Spring 2019 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,


Friday March 1st, I drove from Keith's house in Byron, Georgia to Kevin's house in McDonough, Georgia to be with his family and friends till Saturday March 9th. During that time, I attended their home cottage services, getting to preach and teach plenty of times. I accompied them to downtown Atlanta to join in with their street evangelism. What an amazing melting pot of human souls were around us there. It was a blessing to hold forth the word of life there and a blessing and relief to return to the serenity of Kevin's family farm. I enjoyed helping with farm chores some. All the people I was with there, were a tremendous blessing to me.

On Saturday, 9 March, I drove from his house to Thomas and Patsy's house in the woods out from Falkville, Alabama. They were waterlogged from much rain. The following day, I attended Pastor Reeves' church with them, preaching in both the AM and PM service, and fellowshipping with several friends in the church during the afternoon.

They arranged for me to preach to 7 young jail inmates the following morning. O, may the Lord do those souls much good. That Monday afternoon, I drove on to my hometown of Vernon, Alabama and was blessed to preach in churches in that area thru Wednesday March 27. I soon headed west with a stop alone the way to arrive in SW Missouri late Saturday 30 March.

From then thru April 17th, I was blessed to preach 3 to 4 times a week in SW Missouri and NW Arkansas. Blessed fellowship and wonderful church services! Thank you all for your much great kindness  you all bestowed upon me.

I departed SW Missouri early Friday morning April 19 and drove all way to my sister's house in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Then, much visiting, attending church & preparing to leave the US, and a safe flight back to Narita Airport near Tokyo, arriving in the afternoon of Friday 27 April. Arriving at my humble house in Japan that night in a chilly rain, my heart poured forth with much thanksgiving for safety of travel since leaving Japan on 30 January and the much goodness bestowed upon me by everyone along the way.

Thank you all, and may our Lord richly bless you.


                        Christ's servant in Japan,    

Richard Yerby




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