Summer 2010 (June, July, August)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Greetings from Japan, in our Lord’s Most High and Holy Name. I praise our Lord for sustaining me to daily preach out in public thru out the summer. What a great joy and blessing that has been to me! May God save the many lost Japanese souls who have heard that preaching. I would carry as much as a half-gallon of water in 4 plastic bottles, and some days even get refills to drink more, as I poured that water into me and it steadily poured out of me all over, soaking me with sweat. Praise God for the privilege of pouring out my life for my Lord! As I write this at the end of August, the summer heat is already slightly abating, and I look forward (Lord willing) to preaching outdoors during the fall, in more comfortable temperatures, hopefully. Please intercede in prayer for the many lost Japanese who are hearing this preaching as they go about their normal daily affairs.

In July, I put out over 17,000 of the prayer sheets as newspaper stuffers in all the newspapers that went out in Midori City in Gunma Prefecture (40 miles or so from where I live). Thus far, none of the souls who received the prayer sheets has contacted me. I pray for The Holy Spirit to work powerfully in their hearts thru the prayers they saw, and hopefully read. Lord willing, on September 12th, the prayer sheets will go out in all the newspapers in Shibukawa City. I haven’t yet received the report of the exact count, but I think it is about 25,000. Please intercede in prayer for the many lost souls in Shibukawa who hopefully will lay eyes on those prayers.

O, for an outpouring of Holy Ghost Power and a truly Spiritual awakening among these spiritually dead Japanese idol worshippers. As long as the day of salvation continues, let us keep looking to our Gracious Lord in unwavering faith, believing Him to do great works amongst us for His Greater Glory! “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Presently, 2 Japanese Christian friends of mine who are quite fluent in English are translating my book, “Vanity of Vanities” into Japanese. Please pray for our Lord to perfect their work. Each of them has a most busy life, leaving so little time to work on the translating. So I keep looking for more Japanese Christians who are capable of doing such translating and want to help with it. Please pray for God to provide translators in accordance to His Will.

Throughout the summer, I have preached and taught Bible in the churches in Miyota, Takasaki, Yoshii, Minakami, and at Shinonoi Grace Chapel in Nagano City. In many of the services, lost Japanese attended. I thank God for drawing them to come hear the preaching. And I pray they will repent and trust in Christ. I have also distributed Christian literature from house to house. I hope to do that more in the fall when the weather cools off a little. Summers are quite hot and humid here in central Japan where I live. Outdoor work quickly saps one’s strength, so daily I limit my time working outside when it is so hot. 

I pray for God to perfect you and to use you greatly to glorify Him. May our Lord bless you abundantly and lead you in paths of righteousness for His Precious Name’s Sake. Thank you for praying for me and for the missionary work I do. As for you who give offerings, I am most grateful to you for that help. May our Lord repay you many fold. I am so privileged to live in Japan, exalting Christ among Buddhists and Shintoists. I appreciate so much, you being a part of this missionary work by praying and giving. May our Dear Lord richly bless you and ever safely keep you and your family in His Loving and Gracious Care.

Christ’s unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby


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