Summer 2013 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Greetings from Japan. I praise Almighty God for giving me the glorious privilege of daily broadcasting the saving Gospel out in public thru out the summer, and for sustaining me physically out in that humid heat. I usually carried 2 to 3 liters of drinking water in half liter plastic bottles with me. I would return home with my clothes soaked from sweat, that water having poured out of me as I constantly poured it into me. Glory! What a heart breaking thought, multiplied billions of souls now in the torments of Hell, never to ever receive 1 drop of water on their parched tongues. May each of us Christians daily be a vigilant watchman, crying out that warning to the masses of lost souls around us who are daily perishing!

August 13 thru 15 is “Obon” here in Japan. To most Japanese people, it is a very important annual “festival” founded in the heathen religion of Shintoism during which the Japanese people worship their dead ancestors by “inviting” the spirits of those dead ancestors to come back here and visit with the people now living. Then after 2 days, they send those spirits back to their eternal abode. Of course, they are deceived in believing that they can bring back their dead ancestors for 2 days. In reality, evil spirits gain access into their home; thanks to the heathen rituals the people go thru. It is heartbreaking to see each year as I am out in public preaching. Pray for our Lord to shine God’s Light into their hearts to show them His Truth.

My Lord always fills my heart with great joy when I preach and sing praises to Him out in public among masses of people who adamantly refuse to come to church. What a glorious privilege to do that. I want to highly encourage you to do so also.   


Twice a month, I travel about 35 minutes by car to Takako’s house in the town of Haruna to teach English conversation to her and 2 of her friends, Risa and Mayu. Each of these 3 girls is in the 6th grade. I tell them of Jesus and each one has professed to trust in Christ. Takako’s older brother, Koozuke, also professed faith in Christ as I witnessed to him. None of their parents is a Christian. Please pray for these 4 young Christians by name. Please pray that each of their families will all trust in Christ.

In July, I told the 3 girls of a short, summer Bible camp near the Miyota church. All 3 girls wanted to attend. Praise God their parents agreed to let them go. (Often the parents here will not let their children attend such Christian activities.) Because the girls had other things scheduled (Japanese are typically MOST busy, even the children being heavily scheduled), Mayu attended camp only 1 night and day. Takako and Risa attended 2 days and nights. Until then, I was practically the only Christian they had ever met and had come to know. It was beneficial to them to be around other Japanese Christians and missionaries. I thank God for that. Pray for these growing souls. 


When I am not “on the road”, I normally preach in the Miyota church one Sunday a month. In the past, I have told you of a precious girl in that church named Mari. She is 9 years old now (I think). When she was 7, she would ask me to take her out walking on Sunday afternoon after I preached, to distribute Christian literature from house to house. Her older brother, Naoki, often went with us. During those blessed times as we walked together, Mari would pour out to me things that burdened and saddened her little, sensitive and lonely heart. “I can’t remember my Dad’s face. I can’t recall what he looks like.”

Her parents separated when Mari was about 2 and half years old. Mari hasn’t seen her dad since, and just about has no memory of him. (Also, her mom, sister, and brother have not seen him since the parents separated over 6 years ago.) Mari, now 9, has a brother, Naoki (about 14), and a sister, Yuri (about 16). They live with their Christian mother near the Miyota church and these 4 attend church together there. In the past, the “man of the house” (a professing Christian) was harshly abusive to his wife and the 2 older children. (Mari was still tiny at that time.) Fearing for their physical safety, the Mom removed herself and her 3 children from her husband’s presence. He now lives in Tokyo, about 2 hours away by train.

Between 1 & 2 years ago, as precious little Mari occasionally poured out her heart to me, I prayed earnestly for the family, and talked to the mother. “I believe Mari should be allowed to meet her father. No matter how imperfect he is, he is still her dad. There is a great void in little Mari’s heart because she doesn’t know him. If, for example, he were dead, she would just have to put that in the past and get on with life. But that is not the case. He is only 80-90 miles away. If you don’t let Mari meet him soon, as she grows she will gain the ability to “run to him” on her own. (Kids here can travel so freely on the extensive train system.) Please send a message to your husband that Mari wants to meet him. If he agrees, I will be glad to take Mari on the train to meet him, spend 2-3 hours with him, and then I will bring Mari back home. I will take care of Mari and look out for her safety.”

As I spoke such to Mari’s mom, she would not agree to it. “I just don’t think it is time yet,” she would say. I just kept praying. Thank you who have prayed for this family as I have asked you to do in previous newsletters.

On Sunday, August 18th, I taught adult Sunday School and preached in the morning worship service at the Miyota church. After it, Mari’s mom told me that in early August she had taken the 3 children and they 4 had gone to meet with her husband (their father). I rejoiced to hear that! 

It was an awkward time for all 5 of these family members with a far range of mixed feelings for all, the negative outweighing the positive. The teenage daughter and son (Yuri and Naoki) each have painful memories of dad’s abuse when they were little. Both have adamantly declared repeatedly during the past 6 years of separation that they never wanted to see him again. Precious little Mari, with no memory of her dad, sort of had a dream world image of a perfect dad (a Prince Charming), being that was what she desired in her mind for him to be. That image was shattered when she met a dad who was far from being perfect. The mom related all this to me. I told her, “It’s good that the kids saw their dad, especially little Mari. Now she knows his face. Let’s keep praying.” You all also please keep praying with me for Mari and her family.                


O, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what a multitude of hurting, agonizing, suffering souls around each of us! May our Sweet Lord Jesus fill each of our hearts to running over with His Love, Compassion, and Concern for them! May we do everything that avails with His Unlimited Help and Power, to be of aid and comfort to them all, all the while pointing them to the Saviour of the world! “Is there not a cause?” (I Samuel 17:29)

Brother and Sister in Christ, as you look in agony upon the horribly messed up lives of some of your family members, loved ones, friends, and of many of the souls around you in general, always bear in mind that as Christians we are not to be given over to despair. Rather we are to always, constantly be given over to prayer. “Pray without ceasing.” 

It is a Scriptural Truth that Almighty God not only desires each human soul to be perfect, but also even commands perfection of each soul (Matthew 5:48). No doubt but what Jehovah greatly marvels as He observes Christians spending little or no time storming Heaven in intercession for the souls around them who are severely suffering due to their many imperfections. “And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.” (Isaiah 59:16a)   

From the bottom of my little shallow heart, thank you so much for praying for me and for these Japanese souls for whom I ask prayer. Thank you for your offerings and all you give and do to help me. “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder” and we gather together around God’s Majestic Throne of Glory, we will rejoice to the utmost upon seeing the full extent of the wonderful things God wrought in souls around us during the time we trod on this earthly pilgrim journey daily drawing so nigh to that Celestial City. Glory!

Christ’s unprofitable servant, (Luke 17:10)

Richard Yerby


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