Spring 2008 (March, April, and May)

Dear Friend in Christ,

On March 7th my prayer sheets went out as newspaper stuffers in the nearby city of Tomioka, and on the 16th they went out in the city of Annaka. That totaled over 37,000 prayer sheets going into that many homes and businesses. Likely over 70,000 people laid eyes on those powerful prayers. On the morning of the 7th a Mr. Itoo called me after reading the prayers. He is not a Christian but he said that the contents of the prayers really spoke to him. Days later, he came to my house with another man, Mr. Takeuchi, and both of them listened well as I spoke of salvation in Christ and explained how simple it is to trust in Christ for salvation. Please pray that these men and their families will trust in Christ. I told them to contact me any time, but they haven’t yet. May God continue to draw them to Christ. They need your prayers.

On the night of March 7th a Pastor Arai called me after having seen my prayer sheet. He invited me to come visit his church. I did so. Soon he asked me to teach the Bible each week at their Thursday night service. I agreed to take that service 2 times a month, and have started doing that. Please pray that God will make me a blessing to the people in Pastor Arai’s church. They have become a great blessing to me.

After the prayer sheets went out on March 16th in Annaka, a Korean lady called me. A night or 2 later, she and her Japanese husband, Mr. Ichikawa, came to my house. He is not a Christian and the wife would not clearly say that she was trusting Christ. They both attend church quite regularly. Please pray for him to be saved and for both of them to do God’s will for them.

On April 6, I had the prayer sheets put into the 11,550 newspapers that went out in the Haruna and Gunmayawata districts of the nearby city of Takasaki. Eight days later, a young lady who had gotten the sheet called me. She is not a Christian and her name is Miss Gokan. She said that she had read thru those prayers 5 times. Praise God for putting His Holy Spirit’s Power upon those prayers and powerfully drawing her to read them repeatedly that many times. You who are praying for these lost souls I am reaching with the Gospel, are doing a most important work of interceding. And God is attentive to your prayers and is doing great things here in answer to them. Thank you so much for praying. Intercessory prayer is direly important.

A few days later, another man called when I was out and he left a message. He said that he was Buddhist and it was hard for him to understand the difference in all the religions. He asked me to return his call. But regretfully, he didn’t give me his name or phone number. May God lead him into truth. Please pray for his salvation.

This spring, I met Pastor Kanai for the first time. He lives in the nearby city of Takasaki, pastoring a church there. He asked me to have singing and Bible in English one Sunday afternoon a month at his church. I agreed to do that and we had the first session in May. I attended his 10:30 AM church service that morning and Pastor Kanai preached at it. Besides him, his wife, and one of his 4 children (3 of his family members) only one other Japanese man and I were present. Five people attended his Sunday morning church service that day and 3 of those 5 were the pastor’s family, and I was just a visitor who rarely attends there. He had spread the word about the afternoon service in English and 11 people attended it (Pastor Kanai and his wife, and 9 others, not including me). Seven of them were not Christians. We sang “Amazing Grace” in English and I told them of John Newton’s conversion. We read John 1:1-21 and I explained the wonderful truths in those Scriptures in both English and Japanese. Please pray for the salvation of the 7 lost souls who heard all that, and pray that they, and more people, will come to that monthly Bible session. Praise God for the many opportunities to spread the word and for the precious souls who are coming to hear from the Bible.

You who pray for me and this missionary work are a very definite part of it. God bless you for praying. God is working miracles in answer to your prayers, moving mightily in hearts of lost Japanese. Thank you for your prayers. As for those of you who give offerings, thank you so much for that help. May God bless you and repay you many fold over for all you do and for all you give. You bless and encourage me ever so greatly with your generous help.

During the spring, I added a new sermon to this site titled; “Lord, Teach Us To Pray.” Actually that is the prayers in the prayer sheet I am circulating here in the Japanese language. I “fluffed them out” a little, adding more content when I translated them into English. So, what is on the Japanese prayer sheet is about 70% of what is contained in that sermon. Look at it if you will please. Please pray for many lost Japanese to pray those life-changing prayers in sincerity. Also, please urge lost people you know, to pray those prayers, as the prayers are readily available here on this site for everyone to read. I will be interceding for the lost people whom you urge to pray. May God smite hearts with powerful conviction and save many precious dying souls.

Please pray for me, that I will always be in the center of God’s Perfect Will for me, as I labour for my Lord here in Japan. May God richly bless and reward you, as you live for Him and let His True Light shine thru you and your life. May God do great things for you.

                        Christ’s unprofitable servant,

                                Richard Yerby


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