Winter (December 2014, January and February 2015)

Dear Friend in Christ,

      On the first Saturday in December, I rode the trains south to Mino Mission in Mie Prefecture near the city of Nagoya. The next day, I preached in the 2 services in the Oogaki Bible Church. Then on most days, I distributed Christian literature from house to house and preached and sang hymns out in public.

      The Japanese Christians in the 3 Mino Mission churches held Christmas services in more than 20 care centers and old folks homes. I joined them for most of those services. I preached several times in their churches. I played King Herod about 3 times in their Christmas play about the birth of Jesus. 

      In all their Christmas evangelistic outreach, we got out a Gospel message to hundreds of lost Japanese souls. I pray for the Lord to save many of them.

      On the last Sunday in January, I preached in Bro. Jeff's church in Anjo City. Then he invited me to preach at his new years' service on January 1st. His people and his church members were a blessing to me.

       Many Japanese are out in public during the new years' holidays. So I did more outdoor evangelism  during that time, often preaching and singing till my voice was gone. Such a joy that was.

      I did such thru January 6th and then returned to my house in Matsuida on the 7th. I spent 5 days preparing to come to the U.S. and preached at the church in Isesaki on Sunday, January 11th.

      On the 14th of January, the Lord gave me a safe trip from Japan to Mississippi. I soon preached in Gordo, Alabama, then traveled to northern Florida to preach in a 6 AM office service in Brother Jeffery's office, in 1 house service, and one Sunday evening in a church. From there I drove to southern Georgia. On a cold windy day, I preached and sang with like-minded Christian friends on the streets in downtown Atlanta. The next day, I went with Barry to Fulton County Jail in Atlanta and preached to 12 prisoners in Barry's regular Saturday jail service. They listened so well. After that service, Barry and I were called on to "comfort" a young prisoner about 20 years old who had just gotten word that his 14 year old brother had died.

     While in southern Georgia, I preached in 1 church and in 2 house services. Then I headed west and spent a few weeks preaching in northwestern Arkansas, southern Missouri and eastern Oklahoma. My preaching schedule there got hindered by snow, freezing rain and sleet. And when February ended, I was in northwest Arkansas.

       It was a most blessed winter, labouring in fields of harvest for our Lord in such varied parts of this world. Thank you for helping me. I pray for our Lord to richly bless you.  

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