Autumn 2012 (September, October, November)

Dear Friend in Christ,

My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving to Almighty God for enabling me to spend each and every fall day in the fields of harvest for eternal human souls, daily preaching out in public to lost Japanese souls around me, in their own language. I pray for the Holy Spirit to convict and to save many of them. Please intercede with me in prayer for their eternal salvation. O the tragic fate of those precious souls who die lost and undone. May our Lord give us compassion. May we truly care. May we each be our brotherís keeper and a vigilant watchman who constantly cries out, warning the wicked of their way and of their soon coming fate. I am so privileged in that God has placed me here in Japan to preach Christ to Buddhists and Shintoists Japanese souls. Thank you for praying for me and for helping me. May God richly bless you for all you do.

During each of the 3 fall months, I preached one Sunday in the church in the town of Yoshii, and one Sunday at the church in the town of Miyota. I preached the last Sunday of September in the church in the town of Minakami.

The church in Miyota had me come preach at a youth meeting the last Saturday afternoon of October. Well over 20 people attended. Several unsaved youth were present, along with a few unsaved moms who brought some of them. I preached salvation in Christ. May the Holy Spirit convict. May our Lord graciously save them. May they not perish in Hell!

Grace Chapel in Shinonoi in Nagano City invited me to preach Saturday evening, November 10th. A total of 9 others were present, I believe. I preached on soul winning, talking of the mass of lost souls around us, the many who commit suicide in Japan, and such. Hearts were touched. May our Lord revive us all and set our hearts afire to proclaim Christ boldly and constantly.

On December 2nd, I am scheduled to preach at Brother Jeffís church in Anjo City near the large city of Nagoya. Pastor Jeff asked me to teach the adult Sunday class, then preach at the 11 AM service in Japanese, and then also at the 1 PM service in English. Thank God for these opportunities. I pray for Holy Ghost Power from Heaven to fall upon us.

Then, Lord willing, I have made plans to spend December in Mie Prefecture at Mino Mission, preaching in their churches, distributing their powerful literature from house to house, preaching in public, and such. During December, please pray for God to bless with much fruit from this labour. Please pray for Pastor Isaac Ishiguro who pastors the Mino Mission churches.

Come January, I am desirous to go on south to Japanís southern main island of Kyushu to do evangelistic work there till March or so. If that be Godís Will, I pray for Him to guide me perfectly, open doors and hearts, and save many lost souls. Please pray for me regarding this tentative missionary trip.

Your prayers work powerful miracles for me here in Japan. Thank you for praying. Some of you give offerings to me. That helps me beyond measure. Thank you for being kind and generous to me. I thank God for you dear friends who care enough about me to give. May our Lord repay you many fold.

I pray that our Lord will bless you, your family, and friends with a most wonderful Christmas season. May He keep you in good health, save your lost family members, and provide your every need.

Christís unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby



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