Winter (December 2017, January and February 2018)


Richard Yerby, PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi, Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken 379-0200 Japan


Dear Friend in Christ,


December 2017


       Thru out December, I did outdoor evangelism just about every day that it did not pour rain all day. I preached and sang in various places where there were a number of lost Japanese souls around, calling on them to come to the Saviour of the world to be saved. I walked from house to house, leaving the saving Gospel in print at each door, and I passed out Christian literature at a couple of schools. I taught English conversation to several lost Japanese souls who asked for that. I spoke of Christ to them and offered literature free for the taking. I did not thrust literature into their hands. I pointed it out to them and invited them to freely take it. Only a few took a little. May it bring forth fruit. Some of them invited me to their Christmas and New Years holiday feasting and making merry and such. I thank God for the contacts, praying that they saw Christ in me.



January 2018


      In general, I continued the evangelistic ministry written above thru January 23rd. I passed out pocket size tissue packs in front of 4 different elementary schools to the kids in the afternoon as they walked out the gate to walk home. From November till 23 January, each month I passed out notices and literature to grammar school kids. Most of them received it joyfully, with a good number of them talking to me as I told them of my Sunday School classes, English classes, and the bazaar each Saturday afternoon. Seeing that they showed interest in these things, I thought that several would come to some or all of these events.Not a one of them came. In January, a Japanese man who came for English classes told me that the school teachers in all 4 schools were telling the kids not to talk to me or have anything to do with me. Most or all parents likely told their own kids the same. Thus those adults ruling over those kids overrode the kids' desires. May our Lord graciously bring them all to repentance. Otherwise, hot memories of remorse and regret will burn in their minds for also damning their offspring, as they all weep and wail and gnash their teeth for all eternity. Lord, please have mercy upon them all.

      The entrance to Nigatsuden train station is 22 steps from the front door of the mission station God so graciously provided for me there in Ibusuki City. On Wednesday morning of 24 January, I boarded a train there and rode to Mino Mission's Tomidahama church in Mie Prefecture. That night, I preached at their Bible Study. The following night, I preached at their church in Oogaki City in Gifu Prefecture, 40 or miles away by car. I rode there (and back late Thursday night) with Pastor Isaac.

      On Saturday, I preached at a 3 PM evangelistic service at missionary Pastor Jeff Brigham's church in Anjo City in Aichi Prefecture. That was a blessed service. Pastor Isaac's 2 sons went there with me by train. Jeff's 2 sons (who have almost no friends their own age) were glad to see Pastor Isaac's sons there. When it came time for us to board a train to return to the Tomidahama church, the trains were halted, apparently because someone committed suicide by stepping in front of a train somewhere not very far from there. Tragic. Jeff drove us back to Tomidahama, thus getting to see Pastor Isaac briefly.  

      The following day, Sunday, January 28th, I preached at the morning andevening service at Mino Mission's Tomidahama church and bade Farewell to those dear friends there. The following morning, Monday, January 29th, I departed there on the 5:24 AM train and rode to my house in Matsuida. There I tended to my affairs at home till the next afternoon, closed up my house and walked to the nearby train station with my packed suitcases and rode trains to a hotel near Narita Airport and spent the night there. The following morning, 31 January, I flew from Narita to Dallas to Memphis, arriving safely at noon, thank God. (I "gained" 15 hours along the way.)  All three of my siblings, my sister and 2 brothers were waiting for me at Memphis and took me to my brother's house in Tupelo, Mississippi where we had supper together. 

     On Saturday, February 3, I drove to Navarre, Florida to preach in churches and cottage meetings in that area thru 25 February. It was a most blessed time, making new Christian friends and preaching to a few Japanese I met for the first time. I also got to preach once in a prison, to about 25 prisoners who listenedever so attentively, most of them professing to having trusted in Christ previously. Save them all to the utmost, Lord.   

     On Monday 26 February, I drove to my friends' house in Byron, Georgia to preach in Grace Baptist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia on Wednesday night 28 February.

      Thank you for praying for safe and timely travel for me. Thank you for your generous giving, enabling me to travel for our Lord Jesus Christ.


                     Christ's servant to Japan,                                 

Richard Yerby




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