Christ is all

Spring 2003 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Back in January, I had made plane reservations to go to Guam on the 7th of March. So, on returning to Japan from the States on 28 February, I had just one week to catch up on my affairs here and prepare for the trip to Guam. I did go to Guam on the 7th of March and filled in for Pastor Mendiola at Temple Baptist Church while he went to the States for about 2 and half weeks. I got to preach and teach from the pulpit there four times a week, 3 times on Sundays and once on Wednesday nights. Temple is a small church with about 27 people attending on Sunday mornings. They all listened very well to me and those good people were such a blessing to me, bestowing upon me every kindness they possibly could.

I also helped in their Christian school that had about 14 students. I preached in the weekly chapel at school and helped with the upper class of 7 students. The students were fun to be with and were a blessing to me. The few bad apples” in my class were a real challenge also. It was a rich experience, being back on Guam with Christian friends I have known for years and getting to preach and teach so much. Also, I witnessed some out in public and distributed over 400 of my booklets, going from house-to-house, leaving a booklet at each door.

I left Guam on Saturday afternoon, the 5th of April, and arrived back at my house in Japan just before midnight, after having caught the last train coming this way for the night. Arriving at my house, I had a phone call from my brother on my answering machine, saying that Daddy had died about 12 hours earlier, there in my brother’s house. I rejoice in the fact that Daddy was a Christian and am thankful that God gave him a long, active, healthy life of over 85 years. I did not go back for Daddy’s funeral, as I had gotten to see him in February and just didn’t want to take another long trip, after having just returned from my 2nd long trip. I thank God for keeping me safe during all that time I was traveling, with a war starting up and such. 

On returning to Japan in April, I again starting holding evangelistic services here. A few adults have attended some of the services, but mainly children attend. Attendance has been very low, with the highest attendance at 17 people. Please pray that more will come to the services. Also please pray for God to work in the hearts of those who do come and hear the Bible teaching.

In early May, I again started my seasonal, part-time selling on the street in the nearby tourist town of Karuizawa. I also preach while I am out there “making tents.” I get a great blessing out of doing that preaching. A lot of people hear me out there in public. They cannot keep the preaching out of their ears. Please pray that it will find root in their hearts and that many of them will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayers are so important and I really appreciate you who pray for me and for the Japanese to whom I am preaching and witnessing. God bless you for praying.

Several of you have sent me offerings during the spring. That is a great help to me. May God bless you abundantly for giving. That means a lot to me, that you are willing to contribute some of your money to this missionary work. Thank you so much for being so generous. I am praying for you. May God richly bless you as you live for Him and serve Him.

                            Christ’s unprofitable servant,

                             Richard Yerby




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