Winter 2016-2017 (December 2016, January & February 2017)


Dear Friend in Christ,

During the first half of December, I preached and distributed Christian literature in public, preached in two different churches on 2 different Sundays, along with setting my house in order and preparing to travel.

On Saturday, December 17th, I rode the trains south to Tomidahama Bible Church in Mie Prefecture and lodged in the prophets’ chamber on the second floor. Early the following morning, I rode 2 trains to Anjo City in Aichi Prefecture and preached in Hope Baptist Church. Pastor Jeff Brigham and his family were away this day. I thank God for about 14 faithful church members who attended this day. In the evening, I attended the service at Tomidahama Bible Church, one of three Mino Mission churches.

From Monday, 19 December, I joined in with Japanese members of those 3 churches as they held Christmas services almost daily in a good number of nursing homes, hospitals and care centers, telling elderly and handicapped folks the good news of the Savior’s birth. Several souls who heard were over 90 years old. One dear soul was over 100 years old. May our Lord give them ears to hear.

I preached at a Christmas service at Oiwake Bible Church on December 23rd. The faithful few church members worked hard inviting lost acquaintances to come, and were somewhat disappointed when none came. As I preached to those faithful few (7) church members, I did my best to encourage them in the Lord.

On Christmas Day (Sunday), I preached the morning sermon at Tomidahama Bible Church. One week later, I preached there again on New Years Day. I preached in 2 different services at the Oogaki Bible Church. I did not bring my preaching record with me to the States. Thus I cannot give the exact dates. I preached twice in the Wednesday night service at Tomidahama and once in the Thursday night service at Oogaki.

Most every day, I preached in public, only briefly on some days. Some days, I preached and sang at length. On Saturday, 7 January, I boarded a 5:24 AM train to leave that area, my heart overflowing with joy from doing much evangelistic work. I rode back home to Matsuida and preached at the Isesaki church the following day.

On Monday January 9th, I set my house in order, closed it up and rode trains and an airport bus to an airport hotel near Narita. The following morning, I caught a flight to Dallas and flew on to Memphis, Tennessee. On Wednesday night, January 11th, I preached at the Gordo Fellowship, Gordo, Alabama. On Thursday, I attended to many personal affairs and on the following day, January 13th, I drove to Brother Mike’s house on Shadow Lake in lovely, warm Gulf Breeze, Florida. The following morning, I preached at Brother Jeff’s 6 AM cottage meeting.

Brother Mike kindly let me lodge in his house as I preached in churches and cottage meetings in that area for a month. Truly, it was a great blessing. The mild climate was most pleasant. Never any snow, sleet or ice to hinder church work. I left there on 16 February and drove to southern Georgia, passing thru some of the areas where killer tornadoes struck a few weeks before, observing some of that horrible damage. Mercy on us all, Lord, to keep us safe.

On Saturday February 18th, I rented a table at Smiley’s Flea Market in Macon, Georgia, put out my books and literature for free and sang hymns. Several souls took literature and some stopped and talked with me. I was blessed. Upon closing up at the Flea Market this day, I drove to Barry’s house near McDonough, Georgia and preached at Kevin’s cottage meeting the following morning. With Kevin’s 7 children present and Shawn’s 9 children present, children far outnumbered adults. That is most pleasant to see.

During the following week, I helped some with farm chores at Kevin’s and a highlight was riding in Barry’s truck with him to Fulton County Jail in a rundown area of Atlanta. Barry let me preach to 2 groups of inmates. Eight attended the first session. 15 attended the next session. Each session was on a different floor to different souls in captivity. May our Lord set them free indeed. The guards watching over them heard most every word also. Glory!

The following day, 26 February, I preached at the Sunday service in Kevin’s house, where little ones abounded.

Praise God for a most blessed winter, safety of travel and keeping me on time as I travel. Thank you for praying. God richly bless you!

In Christ’s Love,

Richard Yerby







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