The apostle Paul said, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” (I Corinthians 15:10) That is also my testimony. From the time I was born, my parents took me to a Christian church regularly, where the Holy Bible was taught. Also, my Christian parents taught the Bible to us children at home. My young and tender heart and conscience readily understood the Bible truth that I was a sinner in God’s sight, as all people are. I was taught from the Bible that as a sinner, I was bound for an eternal lake of fire called Hell. And I believed that truth. I was also taught from the Bible how that God the Son, Jesus Christ, is the Saviour of the world, and that His death on the cross was a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. (He paid my sin debt for me on the cross.) I was taught how that three days after His crucifixion, Christ rose from the dead never to die again. I was plainly told that if I personally made the decision to repent of my sins to God and receive Jesus Christ as my own Saviour, then He would save me from going to Hell to receive the punishment of my sins there. And instead, He would receive me into God’s Heaven after this life. All these Bible truths went right home to my young heart and I immediately totally believed all of them, never doubting them one bit.

  As soon as I was old enough to understand these simple Bible truths, I so much wanted Christ to be my Saviour. So I prayed to Him, telling Him I was sorry for my sins, asked Him to forgive me, have mercy on me, and save me. That was around 1952 and I was about 6 years old.

  Because I was fully aware that I could do nothing to save myself from an eternal Hell and because I totally trusted in Almighty God the Saviour of the world to save me, I praise His Name that He did so. The Lord Jesus Christ forgave my sins, cleansed me from them by His shed blood on the cross, and by God’s great power, He made me into a new creature. He made me into a born-again, saved child of God, with eternal life and a home in Heaven, and with God the Holy Spirit presently dwelling in my spirit.  

That is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. It is also the most important thing that can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. And one reason I tell you this and offer you these Bible teachings, is because every person needs Christ’s salvation to escape the torments of Hell after death and enter into the bliss of Heaven.

That is because all people have sinned against God their Maker. (Romans 3:23) And God has mercifully provided us forgiveness of sin and salvation from its punishment in Hell, but only through God the Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Saviour of the world. Christ is the Only Way to God the Father and He is the Only Way to Heaven. (John 14:6) Therefore if you do not repent to God of your sins and trust in Christ as your own personal Saviour; then after death you will be banished to the torments of hell fire forever. Whatever you do, I beg you, don’t let that be your eternal fate.

There is only One True God. He is the Creator of all things. He is the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Israel is God’s Chosen Nation, His Chosen People, and The Apple of His Eye. The One True God is the God of The Holy Bible.

God has given us His Eternal Word, The Holy Bible to reveal Himself to us and to instruct us in His Ways. In English, this is the Holy Bible, King James Version, 1611. It is the most valuable and most important physical object on this earth. It’s entire content is inspired of God; God-breathed, written by Almighty God Himself, using men to pen the words. It is without error. Any other version of the Bible is in error, anywhere it differs from the King James Version 1611. And most all these other versions are counterfeit bibles from the devil. They contain some truth, but also much error. So beware of them. And if you read the Bible in English, please read the King James Version, 1611, because it alone is God’s Pure and Holy Truth.

True Christianity is the result of people believing and obeying the Bible. So beware of religious groups who claim to be Christian, make a pretense of using the Bible, but do not believe it and practice it. If you read this teaching of mine, diligently compare it with the Holy Bible. And if perchance I have erred somewhere and differ from the Bible, then by all means, believe the Bible instead of me.

Fallen, sinful men and God’s adversary, the devil, have made all the other religions outside of the Bible. All such religions are false and lead to eternal destruction in Hell. So please avoid them. Though they may contain some truth, they also teach much falsehood and many lies. Only the Holy Bible is from God. Only the Holy Bible is totally true. So please honour, reverence, and treasure it and the One True God Who gave it to us, above all the other things you treasure in this life. If you will do that, I promise you that you will never regret it for all eternity.

“For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Psalms 119:89) “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35) Because the Words of the Holy Bible will never pass away, they are the only True Foundation and only True Guide for your life. The Bible’s Truth will always uphold you. It will never fail you nor let you down. The Truth in God’s Holy Bible is the ONLY True Hope and Help for all mankind. So that is why I teach it to everyone I can. It is the one thing most needful to you.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6) The Lord Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Heaven. He alone is totally True and He is Truth itself. He alone is Eternal Life. For you to live a blessed life forever, you must receive Him now. You were created by God as an eternal soul. Therefore you will never cease to exist. After this life, all Christ rejecters are banished to an eternal lake of fire, called Hell. During this life all people who put their trust in Christ to save them, will afterward enter into God’s glorious Heaven to abide there forever.

