Dear Friend in Christ,

During the first half of December, I continued to distribute Christian literature, praying that those Japanese people who received it would read it and open their hearts to Christ. I also attended several Christmas services held by other missionaries and Japanese Christians in this area where I live. One of these Christmas services was in the nearby town of Karuizawa, and the others were here in Matsuida. Several unsaved Japanese people were present at those Christmas services, as they are more prone to attend something related to Christmas than they are to attend a regular church service. I saw some unsaved Japanese present who had heard me preach out in public, & some of them had likely gotten tracts or other Christian literature from me. I rejoiced to see them present at those Christmas services to hear sermons about the birth of the Saviour on that first Christmas and about Godís salvation to us thru Jesus Christ. I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts thru the Gospel messages they have heard and that they will be saved. Please pray for these who hear.

On the 16th of December, God gave me a safe trip from Japan to Tupelo, Mississippi, and then I spent the Christmas season with my brothers, sister, other relatives, and many Christian friends. What a blessing it was to be back with them. From early January till late February, I preached in several churches in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, & Tennessee. What a blessing that was to me. I prayed for God to make me a special blessing to the people who heard me, and I preached my heart out as I delivered the messages that God lay on my heart. I pray that God was glorified and that the listeners were edified and also burdened for lost souls thru those sermons.

Everywhere I went, my relatives, friends, and church members were so kind to me as they let me lodge in their homes, provided meals for me, and such. Their Christian hospitality, encouraging words, prayers, and kindness to me really touched my heart. How it blessed and encouraged me. May God richly bless and greatly reward each of you for what you did for this missionary.

On February 22nd, I flew from Tupelo, Mississippi to Dallas, Texas to visit with Japanese friends there. The next night, I attended Wednesday night church service conducted in the Japanese language at a Japanese church in Dallas. That was a special blessing to me, and sort of set the mood for me to return to Japan. The next morning, Thursday, I flew from Dallas to Minneapolis, and from there I flew non-stop over snow-covered southern Canada and Alaska, and on to the Narita Airport near Tokyo. I thank God for safety of travel, in the air and for many miles on the highways while in the U.S.

Soon after arriving back at my house here in the town of Matsuida, I took a bag of tracts and went out walking the streets for a while, leaving a tract at each house. What a joy it is to be back here in Japan, holding forth the word of life to these lost Japanese who need Christ so badly. Truly, harvest time is steadily drawing to an end. The night will soon come when no man can work. May we Christians be diligent to tell lost people about Christ while it is the day of salvation and there is still opportunity for them to get saved.

Please pray for me and for these lost Japanese around me whom I am reaching with the Gospel. Please pray that many of them will get saved. Your prayers make a great difference. I pray that God will greatly bless you for praying. As for those of you who gave offerings to me during the winter, thank you for your help with my needs. May God abundantly bless you and repay you many fold over for what you gave. That is a great help to me, and I really appreciate it.

May God be with you daily, to help you and bless you in every way.

†††††††††††††††††††††††† Christís unprofitable servant,

†††††††††††††††††††††††† Richard Yerby†††


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