Summer (June, July, August) 2007

Dear Friend in Christ,

In June, I received a phone call from a 75 year-old Japanese woman who said she had received “second hand” from someone else the prayer sheet I had distributed. She remarked that wonderful things were written in those prayers. Thank God for touching her heart with the importance of those prayers. I encouraged her to pray all those prayers from her heart. She replied that it is difficult for someone her age to change her religion. I replied that she is not to do it in her own power, but rather to open up her heart to the True and Living God her Creator Who is All Powerful and allow God to make the change for her. She did not give me her phone number or even tell me her name. These Japanese people sure do like to remain anonymous, fearing a religious fanatic will come chasing after them, hounding them to no end, as the Jehovah Witnesses and others are known for doing here. She asked me about meeting with me for me to teach her the Bible, and I told her I would be glad to do so. I also gave her the phone number of the Brethren assembly here in town, but so far she has not again contacted either of us. Please pray for God to work powerfully in her heart to bring her to Christ. That prayer sheet she has contains 7 powerful prayers. Let’s pray that she will pray them all from her heart.

Recently, a missionary’s wife told me that she showed that prayer sheet to a Japanese lady she was witnessing to. That unsaved Japanese lady copied down all those prayers to take with her. (I wish they had asked me for a stack of the sheets to have to give to anyone who wants one.) Anyway, the missionary’s wife was amazed at how powerfully the lost woman was touched by looking at those written prayers. Please pray for her to be saved, and pray for the salvation of several thousand other lost Japanese who are receiving that prayer sheet.

On Monday, June 18, I had a children’s service at 4:30 PM in the Karasu community hall. That morning, I handed out invitations to 54 grammar school children as they walked to school. That afternoon, 16 of them came to the service, 8 boys and 8 girls. Praise God for bringing them out. God blessed so much in the service. They gladly sang the songs and participated in the service. Then they read a “scripted” service and prayed aloud together at the end of it. I asked a Japanese Christian friend, Bro. Kajima, to come and tell a Bible story and he did. He did such a good job with it and the children listened well. I put out books, pamphlets, cassette tapes of children’s songs, and such. And I rejoiced to see them take quite a bit of that “Gospel.” Please pray for God to protect these precious young souls from Satan’s destructive power and to bring each of them safely into the fold of salvation in Christ.

June and July is rainy season here in Japan with many rainy days. Still, there were several dry days when I went up the mountain to Karuizawa and preached on the main street of that tourist town. Many people heard. One day in June, a Japanese man about 50 years old stopped and talked to me. He said that he had observed me preaching there from time to time. He talked to me quite openly, saying he reads the Bible but it is hard to understand. I told him to always pray to God to teach him the meaning of the Scriptures each time he starts to read the Bible. I also recommended that he read the Gospel of John. I urged him to open up his heart to God and to Christ, the Saviour of the world. Please pray that he will continue to read the Bible with an open heart to God and that God will do a great work in his heart. I do not know his name or where he lives. Very few Japanese will talk to me about God. And the few who do, like to be so secretive about who they are. Still, God’s Holy Spirit is always with them to work in their hearts. Let’s pray for Him to do that and to lead many of them to Christ. 

Karuizawa is very crowded from late July till the end of August, that time being the peak summer crowd. I tried to be out on that main street preaching most all the dry days except Sundays. I thank God for the many precious souls who hear. I put out New Testaments and Christian literature and am glad that a few people will take them of their own free will. May God grip their hearts with conviction and save many of them. Thank you for praying for these lost Japanese.

This year, I have added a few more sermons and several more chapters to the book, Creature Versus Creator. All that is on this web site. Please read them if you care to, and tell others about them if you will. I wish every Christian would read the 2 new sermons, “A Song at Midnight” and “Household Salvation.” I praise God for the benefit those sermons have been to me and I believe they would greatly bless any Christian. If you would care to spread the word about these writings readily available free, I would greatly appreciate it.

I pray that God will greatly bless you as you live for Christ and stand for right in these very last days. May God help each of us to stand strong and courageously as good soldiers of the Cross. Thank you for praying for me and for interceding for the salvation of these lost Japanese I am reaching with the Gospel. God bless you for that. May our Lord strengthen our faith to ask greater things of Him and to believe Him to work greater miracles for us and for His Glory. As for you, who give financial gifts to help me, thank you so much for that. May God bless you and repay you many fold over. God be with you to bless and keep you.

                    Christ’s unprofitable servant,

                                 Richard Yerby


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