SPRING 2011 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,

On Thursday morning, May 19th, I was passing out notices to kids outside the gate of Nishi Yokono Elementary School here in the town of Matsuida where I live, as they walked to school. Several of them gathered around me talking with me, and I listened carefully as they spoke of their fears of natural disasters. Such is on the minds of many people nowadays. One girl about 10 years old blurted out, “You just don’t know what’s coming next.” I urged her to trust in Christ and to daily pray to Him for protection. I told her Christ gives eternal life to those who trust in Him. Please pray that she will call on Christ to save her. I try to not miss a day preaching out in public. There, many people hear me. The vast majority of them never attend church. I pray for the Holy Spirit to strongly convict them, and to stir up their hearts to seek the True and Living God. Please intercede with me for the salvation of their souls. Thank you so much for praying. 

When March arrived, I was at Mino Mission in Mie Prefecture near the large city of Nagoya. On Wednesday night, March 2nd, I taught the Bible lesson at the Tomidahama Church there. About 8 others were present that evening. The following Sunday, March 6th, I preached in the morning service at that church. Over 30 souls attended. The following Thursday afternoon, I rode with Pastor Isaac to the Mino Mission church in the city of Oogaki. Then I walked in the cold wind and spitting rain over an hour, leaving church flyers at each house in a neighborhood near the church and preached a little on the streets. Then at the 7 PM church service that night, I preached the sermon. About 12 people were present. We talked and fellowshipped a while after the service, after which I rode back to Tomidahama with Pastor Isaac, and got to bed somewhat late, rejoicing in a blessed day in the fields white unto harvest.

The following afternoon, Friday, March 11, I said “Farewell” to the few then present there at the church in Tomidahama, and left on the train. Just about each day since arriving at Mino Mission on February 25th, by God’s grace, I did outdoor evangelism; putting out flyers, tracts, and such, and preaching and singing in public places. What a great joy to reach thousands of lost souls with the saving Gospel of Christ. I pray that many of them will repent and trust in the Lord Jesus. God help us all to truly care about the many lost souls around us.

As I was riding toward Nagoya on the slow, local train, the earthquake and tidal wave occurred in northern Japan. When I arrived at my friends’ house in Gifu City, they were watching the news of it on TV. I spoke to them of our need for Christ’s Help and Salvation and gave them some Christian literature. Please pray that each member of the Suenami family will trust in the Lord Jesus.

The next day, Saturday, I rode the train thru Nagoya to Ken’s house and visited with his family (he, wife, son, and daughter) and had lunch with Ken and his son. Just after I arrived there, the wife and daughter left to attend a support meeting of people who had a family member with cancer. Ken is from the town of Matsuida where I live and is about 62 years old. I first met Ken in Matsuida last November when he was here in Matsuida visiting his aged parents. Then, in January or February, Ken learned that he has cancer. It is spreading thru out his body. There in his house on this day, I gave him the sheet of prayers I wrote and told him and his son of their need to trust in Christ for eternal life. Please pray that all of his family will receive Christ.

Ken and his son took me to the nearest train station and I took a different route home, trying to stay away from the areas affected by the earthquake. I was able to ride the trains to about 10 miles from my house. There, I called a Japanese Christian friend who lived nearby, and he was kind enough to bring me home in his car.

The following morning, Sunday, March 13, I preached in the church in Takasaki because Pastor Kanai was in the States at the time. About 8 others attended the church service that morning. The following Sunday, March 20th, I preached in the Yoshii church. About 17 people attended. From then thru May, I have preached in these 2 churches, and also in the church in Minakami and the church in Miyota. I thank God for these invitations to fill pulpits in various churches. I pray hard for God to make me a great blessing to all who hear and to save any lost souls that are present.

By God’s grace, I try not to miss a day preaching out in public. What a rich blessing beyond description. (Try it!) I am so privileged to be here in Japan exalting Christ. Pray that I will highly exalt my Saviour daily. Pray that our Lord will perfect me in every way, as I pray the same for you. God richly bless you for praying. As for you who give offerings, thank you for being such a great help. I pray for our Lord to repay you 7-fold over for all you do and give. God be near and dear to you to bless you and to keep you in His Tender, Loving Care.

                     Christ’s unprofitable servant,

                      Richard Yerby 



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