As for these two Bible verses I just listed (Matthew 24:35 and John l4:6), throughout my life I have found them to be exactly what they claim to be; God’s never-changing and never-ending Truth. I can safely say the same thing for each and every word in the Holy Bible, King James Version 1611.

I put forth these writings to you simply because I want you to obey God your Creator. If you will obey God’s instructions in His Holy Bible, you will never regret doing so. And you will have the best life possible. I speak that from long, deep, and blessed experience. By God’s Grace, I have made God’s Holy Bible the Guide for my life. And that has resulted in a life of joy, happiness, and fulfillment beyond description. I want the same kind of life for you. So does God your Creator. And you would be most foolish to reject that wonderful life which only Jesus Christ can give you.

I do not want you to follow me. I want you to follow the One True God Who created you. By God’s grace, I do not covet your money, possessions, time, or anything that belongs to you. I never ask people to give me money nor do I advertise my financial needs to them. (To beg for money in the Name of God and to broadcast my financial needs in the Name of God would be the sin of not living by faith in God.) I desire that you follow the One True God Who created you, because He soon is to judge you in Holiness and Righteousness regarding the life you are now living on this earth.

Other sinful people who are greedy of gain, preeminence, and such; might possibly broadcast these writings of mine, along with requests for money and such. If so, please SHUN THEM and have nothing to do with them. They have absolutely no part with me nor with this holy ministry my God has so graciously given me the privilege of carrying on.

“I believed, and therefore I have spoken.” (II Corinthians 4:13) I too have believed the entire Bible; everything that God has taught us. And therefore it is only natural that I speak the words of the Bible to everyone that I can. It is only natural because God commands me to do so. Therefore I am duty-bound to God to obey Him and thus to speak His Words. It is only natural because of the great relief I have, knowing that God has saved me from the punishment of my sins in eternal Hell fire. So I want you to know that same relief also. It is only natural that I speak, because of the great joy that constantly overflows from my heart, because I have eternal life in Christ and therefore have an eternal Home awaiting me in God’s perfect Heaven. That joy overflows so much that I cannot help but speak. And I so much want you to know that constant, abundant, overflowing joy also. And I want you too, to have an eternal Home in Heaven, that only Christ can give you.

Much of this writing is for you who are already my brothers and sisters in Christ. Because a lot of it is sharp words and strong language, it is easy for you to think that I consider myself a perfect, know-it-all saint of a Christian and that I am looking down on you as being the worst Christian ever. But that is not true at all. All of these things that I am preaching to Christian believers, are things that God has taught me to be most important in my own Christian life. But not only that, God has also shown me how terribly I have failed to obey these things in the past, and still presently often fail to obey them. So as I pray for God to help you, my fellow believer, to be obedient in these things, I want you to please pray the same thing for me.  

As you read thru these writings I am putting forth to you, you will often hear the Saviour of the world knocking at your heart’s door. For you who have not yet received Him as your Saviour, He wants to come into your life to save you. For you who have already believed on Him, He will be knocking on the doors of the rooms in your heart that you have selfishly kept closed to Him. May God help you to respond to each and every knock you hear from this precious Saviour, by opening your heart wide open to Him.


       “My Most Gracious and Loving Heavenly Father, I lift up my heart to Thee, crying out to Thee in earnest prayer. I confess that Thou art the One True God; the Lord God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the God of the Holy Bible. I know without any doubt that Thou art real and that Thou rulest the entire universe from Thy Throne in Heaven. I know that Thou art All-Powerful, All Knowing, and Omnipresent, being everywhere in Thy Universe at all times. I know that Thou art a God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward. (Deuteronomy 10:31) I know that Thou art Holy and Righteous and art a Consuming Fire. (Hebrews 12:29) I know that it is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the living God. (Hebrews 10:31) I know Thou requirest me to serve Thee with fear and trembling. (Psalms 2:11) So I humbly beg Thee to help me do exactly that.

