Spring 2010 (March, April, & May)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Thank you for praying. Thank you for interceding in prayer for the many lost Japanese souls to whom I daily preach Christ. I too, daily and constantly intercede in prayer for them. Early this year, as I was out street preaching and praying for souls to listen and to trust in Christ, I asked God to help me to be more diligent to preach much more out in public. Soon I started doing it most every day, and set a goal of rarely missing a day. I asked God to help me reach that goal. In March, I missed just a very few (3 or 4) days. In April, I only missed 1 day (of rain), and then again in May, I only missed 1 day of the month, praise God. Some days I preach in the rain, holding an umbrella. On such days, I usually preach outdoors only a short time. But, praise God, a few lost souls hear straight Bible preaching each time. May The Holy Spirit work powerfully in their hearts by that straight Bible preaching they are hearing, and lead them to salvation in Christ. There is much power in intercessory prayer. Thank you for interceding. God bless you for it.

Overall, preaching out in public brings me more joy than anything else I do in my Christian walk with My Lord Jesus. It also brings much spiritual growth. I have come to know that God greatly desires that each of us Christians be a public witness for Him. Ask your Lord to guide you to witness in public in accordance to His Will for you. He may lead you to give out Christian literature, talk to people on a one-to-one basis, display Gospel signs or placards on your property or car, sing Christian songs out in public, or such. There are various, good methods, and God will bless any sincere efforts on our part to reach lost souls with a Gospel message. As for you Christian brothers (men), pray about preaching in public, giving your testimony, singing, or such. Doing such will bring much spiritual growth to you.

As this sinful ol’ world rapidly self-destructs around me, God’s Holy Spirit keeps speaking to me ever so clearly, saying; “Stay with old-fashioned Bible basics.” Much Bible reading and study. Much prayer, intercessory prayer for lost, perishing souls. Much bold preaching and witnessing at every opportunity. Regular fasting. By God’s Grace, I try to fast 1or 2 days a week, with periodic longer fasts. Fasting is so beneficial, spiritually, rewarding me with stronger faith and more victory in my own heart. Please listen to what The Holy Spirit is now saying to you, regarding these things.  

During the spring, I have preached in the Miyota church and in the Yoshii church, and have taught English Bible in the church in Takasaki. About 10 people attended that English Bible class in May. I think that is the highest attendance ever for it. Four or so of them are not Christians. Let’s pray for them to receive Christ.

On Saturday, May 29th, a group of 8 young people from the Mino Mission Tomidahama Church in Mie Prefecture came to my town, as they were in this area on a trip that day. We had a “revival” service here in Matsuida. About 13 Christians from the church in Yoshii joined us. What a blessed time it was. I preached on “Faith Moving Mountains.” May God give all us believers such faith.

On several days in the spring, I distributed Christian literature in addition to preaching in public. Please pray that the souls who receive the literature will read it and think seriously on what they read. 

On the day this letter is posted on this site, Lord willing, a new book I have just finished writing will also be posted, “Vanity of Vanities.” I pray that God will lead many people to read it. In 1975 (near the start of my missionary journey in Japan), a Japanese Christian man gave me some wise advice. “Try to get lost Japanese people to read the book of Ecclesiastes. God’s wisdom in Ecclesiastes will destroy the basic foundation of their lives, which is; living to the fullest for the pleasures and accomplishments of this present world only while giving absolutely no thought to eternity and to preparing for eternity.”

Ecclesiastes clearly tell us just how vain is this life under the sun. I have written this book primarily for the purpose of having Japanese people, especially lost Japanese, read it. Please pray that many of them will. Now, Lord willing, I will get Japanese Christian friends to help me translate it into the Japanese language, and then endeavor to get many Japanese people to read it in their language. Please pray that God will provide Japanese Christians to help with the translating, and that our Lord will perfect that translating work in a timely fashion. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of many Japanese to desire to read the book, and that their hearts will be attentive to The Holy Spirit’s Voice as they read it. I pray that many of them will forsake their life of vanity, trust in The Lord Jesus Christ, and start living for Him. 

You can see at a glance, that the content of the book is simply the Scriptures in Ecclesiastes and after each verse, a prayer regarding that Scripture. “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” While writing each simple prayer, I earnestly prayed for God to make each one a powerful prayer that would greatly change anyone who prays them sincerely. I pray that you will ask other people you know to read this book. May each of us earnestly pray those prayers. I think it would be most beneficial for you Christian parents to go thru those prayers with your children. I regret that I do not yet have this book on paper. Lord willing, I hope to get it printed on paper someday.

Lord willing, in July, I hope to put out over 26,000 of the prayer sheets as newspaper stuffers. (This is a prayer sheet that I wrote about 6 years ago, and put out several thousand annually as newspaper stuffers.) Please pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people who will receive one in July, Lord willing.

Thank you for praying. As for those of you who give offerings, thank you so much for that great help. May God richly bless and repay you for all you do for me. What a great help you are.

Christ’s unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby





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