AUTUMN 2008 (September, October, November)

Dear Friend in Christ,

These 3 months of autumn have been a most blessed time for me. I have striven to draw closer to my Glorious Lord, and His Precious Presence has been ever so near and dear. Daily, He has wrought miracles for me, and I thank and praise Him for such great blessings. Thank you for praying for me and for the salvation of the many lost Japanese to whom I preach Christ. God bless you for praying. I know that much of the blessing and the many glorious and mighty miracles God is daily doing for me here, is all in answer to your fervent prayers for this missionary work. Thank you for praying!My spirit senses that the end of time must be ever so close. Also, I believe that Godís Wrath and Judgment upon this sinful world is soon to greatly intensify. God help all us believers to stay ever so close to Him & to be in His Perfect Will as we go thru the fiery furnace of Our Lordís Refining Fires. May we believers come forth as pure gold.

During the fall months, I have continued to preach and teach at the Yoshii church, the Miyota church, and the Takasaki church. The Japanese people in these small congregations listen ever so well to the preaching, and I pray that God will give me powerful sermons that will change their lives for their good and for Godís glory. Please pray that God will help these Japanese Christians to completely separate from idolatry and to live a good testimony for their Lord.

This fall, I have continued to distribute tracts and Christian literature, walking streets, leaving the literature at each house, while praying for God to draw the people to read it and to seek the Lord. Right now, my heart overflows with thanksgiving, in that God has enabled me to distribute over 105,000 pieces of Christian literature this year. The vast majority of that was the prayer sheets, about 101,000 of them. And most all of them went out as newspaper stuffers. Anyway, likely close to a quarter of a million people laid eyes on that mountain of literature that God allowed me to get out this year. I pray that many lost Japanese will be saved thru it. Thank you for praying too.

Would you please pray for God to fill me with His Power and Wisdom and daily keep me in the center of His Divine Will, leading me in paths of righteousness for His Precious Nameís Sake. Please pray for Him to increase my faith to believe Him for Great Miracles daily, for His Glory. Please pray that the Lord of Hosts will fight my battles for me and bring about great victories that will greatly glorify Almighty Jehovah God among these heathen Japanese I preach to. I am praying these things for you and your family members. As for you, who give financially to help me, thank you for that help. May God greatly bless you for being so generous to me, and repay you many fold over.

Lord willing, I will fly to the States on December the 4th to be there till March the 4th. My proposed stateside preaching schedule is on this site. If you would pray for God to give me safety of travel during the winter weather, I would really appreciate it. Also, please pray that the Lord will make my preaching a great blessing to those who hear it. If the Lord allows me to visit those churches, likely I will take some pictures and sandwich them into the schedule for you to see.

May God be near and dear to you and your family at Christmas time as we commemorate our Saviourís birth. No doubt but what the time is ever so near when He is going to gather all us believers around His Throne in Glory to there be with Him forever. ďEven so, come, Lord Jesus.Ē God be with you, till we meet again.


Christís unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby


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