SUMMER 2008 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,

On June 8, Sunday morning, I preached at the Minakami church. Praise God for deeply touching hearts with the message.

On Sunday, June 15, I preached twice in Bro. Jeff Brigham’s church in the city of Anjoo, quite far from where I live. The 11 AM service was in Japanese. Then at 2 PM, we had a service in English. Americans, Filipinos, Chinese, and Japanese were in attendance. May have been some Koreans also. It was a blessed time of fellowship. Several zealous Christians among them ask me about how to best witness to the Japanese people. Those Christian “foreigners” are plenty surprised at how the Japanese people are so strongly set against the Bible, the church, or anything to do with the One True, Living God. Please pray for all us Christians in Japan, as we exalt Christ before the Japanese people.     

On June 22, the prayer sheet went out as newspaper stuffers in the city of Fujioka and the town of Yoshii. That was a total of 29,550 homes and businesses the prayers went into. Likely about 70,000 people saw them. Since then 3 ladies have started attending the Yoshii church as a result of seeing those prayer sheets. To God be the Glory. Two of the ladies are Christians. Please pray for the salvation of their families. The other lady is not a Christian. Please pray for her, and her family’s salvation. Thank you for praying. God richly bless you for it.

On Sunday morning, June 29, I preached at the church in Miyota. Attendance was down somewhat, with about 10 others present. I pray that my preaching was a blessing to them.

Throughout the summer, I have continued to teach Bible 2 Thursday nights a month at the Yoshii church, and to preach there 1 Sunday a month. Once a month, I have held a Sunday afternoon service in English at the Takasaki church. Several unsaved Japanese have attended it. May God lead them into paths of righteousness.

I am writing this on Saturday, August 30, 2008. Lord willing, tomorrow, 20,400 of the prayer sheets will go out as newspaper stuffers in the city of Takasaki, in the area of the Takasaki church that I am presently working with. Likely about 50,000 lost souls will see those prayers. I am fervently praying for God’s Holy Spirit to work strongly in the hearts of all who see the prayers. May many of them pray the prayers from the heart and be saved. O, for God to send a mighty revival to this heathen nation of Japan!

There is untold power in intercessory prayer. Thank you for praying! Thank you for interceding for the many lost Japanese to whom I am getting the Gospel message. Please pray that I will always clearly discern My Shepherd’s leading and ever be in the perfect center of His Divine Will for me. Some of you give financially to me. Thank you for that great help. May God repay you many fold over for all you give. May God daily guide, protect, and bless you and your family, as we daily draw closer to eternity.


Christ’s unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby


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