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Autumn 2016 (September, October, November)


Richard Yerby, PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi, Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken 379-0200 Japan


Dear Friend in Christ,

“O give thanks unto the Lord for he is good.”


Annually, my heart rejoices to see September arrive with milder temperatures. This September, one after another typhoon paraded up to Japan from the tropics south of us. Thank God I got no damage to my buildings or flooding into them, but there were many rainy days this month. I tended the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa 5 days a week and preached on the street there, often holding an umbrella as I preached to a multitude that braved the weather.

On Sunday the 11th, I preached in Pastor Kanai’s church in Takasaki. On the 18th, I preached in the church in Minakami. After lunch at church, Brother Kawashima gave me a ride on up the mountain to Japan Bible Home where I helped the Tierney family prepare and serve meals to their 64 guests (church groups) till the following afternoon (that Monday being a Japanese holiday). The following Sunday, September 25th, I preached in the church in Isesaki City.


Thank God the typhoons finished their courses during the first half of October and pleasant fall weather followed. In my summer newsletter, I told you that the landlord (man and wife) of the Rescue Mission building is kicking me out at the end of November this year because surrounding merchants complained to the landlord couple against my good deeds of giving away things free, fearing that would harm their sales. I asked you to please pray for our Lord to provide another building in the perfect location for me to move into. As for you who prayed about that, thank you so much. God heard and answered our prayers. On 3 October, I was able to rent a different store just 35 steps away on the same side of the same street. Friend, that was no less than a miracle. Praise God, for working miracles for us!

The name of that street is Tennis Court Street, It is more than 100 yards long, running from the main (crowded) street in Old Karuizawa to the famous Old Karuizawa Tennis Courts, where the Japanese Emperor’s family customarily plays tennis occasionally during the warm weather months. (I have seen them in Karuizawa on occasion.) Tennis Court Street is lined with small stores and usually all are occupied because this street is popular.

But at the end of last year, the tenant vacated the most highly visible store on this street, and a “For Rent” sign was placed on its door. From late April this year (when I again opened the Rescue Mission upon the end of the harsh Karuizawa winter), I daily eyed that vacant storefront praying, “Not my will, but Thine be done, Lord.” Often I knelt in front of it, praying in such manner and pleading with God to glorify my Lord’s Name in that building. On Tennis Court Street, only this store remained vacant thru out this year, its large “For Rent” sign ever so highly visible. I praise God for preventing any one else from taking it.

At the end of September, I consulted with the realtor about it. He said that they annually rent it from 20 April till 31 October (which is common in frigid Karuizawa). On 3 October, I contracted with the realtor to rent it from 3 October 2016 thru 31 October 2017 (to close up during the winter, of course) and I paid him in full the $11,000 rent for that period of time (plus his 5% commission). I praise God for the joy that accomplishment brought to me. Thank you, my praying friend, for interceding. Thank you who give offerings to me, to enable me to pay that rent. May our Lord’s Name be greatly glorified in this new location thru next autumn (and much longer, if that be God’s Will). The owner will only make a one-year contract with a tenant (one year at a time). This being a popular street, storefront owners tend to reserve the right to change their mind annually.  

On that day I finalized that contract (3 October), I set out on display in the new store, Bibles, Gospel literature, daily use items with prayers printed on them, and other daily use items. I put large signs on two of the 4 sliding glass doors, inviting people to come in and freely take any items they desire. I chained a locked donation box in that place, with a sign saying donations were not required. Then daily I would operate the store in the old location (because I have novelty items for sale in it, along with free “Gospel” items) while keeping an eye on this unmanned shop, sticking my head into it every hour or so.

Praise God, several souls browsed around in it, taking what they wanted and some of them made donations. I asked the owner permission to keep it open thru Saturday November 19th. The owner graciously granted me that permission at no additional charge.

I operated the Rescue Mission in the former location thru Japanese Thanksgiving Day, which was Wednesday 23 November, during which time, I hand carried box after box of items the 35 steps to the new location. That was a convenient way to relocate and plenty of time to do so. I removed all my possessions from the old location, cleaned it well, and returned the keys to the realtor on 28 November. An unusually early snow on your Thanksgiving Day (November 24th), delayed me vacating the old location just a few days. My heart flooded with joy to be rid of its owners and their unfair treatment of me, and to be in the better, more highly visible location. I pray for Our Lord to have great mercy on the owner man and wife to save them.

On Sunday October the 2nd, I preached in the church in Isesaki City. On the 9th, I preached in Pastor Kanai’s church in Takasaki. The 1st and 2nd Sundays in November, I again preached in those 2 churches respectively. On the 3rd Sunday, November 20th, I preached in the church in Minakami.

By God’s Grace, in November I loaded my autography into the book section on this web site. Please read it and invite other souls to read it, as the Lord leads you. Click open the book section and the first book on the list is listed as follows:



Autobiography of Richard Yerby


“From a poor, barefoot 6-year-old farm boy working a pair of horses in the field before starting the 1st grade of elementary school, to my Mother’s sudden and unexpected death less than 2 years later, to a United States Marine Corps officer flying jet warplanes for 4 years over various nations in peacetime, to a missionary evangelist traversing steep mountains, rugged coastlines and several islands far and wide in Japan for more than 4 decades, I am the most blessed and fulfilled human creature on the face of this earth. Please read my life’s story adventures.”


I thank God for making me the most blessed human soul on earth. (And by the way, I have no patent on that blessedness. It is freely available to each human soul who will take that most gracious offer from their Creator.)

I pray the Lord will enable me to get this book printed in paperback ever so soon. When that comes about, I will give you that news. I give all my books away free. So please be thinking of everyone you can give a copy of this book to. I especially want young people to read it. It is a challenge to give one’s all to God, in order to be most blessed.

I have roundtrip airplane reservations to fly from Tokyo to Memphis, Tennessee on 10 January 2017 and to depart Memphis for Tokyo on 26 April 2017, Lord willing. Please pray for safely and timely travel, as the Lord wills. As my (southeastern states) Stateside Preaching Schedule develops, I plan to post it on this web site. Please pray for the services. If I travel to your area, it would be a blessing to see you in person, if possible.

Thank you for praying for me this year. Thank you for giving to help me proclaim Christ to many precious lost Japanese souls. I am most blessed because God has laid it on your heart to care about me. I pray for our Lord to save all your house and to abundantly bless you.


Christ’s servant in Japan, Richard Yerby





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