Summer 2018 (June, July, August)


Thru out this summer, Our Lord has graciously given me many hours exalting our Lord Jesus Christ out in public in front of multitudes of souls, mainly Japanese people, but a large number of Chinese people beheld me also. Most of my days were spent in the summer resort town of Karuizawa. People flock there in the summer for the cooler mountain air.


Many Chinese from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan come to Japan as tourists. I do not speak Chinese, but I have a wonderful prayer written in Chinese in large print on a large sheet of durable paper. While doing street evangelism, I hold it up in front of me as I sing and preach in Japanese. Chinese Christians will stop and talk to me as much as they are able to in Japanese or English. That is a great blessing.


I tend the Rescue Mission in the tiny storefront while getting out onto the busy street off and on. When passersby see the much "Gospel" displayed along the front of the rental store, most of them badmouth it and ridicule it aloud, and set themselves against going inside. Praise God, the Holy Spirit is gripping their hearts with the Truth they see. But this year, more people have come inside than last year. And a good number of them have selected some of the Christian literature or the daily use items with "meaty" prayers displayed on them. I am most blessed by the increase of people who have done that and have listened to me briefly witness to them of Christ. Please pray for them to yield to their Creator God for Him to save them and to make them into a new creature in Christ.


My Japanese language web site's URL is written on all the "literature" that I have had printed myself. That web site has a hit counter on it, and the number of hits have increased much this summer. I have books and sermons in Japanese on that site for them to read. Please pray with me for the many who hear or read to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.


On June 19th, by God's Great Grace, I made the final payment on the building God led me to buy down at the southern tip of Kyushu in Ibusuki City in Kagoshima Prefecture. Thank God for paying it off on time. Many of you gave toward purchasing that building. Several of you gave much. God bless you for that. May our Lord return to you many fold over. Lord willing, I want to go there each winter to do evangelistic work in the mild climate there. Other Japanese Christians also want to use the building to do evangelistic work there when I am elsewhere. I am praying for the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers into that field of harvest down south, in accordance to His Will. Will you please pray for that also.


I need your prayers. Thank you for them. Please intercede for lost Japanese, for God to break every bond that is holding them back from repenting and trusting in Christ. Pray with me for a great outpouring of Holy Ghost Power upon the lost souls in Japan.


Thank you for your offerings. God richly bless you for giving. May He guard over all your family in these perilous times.


Christís Servant in Japan,†††††††

Richard Yerby††


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