of the human race. Was it Thy Plan and Thy Will that people and nations rise up to the greatness than we have risen up to? Or, is what we deem to be “progress” nothing more than rebelling against Thee, by rising up out of our first estate and by building the devil’s kingdom. Please teach me Thy Perfect Truth concerning these important things. Please show me exactly what attitude I should have toward “progress” of the human race. I pray for all other people to also come to a perfect knowledge of these things. Teach us all, Lord, I pray. Amen.”

“Having food and raiment let us therewith be content

But Oscar Wilde proudly proclaimed: “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.” Because our Creator commands us to be content with food and raiment, that sure doesn’t leave us much to be discontent with. But Mr. Wilde asserts that discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or nation. Thus he clearly connects “progress” with rebellion against our Creator’s command to be content with the bare necessities. (How well we tend to state our positions.) And human creatures, that disdain their prison sentence on the farm and have no desire to be content with food and raiment, set themselves on “progressing” beyond that, thereby rebelling against their Creator. One can find much better deals out in the devil’s kingdom. Also, it is most easy for fallen, degenerate sinner/criminal human creatures to be plenty discontent with a 72-hour workweek of manual labor among thorns and thistles, sweating under a hot sun. Thus starts a mass escape from our Creator’s prison farm.

When the serpent told Eve that she and Adam would become as gods if they disobeyed their Creator, that chance to “rise” caused enough discontentment with her perfect state to cause her to disobey God. Discontentment, with the first estate that our Creator assigned to us fallen human creatures in Genesis 3, is also what causes us to rebel against that first estate and causes us to rise up and “progress” out of it. “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or of a nation.” Amen, Mr. Wilde! You state the facts ever so accurately. The history of mankind is one of continually searching for a better way of doing things. “Don’t be content with the way things are. Make them better.” We hear much such speech from the “movers and shakers” as they use every means imaginable to motivate people to build the greatest kingdoms possible for the devil. That discontent has raised us up to the unbelievable heights we have achieved, and it has brought most of the monumental destruction and danger that is ever present with us in this modern world.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” (I Timothy 6:6~8)

“Heavenly Father, please help me to be obedient to Thy command to be content with food and clothing. Please reveal to me how that I, and many other people also, have become discontent with the things of life that Thou didst ordain for us, and how that we have come to love the world and the many lures and attractions of the world. Help me to truly believe that godliness with contentment is great gain. Please help me to ever be mindful that we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. I thank Thee for Thy graciousness in so abundantly providing my needs according to Thy riches in glory. Help me to always thank and praise Thee for Thine abundant blessings and to be ever so diligent to guard against letting Satan make me discontent with this wonderful life Thou hast blessed me with. I pray that all other people will also do right in these matters. Amen.”

“They are all gone out of the way”

You can study history to see how that, down through the ages; the human race throughout the world has left the farm to go to town, the city, Sodom and Gomorrah. Likely you can easily find statistics that tell how few farmers remain in your nation. Presently (2,003), something like 2% of the population of Babylon U.S.A. are farmers. Thus my nation has been splendidly successful in escaping God’s prison farm and also shockingly astonishingly successful in building one of the most powerful and highly risen kingdoms of the devil that this planet earth has ever known. The 2 go together, of course, escaping God’s prison farm and building the devil’s kingdom. It is essential to have human lackeys in the towns, cities, and Sodoms and Gomorrahs to build the devil’s kingdoms.

And where does the devil get those lackeys? There is only one place for him to get them; from the prison farms where God incarcerated those sinners/criminals at the start of their criminal rebellion. And because the vast majority of fallen human creatures just madly love the world and therefore love building the devil’s kingdom; individuals, communities, towns, cities, states, and nations exert maximum efforts to set people free from God’s prison farms and firmly establish them in the “freedom” of the devil’s kingdom. And the most efficient way to do that is to “educate” their children (feed them the knowledge of good and evil). And the most efficient way to do that is to “force feed them” by making “education” compulsory, thereby making criminals out of godly parents who oppose the sin of having their children fed the knowledge of good and evil.

I was born in 1946 and grew up a barefooted farm boy in rural Alabama, USA. I started doing light and simple farm chores when I was about 4 years old, bringing in stove wood for the wood burning kitchen cook stove, picking and shelling peas, and such. I still recall the first time I worked a team of horses. It was the spring of 1952, just after I had turned 6 years old and even before I started school, as I entered the first grade in September of 1952. Growing up, I rode the school bus home each day immediately after classes ended. Arriving home about 3:30 PM, I then did the farm work Daddy assigned us children and we usually worked each afternoon after school, till about dark. We children did farm work on Saturdays during the school year, and we worked six days a week for all of the 3-month summer vacation we had from school. We never worked on Sundays, except for the necessary feeding of the farm animals, milking cows, bringing in firewood, and such. Also, we occasionally had other days off. In high school, I wanted to go out for the school football team and possibly the baseball team. But I wasn’t allowed to do so because my help was needed to produce our needs on God’s prison farm.

