Summer 2020 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,


      "My cup runneth over."

Thank you for faithfully interceding in prayer for the precious lost Japanese to whom I preach Christ. The Holy Spirit is Working Powerfully in hearts of lost Japanese here, for the good.

In June, a middle-age lady came into the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa, telling me: "I came here last summer also. I want to become a Christian. But I work weekends and cannot go to church on Sundays. What can I do?"

'Right now, right here, you can make the decision to trust in Christ as your Saviour."

She somewhat vaguely acknowledged doing so. I handed her a bilingual copy of my prayer book, Vanity of Vanities.  (You can read the English verson of it on my English web site.)

Holding the book toward her, I said, 'It would be good for you to daily pray some of these prayers, starting at the beginning of the book.' She readily accepted the book. I plan to soon send her recorded sermons on CD by Japanese preachers. I am searching for Japanese Christians who live near enough to her to go to her at her convenience, to teach her 30 minutes or so each time.

Please pray for God to provide teachers, in accordance to His Will. (She does not live near me. She came from afar, like the Wise Men.)

God gave me opportunity to witness one-on-one to a few souls who came into the Rescue Mission. I also stood out front, holding up a "placard" prayer while singing praise to the passersbys' Creator God.

Please pray for our Lord to save many of them, to sing praises to Him eternally.

Lost souls fear death plenty. Thus Japanese are getting plenty fearful of the virus. Pray that they will have ears to hear and a heart to receive, as I hold forth the word of life to them.

I am endeavouring to put more and more prayers before their eyes, billboard fashion (to explain it simply). Most of them will not read from a Bible, nor will they take printed Gospel literature, nor will they come to church, nor will they stop to listen as I preach in public. Thus billboard type prayers are wise, so our Lord is telling me.

Also, Christ has laid it on the hearts of several of you to send offerings, which are a great help with the expense of billboard type prayers. God bless you and repay you many fold for caring enough to give.

I pray for our Lord to keep you and your family safe in these perilous times.

                             Christ's servant in Japan

                                        Richard Yerby

Christ's servant in Japan,

Richard Yerby 



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