I know that Thou hast ordained that I write these writings for the purpose of glorifying Thee. I also know for certain, that without Thee, I can do nothing. (John 15:5) So I plead with Thee to please enable me by Thy Great Power to accomplish the goal of these writings. Please help me to be totally void of any selfish vainglory as that would take away from Thy Glory. Please keep my heart in perfect communion with Thee so that I may proclaim Thy Wonderful Truth, free of error. Perchance I set about to write anything that is not Thy Will that I write, please do whatever is necessary to over rule my stubborn will or my erroneous thinking; and thereby prevent me from writing anything that would be displeasing to Thee in any way at all. Lord God, how I long for Thy Great Glory to shine ever so brightly throughout all this writing of mine! May each page glow with Thy Splendid Glory. Please grant this, Lord, I humbly pray.

‘And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.’ (John 12:32) Lord Jesus, that is exactly what I want to do so badly. I want to lift Thee up ever so high and glorify Thee ever so greatly. So by Thy Great Power, please enable me to do so.

Oh how wonderful and merciful it was of Thee, Lord, to love me with the greatest love there is, that Thou gavest Thy Life for me. Thank Thee for being so merciful and gracious to an undeserving sinner like me. Thank Thee for being the Good Shepherd and seeking out this lost sheep (me), and bringing me into the fold of Thy eternal salvation. How I love Thee for that, my Precious Lord.

Heavenly Father, I know that presently, I fail Thee by sinning against Thee in thought and in deed. Therefore I ask Thee for mercy, forgiveness, and cleansing by the precious shed blood of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. I acknowledge that some of my sins are not against Thee alone, but are also against other people. So I pray that Thou wouldest enable them also, to have mercy on me and find forgiveness in their hearts for me and for my sins against them. 

Lord Jesus, the vast majority of the people now on this earth with me are lost and undone sinners, stumbling through the darkness and misery of sin, on their way to an eternal Hell of torments in the never-ending fire there. Thou gavest Thy Life for each and every one of them. Thou art not willing that any of them should perish, but rather that all people should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9) Thy eternal salvation is available to, and is sufficient for everyone in the whole world. Therefore, my Lord and my God, I so much want to be instrumental in leading many lost, doomed souls to Thee, the only Saviour of the world. So by Thy Unlimited Power, please help me to do that, I humbly pray.

Heavenly Father, from the depths of my heart, I cry out in praise to Thee, that thus far Thou hast allowed me to be instrumental in leading a number of souls to Christ and His Salvation. I give Thee all the glory for that and thank Thee with all my heart for allowing me to be a part of it. And from now on, I desire to win many more souls to Christ.

So, Lord, please go before me now and prepare the hearts of all who will read these writings. Come now and let Thy Holy Ghost Power fall mightily upon these readers. Set all their hearts free from the devil, demons, and all evil powers. Destroy all their own selfish human resistance to Thee, their Creator. And prepare a heart in each person that is willing and ready to receive all of Thy Truth. Start those hearts to hungering and thirsting after righteousness, Lord, I pray.

My Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that I do not have the power to make anyone’s heart better. I confess that only Thou, an All-Powerful God, can do that. So I desperately plead with Thee, to let the thunder of Thy Power fall in unlimited measure upon the hearts and minds of each and every person who reads these writings. And greatly change them, Lord, by Thy Power. Praise Thy Name, Lord Jesus, that nothing is impossible with Thee.

Lord Jesus, Thou art the True Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. (John 1:9) Praise Thy Great Name that when Thy True Light shineth in the darkness, that the darkness cannot possibly overcome it. (John 1:5) So I call upon Thee now, to shine that True Light into the hearts of these readers and thereby slay them with it, just as Thou diddest to Saul on the road to Damascus.

‘It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy law.’ (Psalms 119:126) Lord, many who read this are presently turning Thy glory into shame and making void thy Law. So please change their hearts and cause them to cease that, I pray. ‘Where is the Lord God of Elijah?’ (II Kings 2:14) Where is the Lord God that answers by fire from Heaven?

I confess that with God, all things are possible. So where be all His miracles (Judges 6:13) that we can expect daily from an All-Powerful God Who can do anything? I beg Thee to cause Thy Glorious Voice to be heard and to show the lighting down of Thy Arm. (Isaiah 30:30) Send us a mighty revival from Heaven, Lord. We are hungry, weary, and thirsty in this wilderness. (II Samuel 17:29) How we need a refreshing rain from Heaven. Let there be showers of blessings and the sound of abundance of rain, Lord, I pray.    

My Lord God, in asking Thee for so great a thing as revival fire falling from Heaven resulting in multitudes getting saved, I humbly ask Thee to recall how that when Thou called me to forsake my homeland and serve Thee in this foreign land of Japan; that I did not fight, nor resist, nor run from Thee and Thy Calling. Rather my heart was immediately filled with joy and I felt so honoured and privileged to receive this calling. Thou well knowest that is true. So please think on that for me, as I plead with Thee for revival.

