Summer 2019 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,


      Thru out all the summer, the Wonderful Joy of the Lord has constantly overflowed from my being as I regularly stand out in crowded public places (without the camp, Hebrews 13:13) exalting Christ and holding forth the word of life to lost idol worshipping Japanese precious souls. Please intercede with me for their salvation. A few of them allowed me to speak to them of their eternal welfare. Some took meaty Gospel literature. May the Holy Spirit work wonderfully and powerfully to change each of them into a new creature in Christ.


      In June, I rode the trains to Narita Airport to meet 25 year old Jacob and his 23 year old sister, Lydia, arriving from the States. Then, from 20 June thru 9 September, they slaved away long hours most every day for their Lord, helping my friend, Missionary Tom and family, at Japan Bible Home, mainly a mountain retreat place for church groups. Their diligent labour was an immense help to the Bible Home staff. I used your offerings to pay for their round trip plane fares. Thank you for helping provide more labourers to needy Japan.

       Please pray with me, to the Lord of the Harvest, for Him to send more labourers into this most needy harvest of Japan.

       I am blessed to be invited to preach in 7 or so different churches in Japan. But my main outreach is in the highways and hedges around me, thick with lost souls in this densely populated nation. Please pray for our Lord to maintain my health and strength in accordance to His Will, because I desire to stay on the firing line many hours each day.

         I pray for you who send offerings, for our Lord to richly bless you and your family, and to repay you many fold for what you give. It is not rare for a new contributor to say a friend of theirs told them of my work. I appreciate each of you who tell other Christians around you about my work in Japan and about my books, on paper and on this web site, reading for free, even the paperback books are free. Please keep spreading the word. 

       Recently, my diligent Helper installed a "Donation" button on this web site, now providing this convenient way to send an offering. Those donations go to my own organization, CHRIST IS ALL, which is a non-profit religious organization. So those donations are tax deductible. 

      Please pray for God's Light from Heaven to shine into these darkened hearts around me in Japan, where suicide and such tragedies are increasing. "Save perishing souls, dear Lord, I plead." 

Christ's servant in Japan,

Richard Yerby 



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