Winter (December 2010, January and February 2011)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Greetings in The Most High and Holy Name of our Precious Lord Jesus Christ! On December 2nd, our Lord gave me a safe flight from Tokyo to Guam, and I was thankful to leave the winter cold and embrace the warm, balmy tropical air on Guam. Three days later I taught at the Sunday School hour and then preached at the morning worship service at Freedom Baptist Church. What a blessing it was to be there with those Christian friends and to be preaching in English.

From that first Sunday on Guam (December 5th) till I left Guam on February 17th, by God’s Great Grace, I preached a total of 38 times in 5 different churches, praise God! That included preaching in regular church services, a Bible college, Christian schools’ chapels, AWANA groups, and church home services. What joy that brought to me! After preaching at Grace Baptist Church on a Sunday morning, 4 young Filipino men came forward at invitation time to trust in the Lord Jesus. What a blessing it was for the pastor and me to talk to them and to pray with them. Oh to see multitudes of lost souls come to the Lord.

During the time that I was on Guam, I kept a schedule on this site, listing the times and places of each service where I preached. I have deleted that schedule. But likely you saw it then, so I will not go into any more detail about it now. I am most thankful to each of the many pastors, church leaders and teachers, Christian school principals and teachers, and others in charge, who kindly invited me to preach. It was such a blessing to preach to the school children at chapel time and then usually be with them for some time at recess, or PE, or lunchtime. How lively they were, and such fun.

Another spiritual highlight of doing evangelistic work on Guam was endeavoring to not miss a day from doing outdoor evangelism. By God’s Grace, I only missed a very few days from that important and most rewarding evangelism. I would go to various public places, and sing, preach, give out tracts, talk to some people individually, and pray for some, as opportunity permitted. I witnessed to several homeless people, gave them tracts, prayed for them on the spot, and such. May they each yield themselves to our Lord for Christ to do great and wonderful things for them in their destitute situations.

On December 18th, I flew from Guam to the nearby small island of Tinian and spent 9 days there, flying back to Guam on December 27th. I did outdoor evangelism just about every day I was on Tinian. On 2 or 3 different days, I went from house to house, giving out tracts and talking to people. Tinian has a small population of over 3,000 people, I guess. It is quiet and peaceful. Many of the people are laid back, idle, & such. So they had time to talk, and a good number welcomed me as a visitor when I walked up to their houses unannounced. The local people there are Chamorro, a brown islander “tribe” of people. And most of them are Catholics.

While on Tinian, I attended Calvary Baptist Church where Brother Roger Workman pastors. On Sunday mornings, about 20 people were in attendance at his church. His congregation is made up mainly of Filipinos and Koreans, a few Chinese, and possibly some other nationalities. They all were a blessing to me as I fellowshipped with them. That was my 1st time to visit Tinian. One day, Pastor Workman and his wife took time to drive me to the scenic and famous places on little Tinian. They showed me the airfield that was so heavily used toward the end of World War II by our military, along with the bomb pits where the 2 atomic bombs were loaded onto B-29 bombers. Then those atom bombs were flown from Tinian and dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August 1945. I flew back to Guam from Tinian on 27 December 2010. (The 9 days I spent on Tinian was sandwiched in between the Guam preaching activities that I explained at the start of this letter.) 

On 17 February 2011, I boarded a 12:55 PM flight for Narita, Japan. As that plane took off from Guam, with a heart full of prayer and praise, I intensely watched that tropical island below from my window seat till it all disappeared from my sight under the plane’s wing. I just had a “gut feeling” that I will never go to Guam again. I first went to Guam (from Japan) in August 1975. Since then, God has allowed me to go from Japan to Guam more than 40 times. Each time, I spent a few weeks, and a few times I spent a few months there doing as much intense evangelistic work as I could. By God’s Grace, during those many trips, I saw a few hundred souls make the decision to trust in Christ as their Saviour. What a most rewarding joy that brings to me. The most happy and most joyous times I have experienced in all my 65 years of life, I experienced them on Guam. I will eternally be thankful to my Lord for giving me many rich blessings throughout my life, especially the special blessings I received down thru 35 years when frequently visiting the tropical Pacific island of Guam.

On arriving at my house in Matsuida, Japan about 9:30 at night on February 17th, there were patches of snow here and there on the ground. That made me so thankful to have been in the tropics thru most of this winter. I spent a week putting my personal affairs in order at my house. I also preached at the church in Yoshii on Sunday the 20th. We had a blessed service and time of fellowship after it. Then on 25 February, I rode the trains down past Nagoya to Mino Mission in Mie Prefecture. I got out and did public evangelism each day while there, and preached in the Tomidahama church on the last Sunday morning of February. A few lost souls were there. Please pray for their salvation. And that brings to an end, my news for the 3 winter months. To Almighty God be the glory for allowing me to do so much spiritually rewarding work and service for Our Precious Lord’s Sake during those months.

Thank you for praying for me, and for praying for the saved souls and the many lost souls to whom I preach. Your prayers move mountains and accomplish much eternal good. Please keep praying for me as I pray for you. As for you, who give offerings to me, thank you so much for that help. May our Lord repay you 7 fold over for all you give. May Jesus be most near and dear to you to bless and keep you during the very short time that remains till the end of time, as we know it. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

Christ’s unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby



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