Spring 2020 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend,

     I am praying for our Lord to keep you safe. Truly, perilous times have come, as foretold. Think on how everyone longs for life to return to normal. Then think on how deep rooted and blantant sorid sin was in our nation when life was normal. A Righteous Just Almighty Creator God does not allow a sin-laden nation to go on normally forever, Praise His Holy Name!

    On Friday February 28, I drove from Navarre, Florida to Morristown, Tennessee to awake to a thin blanket of snow the next morn (leap day). Pastor Don Lamb came to the motel he arranged for me to lodge in, and I followed him in my car to the local Flea Market that was scheduled to open that morn, after being closed for the winter. I planned to put out literature for free and sing and preach. I set up, but only a small handful of people came there, saw only 4 or 5 venders and quickly left because it was a COLD day.

     I fellowshipped with Pastor Lamb almost 3 hours, having a meal together and he urged me to shop in town for anything I needed and let him pay for it. I practiced temperance as I shopped and am most grateful for his generousity.

    The following morning at his church, March 1st, Faith Baptist Church in Morristown, Pastor Lamb let me preach, then we had lunch at the church and then a 2 PM service, with me preaching and telling the kind people about fishing for men in Japan. Everyone was most kind to me, and the Lord RICHLY blessed our church services and fellowship.

          The following day I drove thru Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta to Keith's house in Byron, Georgia to fellowship with his family and to preach in his church Wednesday night. It was all most blessed. It was a time of weeks of much rain. Evening TV news at Keith's showed peach orchards and predictions of a poor peach crop because of so much rain.

      Thursday 5 March, I drove to Kevin's farmhouse near McDonough, Georgia to be with them till mid Saturday. Friday night, we had a most blessed service in his house with the living area packed with souls, those under 20 years of age outnumbered those over 20 about 3 to 1, I guess. It was glorious. They allowed me to preach that night.

      Saturday the 7th, I drove on to Brother and Sister Hale's house in north Alabama to spend that night with them and preach twice the following day at Pastor Reeves church. O, God stirred our spirits powerfully. Everyone overflowed.

      The following day, I drove on to my hometown of Vernon, Alabama where I looked forward to a full preaching shedule in that area for 3 weeks or so, but the virus shut down most of it. I stayed there those weeks as planned, then drove to Oak Grove, Arkansas on 27 March amid rumors that states might close their boarders. The virus shut down most of my preaching schedule in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri, but the services and fellowship I had was extra rich, the Christian friends around me most victorious, praise and thanking God with a new passion.

     Also, I was able to return to Japan on 2 May to be quarantined for 14 days. I am preaching in Japan, praying for souls to come to Christ to be eternally saved. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving, so I can continue to eat, pay the rent, utilities and such. God bless you for caring.

                        Christ's servant in Japan,    

Richard Yerby




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