When I came to Japan in the U.S. military, planning to return ‘home’ in one year, Thou spakest to me and told me to quit the military at the end of that year and remain here in Japan as Thy servant and without any income. Thou well knowest what a fearful thing that was to me and how weak my faith was at that time. Thou also knowest how that when I went to other missionaries here in Japan, seeking encouragement from them to follow Thy calling, most of them told me that would be a foolish thing to do and strongly advised me against doing it. But Thou also knowest that still I obeyed Thee, and I went out, not knowing whither I went. (Hebrews 11:8)

Lord Jesus, Thou well knowest how that some Christian family members ‘back home,’ some Christian relatives ‘back home,’ and some Christian friends ‘back home’ have taken it upon themselves to be lord of my life. And they have constantly wearied me throughout the years of my missionary journey by steadily urging me to turn my back on Thy calling and to return ‘home’ to be there with them, mainly for their own pleasure. So I ask Thee to recall how that I have turned a deaf ear to their sinful, selfish desires and have set my face like a flint and have followed the Lamb of God whithersoever Thou has led me. (Revelation 14:4)

Once when a Christian family member put on a sad face and told me ever so plainly how sad and regretful it was to her to see me wasting my life in service to Thee, I counted it ALL joy to be pouring out my life in anointing Thee, Lord, while the crowd looks on with disgust, complaining about what a waste that is. (Mark 14:3-9) So I ask Thee, Lord, to think on me for good, for these things.

My Lord, I ask Thee to recall how simple I have lived during my missionary journey, doing without a lot of things many Christians consider essential, so I could broadcast more Gospel seed. Please think on the times when I was away from home, that I chose to sleep on a piece of cardboard on concrete, or in my car, or on a bench at a train station, instead of spending money for a comfortable hotel room. I did that for the purpose for using that money in Thy Work.

 Please remember the times I did without food in order to buy Bible literature to pass out to people who tore it up, threw it down, and trampled upon it. (Please have mercy on their wicked, doomed souls, Lord.) Also, please remember that particular day I preached to the public along the streets here in Matsuida, the day that was the 17th day of fasting. And in my weakness I preached Thy Gospel to all the lost souls within hearing, while leaning against utility poles.

Please remember that it was embarrassing to me the few times a guest came to my house unexpectedly, and I had absolutely no food to put before them and no money to go buy food for them. When I literally tightened up my belt and friends made jesting remarks about it when they readily noticed it on my old, worn belt, Thou knowest that I just ignored them and kept right on following in Thy Footsteps.

Thou well knowest that I have more than gladly endured all these light afflictions for Thee (with just the normal amount of ‘weak human flesh’ grumbling and complaining). And the only thing I ask in return from Thee, my Dear Lord, is the salvation of many more precious souls for whom Thou died.

My Lord, please remember that I have held Christian evangelistic services everywhere I can in this area where Thou hast put me, renting buildings and holding services in over 80 neighborhoods, doing all the arranging, inviting, and the conducting of the services alone. Though many times, no one comes to the scheduled services, Thou knowest that I haven’t quit. And when only one or two people show up, I do my best to clearly show them the way to Heaven, because those one or two souls are just as valuable as any soul Thou hast created.

And because so few people will attend the services I conduct, or allow me into their house to witness to them, Thou hast led me to preach to them out in public. So dear Lord, by all means consider that I joyfully responded to Thy most wonderful invitation, ‘Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.’ (Hebrews 13:13) I know that Thou hast kept an accurate count of every minute I stood out in the highways and hedges, holding forth the words of life to everyone (preaching and singing out in public) while many of the devil’s crowd opposed that in every way possible, even to the extent of threatening my life. And even some Christians speak in disgust against me preaching on the streets. I readily see that most Christians adamantly refuse this most honourable invitation of Thine, them being too full of sinful pride to bear Thy reproach. So please think on me in regard to these things, and remember that I haven’t been ashamed to bear Thy reproach without the camp. And I praise Thy Great Name, Lord Jesus, that the very best of all fellowship I have ever known with Thee, has been the times when I have gone forth unto Thee, without the camp, bearing Thy reproach by proclaiming Thy words out in public to all those who hate Thee.

