Summer 2014 (June, July, August)


Dear Friend in Christ,

Truly, we Christian believers are nearing the Shore to soon enter into The Celestial City to bask in our Precious Lord’s Glorious Presence forever and ever. Glory! “Even so, Come, Lord Jesus! Come this day, I pray!”

I thank God that during this summer, He gave me the wonderful privilege of daily preaching to many lost Japanese, calling on them to repent and to trust in the Saviour of the world to save them eternally.

“Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.” (Hebrews 13:13)

If you never preach and sing hymns, or just read Bible passages, out in public (without the camp), you are missing a great blessing and sweet, intimate fellowship with The Lord Jesus Christ. If you refuse our Lord’s Most Wonderful Invitation in Hebrews 13:13 because you lack courage to lift Him high and to glorify Him in front of the devil’s crowd and because you are too full of sinful pride to bear His reproach that rebellious sinners will definitely heap upon you, earnestly pray to Almighty God for victory over such hindrances.

I thank God that I had invitations to preach in Japanese churches most every Sunday during the 3 summer months. I preached in churches in the towns of Miyota, Yoshii, Minakami, and the city of Isesaki. In each church service, attendance averaged just under 20 souls, a few of which do not profess to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus each time I preach, I emphasize trusting in the Lord Jesus and call on souls to make sure they do so. Thank you for also interceding for their salvation. Each is a precious, eternal soul for whom Christ died. Our Lord is not willing that a one of them should perish.

On Sunday morning August the 17th I preached in the Miyota church. As soon as church ended, Mrs. Isozumi went to pick up 93-year-old Mr. Imanishi who will not attend church but comes for lunch and their songfest after lunch. Arriving back at the church with him, Mrs. Isozumi called Roberta Rees and me to a corner of the small church. “We’ve got to pray for him. Coming here he said he wanted to commit suicide. He is losing his eyesight. He doesn’t want to continue to be a burden to other people. He wants to end his life.” We earnestly interceded for his salvation. You please do so also. His wife is no longer able to come to the church. Each of them is 93 years old, death knocking at their doors.

Please pray that, in accordance to His Divine Will, our Lord will open more “church doors” for me to preach in more churches here in Japan.

Almighty God miraculously put me in this idol-worshipping nation of Japan for me, day and night, to call upon lost Japanese souls to turn from their idols to the True and Living God. Heavy is my responsibility. I do not want to fail in my calling. I do not want to stand before our Lord with the blood of lost souls on my hands. Please pray that I will not. I greatly appreciate your prayers. I thank you for giving generous offerings to me to enable me to be in Japan exalting Christ. God bless you and repay you many fold for all you do. Each and every thing you do for me means much to me. I want you to know that. Thank you for caring for me.

On 16 July, Almighty Lord God miraculously enabled me to rent a store space in the crowded summer resort town of Karuizawa. It is located between my house and the church in Miyota, a 40-minute drive up the mountain to the store where summer temperature is about 7-8 degrees F cooler than where I live in Matsuida. That is such a relief from the oppressive summer humid heat, thank God. Also, a large multitude of eternal souls flock to cool Karuizawa in the summer! (If you have “goggle earth” you can look at these locations I mention.)   

I have had prayers printed onto about a dozen daily use items (bags, towels, tissue packs, dishes, glasses, and such). I put them out in the “store”. I set up a big sign urging people to take these items for free. Daily, lost people take some of them. I witness to them as opportunity affords and as the Holy Spirit guides. I play recorded hymns, sermons, prayers, and Bible teaching inside for all to hear. I step out onto the crowded street nearby and preach there to multitudes of lost sheep walking by on the way to their eternal abode. Saviour Lord, please show great mercy unto them!

By God’s Wonderful Grace, I have made this tiny store space into a rescue mission. Its name is CHRIST IS ALL, and I have placed that sign out front in Japanese for all to see. August is the most crowded month of the year in Karuizawa. School’s summer vacation is only about 5 weeks in Japan, from late July to the end of August. Normally over half a million people visit Karuizawa during this time, taking a trip up here to the mountains to get a break from the stifling heat in the surrounding lower plains, especially in the densely populated concrete and asphalt jungles that abound thru out the plains. Visitors stay from a few hours to a few weeks. Many of the more affluent ones have summer resort cabins dotted all over the surrounding mountains. I am spreading the word to all the souls I can, to tell people who travel here to drop by my place to choose any of the free items they want. Meanwhile, I am witnessing to some who enter, and preaching on the street. You please pray for God to choose souls and draw them here in accordance to His Divine Will for them. Do grant it, Lord!

If you have not already done so, would you please open this new link, “Wanted Donated: This Small Discarded Item,” that I recently added to this site. In that “letter” I ask you to please keep an eye out for any discarded license plates from any vehicle. And if you are able to gather up any, just once a year or so, ship them to my Alabama address. I sell them as novelty items here in Japan. I thank The Lord for blessing this effort and thru it providing much work funds for printing mountains of Christian literature in the Japanese language (down thru the years) that I always distribute free. Their sales also paid much of the rent on this new “rescue mission”. In this new link, I ask you to spread this word to every soul you can. I ask churches to consider making this a missions’ project for their youth. If you will, please read that request and then do as our Lord’s leads you regarding it.

“Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (Psalms 37:4)

Please pray for me, that I will fully delight myself in My Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ. I earnestly pray the same for you. Seriously consider what a blessed life it would be to be granted the most earnest desires of your heart. Here is the secret to having our hearts’ desires fulfilled, truly delighting ourselves in The Lord Jesus Christ Who Is All.

I pray for our Lord to be near and dear to you, your family, and all your loved ones, to do great and glorious things for you!


Christ’s unprofitable servant in Japan,    Richard Yerby




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