Spring 2021 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,

(Continuing from the previous news, Winter News.) On Wednesday night March 3rd, I taught the 7:30 PM Bible class at Tomidahama Bible Church. The next night, I taught the 7 PM Bible class at Oogaki Bible Church. As I was traveling by train to the Oogaki church, I got off at Gifu Station to preach in the spacious open area in front of the entrance. While doing so, a 47 year-old Chinese lady, Mrs. J., stopped to talk with me. She professed to be a Christian.

Her Japanese language ability was very limited and she knew almost no English. As we 2 conversed in Japanese, I called Pastor Jeff Brigham in Anjo City, told him of her, asking if he had any Chinese Christians in his congregation. YES! Pastor Jeff gave me Brother Wang’s cell number. I gave it to Mrs. J. She called him that night. He invited her to come to Jeff’s Sunday 1:30 PM English language service (10:30 AM is Japanese language service). She agreed to come. I had already invited her, telling her I planned to preach there at that time.

Early the following Sunday, March 7, I rode 2 trains from Tomidahama to Oogaki to preach in Oogaki church at 10:30 AM. Then I hurried by train to Pastor Jeff’s church for the 1:30 PM service. Previously, on the phone with Mrs. J., Bro. Wang explained to her in Chinese how to come to Anjo Station by train. He was waiting there for her to walk together to Jeff’s church, just a 5-minute walk away. It thrilled me to see Bro. Wang bring her into church

As I preached in English, Brother Wang interpreted my sermon into Chinese for her. After the service, she brought him up to me for him to interpret her Chinese into English for me. She spoke at length of fierce spiritual battles waging within her, of health problems and such. I will not detail them in this epistle because it can be viewed worldwide. Sisters in Christ (particularly) and all you prayer warriors, pray earnestly for this dear Chinese sister in Christ, and for her husband and daughter. May Our Lord perfect His Desired Work in each of their hearts and lives.  

Riding the trains back to Tomidahama Bible Church from this INTENSE time at Brother Jeff’s church, I lay down in my Upper Room over the church to rest up before preaching at the 7 PM service. But soon, church people in the fellowship hall next door called on me to come down to meet 2 Chinese Christians ladies who had dropped by. One of them is from Singapore, the other from Malaysia. “Missionaries to Japan” best explains why they are in Japan. I highly encouraged them to “saveall Japanese people (to state it pointedly).

We had a blessed 7 PM service that night, me preaching and bidding Farewell to all. I rise after 4 AM next morn to catch 1st train of the day (5:24 AM) out of Tomidahama Station, to arrive at my Matsuida house before 10 AM. Japanese Bullet Trains do move fast. And it’s most relaxing to leave the driving to them; catching up on the sleep I missed this past night. Such Joy to be back “home” in Matsuida Town. I praise God for safety and for the much Good He did for souls I met along the road of life.

Also, back on Sunday 15 Nov. (2020), on the train for home from preaching at Isesaki, I got off the train at Maebashi Station and was singing hymns outside the entrance when a young Egyptian lady pedaling by on her bicycle stopped to ask me what I was doing. I witnessed to her of Christ, gave her my “flyer” with good news and my contact info on it. I did not ask what her religion is, but could probably guess it. Please intercede with me for her eternal salvation.

Upon returning to my Matsuida house on 8 March, I distributed the Gospel in print from house to house, also preaching a few times in the churches in Isesaki, Takasaki and Minakami. It had been several years since I had been in the Matsuida area at the end of March when the lovely cherry blossoms radiate from the cherry trees. It was a particular joy to walk much at that time, distributing the Gospel in print, looking on the cherry trees and many other trees and flowers in bloom. Blessed Hope for the Christian: Resurrection to New Life.

For the past several years, I visited the States from Japan (along about the 3 months of February thru April). Due to Covid, I did not leave Japan this year. Will have to see what our Lord does with that plague, to decide if I again return to my earthly homeland while on earth. Covid is not as bad in Japan as it is in Sodom and Gomorrah USA. 

On Thursday 29 April, I opened the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa. Winter was past, but spring was unusually cold, as our Creator in His Wrath warps the earth’s climate in this end time.

On Tuesday 18 May, a grieving widow came into the Rescue Mission. She lives near Nagoya, far distant. Her husband died a year before and she had grieved heavily since then. A few days before arriving here, she decided to travel to battle her grief. She was visiting several “nice” places in Japan. Praise God for bringing her my way. As she talked, she started weeping. I spoke of Christ as long as she would listen and gave her the “prayer book” I wrote, among other things. Inquiring more closely of exactly where she lives, I rejoiced to learn that she’s within commuting distance of Pastor Jeff Brigham’s church.

I immediately called him, told him of her and put her on the phone with him. He heartedly welcomed her to attend his church, but thus far she has not. “Lord, please lead her to Thee. Move her to pray the written prayers I gave her.” The Holy Spirit led other suffering souls into the Rescue Mission during the Spring, and I spoke of Christ to them, as the Spirit led me. Please intercede with me for their eternal welfare and for victory in this life on earth. May our Lord richly bless you for caring, for praying for me and interceding for precious lost Japanese souls here. Thank you who give offerings that feed me and supply my daily needs. “Lord, repay them many fold, I plead!”

Christ’s servant in Japan,

Richard Yerby


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