Lord Jesus, I humbly ask Thee to remember down thru the years, the many hours I have interceded to Thee in prayer for lost souls and for revival fire. So I ask Thee to honour that NOW please, and pour out mighty revival fire that will sweep many souls into Thy eternal kingdom.

I ask Thee, My Lord and My God, to remember the many hours I have chosen to be alone in sweet communion, fellowship, and intercession with Thee, as opposed to being with other people, eating, drinking, playing, making merry, gabbing, and such. Also please remember that by Thy Grace and Help, I have stayed faithful to Thy calling down thru the years on this barren, foreign mission field; while watching many other missionaries give up and quit during that time. Though family, relatives, and friends back ‘home’ too, have nagged me to quit and come back there; by Thy Grace, I have kept my hand to the plow and haven’t turned back. (Luke 9:62) So please think on me for these things and bless, I pray.

Lord God, I am fully aware that my righteousness is as filthy rags in Thy Sight (Isaiah 64:6), and that I am an unprofitable servant to Thee. (Luke 17:10). Still, if Thou findest any merit in these things I have joyfully done in Thy Name from a heart overflowing with love and gratitude to Thee; then the reward that I ask of Thee, is the salvation of a great number of precious lost souls, for whom Thou died, Lord Jesus, and art not willing that a one of them should perish. If I have any payday coming to me from Thee, I do not want it in material things, a life of ease, pleasures, or earthly wealth, or such. I rather ask to be paid in souls being saved. By Thy Help and Thy Grace, I have lived to lay up eternal treasures in Heaven instead of striving to gain earthly treasures that pass away. So if I do presently have any treasures awaiting me in Heaven, I humbly ask Thee if I may trade them to Thee, for more souls to be saved. That’s because I can think of no greater treasure than many more redeemed around Thy Throne, forever praising Thee saying; ‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.’ (Revelation 5:12&l3)

Lord Jesus, Thou plainly teacheth us in the Bible that Thou givest eternal, heavenly treasures as a reward to those who serve Thee while living on earth. I believe that promise of Thine and thereby believe I have treasures awaiting me in Heaven. And if that be so, Lord, I want to make a deal with Thee, please. I will gladly trade all my heavenly, eternal treasures to Thee, Lord, for the salvation of just one of the ‘special’ lost souls Thou hast made so dear and precious to me that sometimes I just don’t think I would be able to enjoy Heaven if they are not there with us. So I beg Thee, Lord, to please let me make that trade with Thee, as that would bring me so much joy forever.

Lord God, I know that Thou hast heard my prayers and hast seen my tears. ‘I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears.’ (II Kings 20:5) ‘Put Thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book.’ (Psalms 56:8) Thank Thee, Lord, for putting my tears into Thy bottle and keeping a precise record of them in Thy book.

‘They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. (Psalms 126:5&6) I claim this most wonderful promise of Thine, O God. And I confess that I know that Thou hast put each and every one of my tears shed for lost souls, into Thy bottle. I also know that Thou hast kept an accurate count of them in Thy book. With Thy Help, I have gone forth to many souls, weeping, bearing Thy precious Gospel seed. Therefore, in absolute and unwavering faith in Thee and in Thy Great Power, I know that I shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing many sheaves with me. Glory to God in the Highest for this great joy unspeakable and so full of Glory! What a great treasure it is.

So I come before Thee now, Lord God, to proclaim to Thee that I firmly believe that it is harvest time. Therefore I call on Thee for a mighty outpouring of Thy Spirit that will cause a vast multitude of souls to repent and to turn to Christ and receive Him. Please hear this plea, Lord, I pray.

Heavenly Father, I praise Thy Name for keeping me from the sin of serving Mammon in Thy Great and Glorious Name, by keeping me from making financial needs known in Thy Name, begging for filthy lucre in Thy Great and Holy Name, merchandising Thy Gospel, passing a money bucket under the noses of those who come to my services, and such. ‘Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ (Matthew 6:24)

I Thank Thee that from the very start of my ministry, Thou gavest me clear guidance in, and kept me right in, all of those above matters, except the one about the money bucket. And back about 1982, when I was on Guam and doing a lot of evangelistic work that required mammon, for about a month I made the grave mistake of passing a money bucket under the noses of those who came to my services. And during that time, I clearly came to know that it was not a good thing to do. So by Thy Grace, I ceased it, repented of it, and haven’t done it since.

