Winter (December 2008, January, February 2009)

Dear Friend in Christ,

On December 4th, God mercifully gave me a safe trip from my house in Japan to my brotherís house in Tupelo, Mississippi. Thank God for traveling mercies. The following Sunday night, I preached in the church my sister attends near Tupelo. I continued to preach in several churches in Alabama, while enjoying the Christmas and New Years season with family members and friends in Alabama and Mississippi. I also got to preach once in the Metro-County Jail in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. About 12 prisoners were in that cellblock, and listened well as I preached Christ to them. May our Lord help each of them to make his life into what it should be.††

On January 14th, I headed west, preaching in Easthill Baptist Church in Bartlett, Tennessee that night. The following night, I preached in Pastor McFaddenís church in Bald Knob, Arkansas. It turned most cold there, that night of January the 15th. The following cold morning, I continued traveling west to Pastor Burks house in Harrison, Arkansas. Then for the next 3 weeks, I preached in several churches in northwest Arkansas, and at 1 church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Pastors were so kind to schedule services on weekday nights and on Saturday nights. Many people who attended listened with open ears and open hearts. May the sermons they heard do them much good. Everyone was so kind and accommodating to me. God bless you abundantly for all your goodness to me. I was in Broken Arrow when the ice storm arrived. A few scheduled services were cancelled due to it. I had wonderful fellowship in Pastor Mikeís home while waiting out the storm, and then waiting for the ice to melt off the highways after it.

On February 7th, I drove to southeast Arkansas to preach in 2 churches in the Lake Village area the following day. What blessed services those were. Then I headed back thru Mississippi, spending 1 night each at each of my 2 brothersí houses, and went on to preach near Vinemont, Alabama the night of February 11. The following Friday, I drove on to Bro. Barryís house, south of Atlanta, Georgia. During the next 8 days, I preached on the streets in Atlanta with Brothers Barry, Kevin, and Carroll. What a blessing it was, to preach Christ to many souls out in public there. Those good brothers also took me with them to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta 2 different days and I got to preach a total of 4 times in that jail, each time to a different group of prisoners. There were close to 40 men in each group, for a total of about 160 prisoners I got to preach to. May they all yield completely to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, February 22, I preached twice in Brother Davidís church in Georgia, and then headed back toward Tupelo, preaching and speaking in 3 more churches in Alabama, as I began tying up loose ends to get ready to return to Japan on March 4th.

During the 3 months I was in the States, on many of the days that rain, snow, or sleet was not falling, I would walk the streets wherever I was, leaving Christian literature at each house. What a joy it was to get out several thousand pieces of literature in that way. May God work in the hearts of those who received it, for our Lordís Glory and for those soulsí eternal good.

Early on the morning of March 4th, I boarded a small plane at the Tupelo, Mississippi airport, and then flew on 3 flights to Japan, arriving at 4:36 PM the following day, Japan time. I rode the trains on home that night and am now writing this on the following day, Friday, March 6 in my house in Matsuida, Japan. Thank God for a safe round trip of 90 days and for blessing so much during that time. The whole time on the trip was most blessed. And now it is most blessed to be back here where my heart is, to preach Christ to the many lost Japanese around me. Please intercede in prayer to our Lord God for their salvation.

Thank you who care enough about me and this missionary work to pray for me and for those to whom I preach. God bless you for that. Some of you give financially to this cause. May God repay you many fold over for all your generosity and kindness to me. May Our Lord be with you to daily bless, provide for, and protect you and your families.


Christís unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby


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