Daddy first bought a farm tractor when I was 12 or 13 years old. Until then, we farmed with horses only, and still continued to use horses after buying the tractor. I worked horses the whole time I was in elementary school, starting “horse work” just before I started school work. As small children, we boys couldn’t handle the heavy plows of course, so Daddy had to do all the heavy plowing. I would do top harrowing and dragging just before planting. My older brother & I would team up to work the horse drawn planter, alternating between holding up the heavy planter and holding the light lines to guide the horse. Paired up like that, we walked that horse-drawn planter up and down the straight furrows Daddy had just made with the horse-drawn fertilizer distributor that put out a small stream of fertilizer into the furrow just made by the small plow in front of where the fertilizer streamed down. Other “horse work” I did included driving the team as they pulled the wagon or sled, the stalk cutter, and the hay rake. (I also did a lot of “horse play” by riding our horses just about every chance I got.)

I spent many long boyhood hours chopping, hoeing, and picking cotton, hoeing and harvesting the many vegetables we grew to eat and to sell, and also harvesting the other crops. There was always water to be fetched from the outside well, firewood to be cut & brought in, farm animals to be fed and attended to, cows to be milked, and many assorted farm chores to be done. Whenever there was a little free time, I would usually head to a creek or pond to fish and/or swim in hot weather, and to the woods or fields to hunt in cold weather. We always went to church both Sunday morning and night. Daddy never allowed us to fish or hunt on Sunday afternoons, but he did allow us to go swimming. We often did that in the summer, and often played football or softball on Sunday afternoons in the hayfield or cow pasture with neighborhood boys when it wasn’t summer.

Along with 12 years of schooling, my life consisted mainly of the above-mentioned things from the time I was 4 years old till I graduated from high school in 1964 at the age of 18. I daily did manual farm work on a “family farm” all those years. And any time that the weather was warm enough, I always went barefoot on the farm except in the few instances when shoes were needed to protect my feet from sharp stubble in the hayfield, briars, or such. How I loved the life of a barefooted farm boy, and how fleet footed were those bare feet! Very few of my boyhood days did I have a bicycle. I walked and ran most everywhere I went nearby. The number of times I picked briars out of those bare feet with a sewing needle and the number of other various wounds those bare feet received while I was growing up is uncountable. (When I get to Heaven, I want to ask my Creator how many times I picked my feet up from and put them down into that Alabama farm dirt.)  

At the time I grew up in that rural setting, many families who lived out of town in the country were such farming families. And their children, both boys and girls, were required to do regular, manual farm work. But by the mid-1960’s, I had witnessed the farming family that farmed with animal power (horses and mules), completely vanish from the scene. During the 1950’s and early 1960’s, one by one, the farmers bought tractors & replaced animal power with machines. About the late 1950’s, farmers started using strong chemicals that pollute God’s creation to kill the grass in the fields, eliminating the long hours required to hoe and chop that grass. More efficient mechanized farm equipment, such as cotton pickers and corn pullers replaced the manual labor previously needed for those jobs. Larger tractors drastically cut down the time needed to break, disk, plant, and cultivate the land. I watched the family farm just about completely vanish around the time I finished high school at age 18. Children who had to regularly do the farm work I described above on a family farm just about became extinct in that locale in 1964, 65, and 66. They didn’t completely vanish, but they just about completely did. Someone’s (the devil’s?) timing was perfect. Because my generation of farm boys and girls were doing an excellent job of escaping God’s prison farm, and disappearing into the devil’s kingdom. We were the last generation of boys and girls around there to experience old fashioned farming without tractors, but rather with horses and mules. We were a passing era. And most of us, and our descendents, would never again do much tilling of the ground. “They are all gone out of the way.” (Romans 3:12)

My Creator purposely created me to be there and to be 18 years old at that important pivotal time; because that change I observed taking place then and there greatly aids me in writing what God wants written in this book. A distinct mood seemed to prevail in the air that the small, family farm was certainly nothing to be content with. Rather it was something to be escaped from. (Yes, English teachers, I know all my participles are dangling there, but that still seems to be the best way to say it with.) That mood was spoken about enough, especially in education circles. But it also seemed to be an unspoken “thing” that any sensible person should just naturally perceive and understand. “By any and all means, let us escape this old fashioned farm life of drudgery and sorrow.”

