Spring 2018 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,


Thursday morning the first day of March, I awoke at my friend's (Keith) house in Byron, Georgia and had blessed fellowship with his family at the breakfast table. I soon bid them Farewell and drove north on I-75 toward Atlanta to McDonough, exited the Interstate and drove to Kevin and Jen's house just as a wind storm arrived. This night, we had a blessed church service at Barry and Jill's house nearby where I spent the night. The following day, I got into Kevin's mirco bus with 10 or so others to go to downtown Atlanta. I sang and preached as others passed out literature. Kevin preached some also. That night, we again had a blessed church service, this time in Kevin's house.

       I departed from them Saturday morning and drove to Brother and Sister Hale's house in the hills and woods of outer Falkville, Alabama. Then on Sunday, March 4th, I rode with the Hales to their church, Lighthouse Baptist Church and preached there, with lunch following. The fellowship was most sweet. This night, I preached in Pastor Reeves' church and spent the night in his house.

      At noon the next day, I had the privilege of preaching to 3 young ladies and 5 young men who were in jail. I poured my heart out as I preached on salvation and being a new creature in Christ, old things having passed away. May the Lord change them.

      That afternoon, I drove on to my hometown of Vernon to preach in that surrounding area thru the last Wednesday night of March. During that time, I also preached at a Wednesday morning service in Barlett, Tennessee.

       On Friday March 30th, I drove to my aunt's house in Searcy, Arkansas to spend the night with her. The next day, I drove on to Pastor Lonny Burks' house in Harrison, Arkansas.

       On Sunday the 1st day of April, I started preaching in churches in northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri, preaching in Pastor Burks' annual camp meeting at 2 PM on Thursday the 5th. The powerful preaching in that camp meeting lifted me most high, thank God. Also did the soon following week of revival at Berryville FWB Church. I was able to attend 3 services there.

       I was blessed to preach in 3 churches in Missouri that I had never before been to. Everyone was most cordial and friendly to me, their pastors inviting me to please come again.

      On Sunday April 22, I preached 3 times in churches in Harrison and departed Pastor Burks' house at 5 AM the following morning (Monday) and going all way to my hometown, Vernon, that day.

      I worked setting things in order, flew from Memphis to Dallas on Wednesday the 25th and departed Dallas for Tokyo on the 26th, arriving safely on time Friday the 27th, Japan time. I was most thankful for safe travel on time as scheduled, all the way. Thank you for praying for that.

       The following day, Sat. April 28th, with jet lag, I opened the Rescue Mission in Karuizawa and preached on the street there. Thru May, I tended it, preaching on the street as I did, and preached in 3 churches in Gunma Prefecture not so far from my house.

       The travel was a great blessing. Now, it is a rich blessing to be back in the saddle here.

        Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving generously. God richly bless you for that!

                       Christ's servant in Japan,    

Richard Yerby




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