Summer 2017 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,

June 2017

Each of these 3 summer months, I preached one Sunday morning at the church in Isesaki City, and at Takasaki Christ Gospel Church. I thank God for these pulpit invitations and the fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ in these churches. I earnestly pray for our Lord to make my preaching a blessing to all of them.

I manned the rescue mission in Karuizawa 5 days a week, closing each Sunday. I also closed on Thursdays to teach English conversation classes. It is a marvel to watch the multitude of eternal souls daily walk past the rescue mission. Some come in. Most see the powerful prayers posted out front. May many of them be saved, I earnestly pray.  


July 2017 

In July, I continued my June routine of ministering. Public schools in my area let out at noon on the 20th for their short summer vacation of close to 6 weeks. When school summer vacation began, I cancelled my English classes till September, and began to man the mission station 6 days a week. From 21 July thru August, the narrow street in front of it was much more crowded with pedestrians strolling straight to eternity, any one of whom could possibly arrive at that final destination any second, just as you or I could possibly do.


August 2017

At 6 AM on Tuesday the 29th, the warning siren blared in my town of Matsuida, followed by an announcement: “North Korea has fired a missile this way. Take cover inside a strong building.” The next warning came about 3 minutes later. “The missile passed over Japan. If you see a strange object outside (missile part), don’t go near it. Call the police or fire department.” I felt like I was in a war zone.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled.” Praise be to God that we Christian believers do not have to be troubled in the least. “Lord, scare lost souls into true repentance, I plead.”

At the exact time that enemy missile was flying over my head in Japan, the Wrath of Almighty Judge Jehovah was drowning a noticeably size segment (southern Louisiana and SE Texas) of our sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity. I’m listening to see if the news calls that the worst known flooding in our nation’s history. The more heavily sin-laden our nation becomes, the more deadly the judgment on it becomes. “Lord God, truly Thou art known for Thy Holy and Righteous Judgment. Glory to God!

Did you hear of 2 famous comedians dying in August, ending their comedy and laughing for all eternity? Almighty Creator God turns each and every human soul into most serious creatures for all eternity. More Glory to God!

As for you who get my monthly news on paper via the post office, I asked you to please read “Blessed Is He That Considereth The Poor” (Psalms 41:1), a writing that I posted on this web site during the summer. If you haven’t yet read it, I wish you would. It contains a few touching stories of God allowing me to help souls in Asia suffering from poverty. They are wonderful missionary stories for SS teachers to tell to their class of kids. Keep that in mind and please spread that word.

During this summer, I’ve received joy unspeakable and full of glory from our Lord by tightening my belt, selling off most anything that will sell that I can possibly do without, and giving all I possibly can to the poor.

“Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” (Matthew 19:21) “Lord, help each of us Christian believers to do exactly that!” Multitudes of human souls lost all (or most all) of their earthly treasures in that Texas-size whopper of a flood. A few lost their lives. End-time destruction will increasingly blot out earthly treasures and selfishly lived lives. And the present-day Laodicean church greatly abounds in earthly treasures.  

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing…”Oh, such prideful boasting. This is the condition of the present-day body of Christ on earth, in affluent nations. But Almighty Judge Jehovah abounds even more in Power to take all those goods (and lives) away in a Texas Whopper Flood. Glory to God, I love Thee for Thy Perfect Power. “Lord Jesus, do help us believers to truly be believers and to perfectly obey Thy command in Matthew 19:21, I plead. 

Please do me a favor and tell everyone with whom you are in contact, that I wish they would read this newsletter and my article, “Blessed Is He That Considereth The Poor” (Psalms 41:1). For the past several decades, we have watched the gap between poor folks and rich folks widen noticeably worldwide. The body of Christ in affluent nations steadily comes to spend more time at banqueting tables inside the House of God, feasting largely on dainty carnival foods that destroy their God-given precious health, while multitudes of our brothers and sisters in Christ on this globe lack sufficient basic foodstuff to nourish their bodies. Thus, it’s evident to me that harsh judgment is soon to fall on lovers of self who will not consider the poor.

By letter on paper, I’ve asked several of you friends to consider writing letters to editors of surrounding newspapers, magazines, and Christian publications, asking their readers to please read my autobiography and Blessed Is He That Considereth The Poor, on this web site. (

If this is your first time to read of this request, please consider sending a short letter such as the following to editors you know of. If your letters get published, that would let many folks know of my missionary work.

“Dear Editor,”

 (Maybe in one sentence each, state who you are and how you came to know Richard Yerby. Busy editors who have a crowded publication welcome brevity. Keep that in mind. A long letter will turn them off.)

“I think your readers would be fascinated to read Richard’s autobiography. He grew up a poor Alabama farm boy and has lived in Japan since 1973. Also, in his short writing titled: “Blessed Is He That Considereth The Poor”, he tells touching benevolent stories of helping poor people in Asia and the Pacific Rim who were suffering acutely due to their dire poverty.

“This reading material is on his web site, freely available to everyone to read. ( Thank you for your consideration. You may freely edit my letter.”

(End of sample. Please include my URL. Also, they require letters to be typewritten. This is a quite simple task that could become a great help to me. So please consider my request.

I am so blessed that hungry, roofless, suffering folks in Asia are crying out to me to help. I will not stop my ears at their cry, but am cutting back on my eating, and eating cheaper healthy foods to give every penny I can to poor suffering people that have ever so much less than I. How glorious it be! I’m getting ready to leave this old world and go to Treasures in Heaven!

I thank God and humbly give him the Glory for wonderful testimonies of souls that were deeply touched by my writings. It’s a great joy to meet good folks this way. Many of you, I’ve not met in person, but your letters to me greatly bless and encourage me. Your offerings are an immense help. Thank you, and God richly bless and repay you.

If you think it be the Lord’s Will to introduce me to more folks by writing to editors, I pray God will move the editors to publish your letters. That will introduce me to many souls who read that letter. Nowadays, it’s so easy for them to open this web site to read much “Meat” that God has given me to give unto others.

My sample letter to editors used minimum religious talk. Secular editors are so afraid of offending their readers with religion. But sending to Christian publishers, you can freely speak of religious matters. If you use words like “benevolent”, likely it’ll stir their heartstrings.

Any Christian radio program that takes calls, consider calling them. If my “Blessed Is He…” article touched your heart, tell them so, and that you think all their listeners would be blessed by reading it. Give them the URL to this web site. End your call before you wear out your welcome. These letters and calls can amount to free advertising to let many know of my missionary work. Listen to the Lord, and please do as He says.

During the past 5 years or so, several of my faithful supporters that have supported me up to 40 years, have gone on to Heaven. Several supporting churches have gotten a new pastor who stopped my support, some immediately. That is typically what a new pastor does to my support from the church he acquires.

In one instance, the new pastor told 2 or 3 of his top leaders in the church that he was terminating my support from their church. “Well, you need to inform the congregation of that.” The godliest man among his leaders spoke up with that.

“No, they like him too much. It would be a problem to inform them.” That was the new pastor’s reply. That was his free choice between him and his Master in Heaven. It is not my place to input anything into that decision. I just go on my way exalting Christ in heathen Japan while praising Him with all my being.  

But such treatment makes me deeply appreciate you faithful friends who support me. As your Lord leads, if you’d let other souls know of me in these ways I’ve mentioned, I would be most thankful for all your help.

May our Lord constantly guard over your family to keep you and all of yours safe in His Loving Care.


Christ’s Servant in Japan,       

Richard Yerby  


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