In school, we had the 4-H Club and the FFA (Future Farmers of America) that promoted farming to us students. The FHA (Future Homemakers of America) for girl students, somewhat promoted the farm family. There were very active (and helpful) government programs for aiding farmers in various ways. But there also definitely existed this mindset that believed the family farm was something to be escaped from. And I personally witnessed firsthand how well that mindset accomplished its mission in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, as almost none of us farm boys and girls reaching adulthood in the mid-1960’s continued family farming. Rather we sought employment (a human master) or acceptance to a college or university (more knowledge of good and evil). “They are all gone out of the way.”

“Someone must till the ground.” That mindset had been plenty important to most godly people (and also lots of ungodly people) down through the ages, till into the 20th century. It stemmed from Creator given “natural” wisdom that tells us we must produce food to eat or we will starve to death. It also stemmed from our Creator’s Mind in Genesis 2:5 when He said, “There was not a man to till the ground.” That mindset was much prevalent in my Daddy’s generation. (He was born in 1917 and farmed most all his life till he died in 2,003.) I saw that mindset get just about completely destroyed in the minds of my generation of farm boys and girls in the middle of the 20th century. As we all fled the family farm to the devil’s kingdom to labor there in building it (and to rise as high as we possibly could), we generally took this attitude toward growing food (farming); “Someone else will do it.”

As that little country school gave us the best education possible to help us rural people pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, that definitely made us discontent with family farming. We were openly trained in school to shoot for something better, something higher; employment, college, the university. That little red schoolhouse definitely trained us in jail breaking; breaking out of God’s prison farm. In 1985, I heard a news report in the U.S., which stated that farming was the least favored occupation by high school students then considering choosing their careers. (Likely that had been the mindset of high school kids in the U.S. for many years before 1985.) The god of this world had done his work well, making them so discontent with their Creator ordained first estate and so desirous to escape from it. And that ol’ devil is always eagerly waiting just outside God’s prison farms, to take those young souls into his clutches inside his kingdom. “They are all gone out of the way.” (Yes, the ground is still being tilled and we are all still eating. But such a small percentage of the population growing food will not always continue to work, and I will explain more about that later.)

Why is it so easy to be discontent with our first estate? I have already discussed the most apparent reasons; hard, manual labor amidst thorns and thistles sweating under a hot sun 72 hours a week, to produce only the basics, food, clothing, and shelter. But a more important reason is likely not so apparent. There is no “glory” in it for us. All the glory goes to our Creator. And all that comes our way is an intense humbling and a making of us into the most lowly creatures. As I exalted “decreasing” in the first 3 chapters, I repeatedly spoke of how great a virtue humility is. And the God ordained way for us to be humble is for us to stay in our first estate.

All the “glory” for us in this life is out there in the devil’s kingdom. And the tempter does his best to make us constantly keep our eyes on that glory, just as he got Eve to look at all the potential that forbidden fruit contained. “And when the woman SAW that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” (Genesis 3:5) In her God created innocence, apparently Eve was protected from looking upon that forbidden fruit with desire, until the tempter snuck into the Garden when Adam’s guard was down, and turned her attention to it. Then as soon as she ate of the forbidden fruit, she gave it to someone else to eat. When the devil sells any one of us on the same rotten bill of goods, that is one of the first things we tend to want to do; pass the “glory” of it on to others and get them in on the “good deal.” And we fallen human creatures just love the devil’s “world” and expend all our life’s energies to rise up as high as we can in it, because of the “glory” we have gazed upon out there in the devil’s kingdom. And we so disdain farm labor because there is no glory in it, only an humbling of our sinful being. Get your eyes off that vain glory in the devil’s kingdom! Don’t consider it! Don’t even look at it! Rather keep your eyes on your Glorious Creator and purpose in your heart to love your Creator ordained first estate and be content with it.

“Heavenly Father, please deliver me from any and all ways the devil has deceived me regarding the things written in this chapter of this book. Please save me from gazing on all the vain glory out in the devil’s kingdom, and save me from desiring it. Help me to truly seek my Creator’s Great Glory. Help me to live by faith and not by sight. Help me to truly desire to be humble and to love the lowly first estate of tilling the ground that Thou didst ordain for me. Please work in my heart to make me content to be in the prison farm that Thou didst ordain for all us sinner/criminals. I pray for Thee to work in the hearts of all other people also, to cause them to do right in these matters also. Thank Thee, Lord, for hearing this prayer. Amen.”

(This ends Chapter 5 of Creature Versus Creator. Congratulations on hanging on during such a rough ride!)


chapter 6


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