Autumn 2007 (September, October, November)

Dear Friend in Christ,

From the beginning of September on into the first week of October, I preached several days each week on the main street in Karuizawa. Many lost Japanese Buddhists and Shintoists heard Gospel messages there on that crowded street. Some took the prayer sheets I put out for people to take. A few of them talked to me of spiritual matters. Let’s pray for God to work His Perfect Will in each of their lives.

One Japanese man in particular touched me with what he said to me there on the street. He was there on the street in the morning when I arrived and started asking me questions when he saw me. He was sort of nosey and seemed to be interested in me because I was a foreigner. I soon started singing praise to our Lord and God and he listened quite attentively. He soon commented, “You certainly seem to be a happy person.” Thank God for that testimony my singing was to him. I told him it was the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ. The frankness of his reply surprised me. He immediately replied that he battled grief and sorrow daily. He was about 50 years old and it is most rare for a Japanese man to be that open and honest about personal “trouble.” I showed him the prayer sheets on display & told him they were free for the taking. I said that it would do wonderful things for him to pray those prayers from the heart. He readily took one of the prayer sheets and went on his way. Please pray for God to bring him into the fold of salvation in Christ. Many souls are suffering terribly. People need the Divine Help that is available only in Christ.   

On Sunday, September 16th, I preached in the morning service at Miyota Bible Church. About 15 people attended. On Monday afternoon, October 22, at 4 PM, I had a children’s service in Karasu community hall, less than a mile from my house. Only 5 children came, down from the previous attendance of 16. They listened well as Bro. Kajima & I talked to them of eternal matters, and I gave each of them one of the prayer sheets. May God save each of them and all their family members. On Sunday, October 28, I again preached at Miyota Bible Church. Attendance was down to 8 or so. On Sunday night, November 4, I preached in a small chapel in Karuizawa where over 20 people attended the service.

I am writing this on Saturday, November 17. I am scheduled to preach again tomorrow at the Miyota Bible Church. Then the next Sunday, the 25th, I am scheduled to preach at Minakami Church. I thank God for all the preaching opportunities and pray that God will give me powerful sermons that will touch lives, saving lost souls & drawing Christians closer to God. Would you please pray for the many Japanese people God is enabling me to reach with the Gospel? This year, God has enabled me to distribute over 12,000 pieces of Christian literature in the Japanese language. Most of those were the prayer sheets that I have mentioned before. May God deal with those who receive the prayer sheet, to pray those life-changing prayers from their hearts.

Lord willing, I will travel to Guam on December 4th to preach there and on the island of Rota through February 6th. Please pray for safety of travel, and that God will set revival fires burning as I preach. Prayer is a MUST. Thank you for praying. Thank you for interceding for lost souls to whom I am preaching. If you care to, please watch the Guam and Rota preaching schedule I posted on this site, and pray for those services. God bless you for praying. As for you who give financial offerings to me, I thank you for your generous help. May God bless you and repay you many fold over.

                        Christ’s unprofitable servant,


                               Richard Yerby


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