Seeing that there are so very few preachers and Christian workers who will refrain from serving unrighteous mammon in Thy High and Holy Name (by refraining from the above mentioned things), I deeply sense that Thou hast dealt to me (and to just a few, select others) a special measure of Thy Great Grace, by which I feel so much closer to Thee and sense a deeper and more intimate fellowship with Thee because of that. And how my heart overflows with gratitude unto Thee for it. Thank Thee so much for this special grace for me.

‘Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ Therefore each of us must choose which one of these we will serve, as Thou hast made it most clear to us that we can’t serve both. So I now want to go on record before Thee, Lord God, and before Thy entire universe by declaring that I choose to serve Thee only and have absolutely no desire to serve mammon. Though I can firmly make that decision, I cannot practice it without Thy Divine Help. So now that I have proclaimed my choice to everyone, I call on Thee, Lord, to work powerfully in my heart to help me to stick to this choice and always serve Thee and to never serve mammon.

Lord Jesus, I observe the vast majority of Christian leaders as they gladly tarnish Thy Most Glorious Name by freely using Thy Holy Name as “promotion” in their service to mammon; by broadcasting their financial needs to everyone far and wide, by pleading with and begging fallen, degenerate mankind for filthy lucre in Thy High and Holy Name as if Thou art poor and owneth nothing, by merchandising Thy Precious Gospel in rebellion to Thy command to ‘freely give’ (Matthew 10:8), by passing a money bucket under the noses of the people who assemble together in Thy Name, and such. And I perceive that the sin of the love of money causes them to commit these terrible sins, which rob Thee of the glory due to Thee from their lives. Lord Jesus, I pray for all people who defile Thy Most Wonderful Name by using it to serve mammon. Please change them so that they will do right about it, Lord, I earnestly pray.

Lord, I give Thee all the glory for helping me to do as right as I have done regarding not serving mammon in Thy Name, the Name above all names. I know that whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23) and that without faith it is impossible to please Thee (Hebrews 11:6). So please help me to continue to do right by not serving mammon and help me to be humble about serving Thee alone, giving Thee the glory.  

Heavenly Father, Thou hast been so gracious to me to cause other Christians to support this missionary work Thou hast called me to do. How I thank Thee for the many who pray for me and for the salvation of the lost souls to whom I preach. Please bless them greatly for praying and interceding, and always guide and direct their hearts and thoughts so that they always pray Thy Will. Thank Thee for the small handful of Christian friends who have supported me financially during these three decades I have done missionary work. Thou hast selected only a very few to have a part in this. How generous it is of them to impart of their monies to me. So please bless them richly for it and repay them many fold over, I earnestly pray.

Lord Jesus, please help me to love my enemies, bless them that curse me, do good to them that hate me, and pray for them which despitefully use me and persecute me. (Matthew 5:44.) Help me to forgive others as Thou hast forgiven me. (Matthew 6:14&15) Help me to feed my enemy when he hungers and give him drink when he thrists. (Romans 12:20) Lord, Thou knowest that it is SO hard for me to obey these commands of Thine that I have just prayed about. So I desperately need an abundant, special measure of Thy Grace to enable me to obey Thee and please Thee in these matters. So please give me this most needed Help that can only come from Thee. Please help me to overcome stubborn, selfish me.

Lord Jesus, I now pray for my enemies. I pray for those children of the devil I’ve met who are Thine enemies and therefore made me their enemy simply because I am Thy little messenger boy. I pray for the salvation of those among them who are not already in the eternal torments of hell fire without any hope whatsoever of release or escape. I pray for the ones among those enemies who are still alive in this life here on earth and thereby still have a chance to be saved during this day of salvation. Please pour out an abundance of Thy miraculous mercy and grace upon each of their souls to work repentance in each of their hearts so that they will repent to God and receive Thee as their Saviour. I don’t want a one of them to perish in Hell. How wonderful it would be if I could meet all of them in Heaven. So please grant this request, Lord, I pray, and lead them to Thy Salvation. 

Though the apostle Paul asked believers if he had become their enemy because he told them the truth (Galatians 4:16), I still do not like to consider Christian brothers and sisters who have opposed my ministry to be my enemies. And as I now pray for them in all sincerity and with a heart full of Thy Love for them, I ask Thee to bless them greatly. For those who have, in all honesty, opposed my Christian work in whole or in part, please show them the matters about which they were wrong and change their hearts to ‘right.’ As for the matters in which I was wrong and am still wrong, please show that to me and help me to change to ‘right.’ I also pray for those Christians who have opposed my missionary work in a most sinful manner with lies, slander, deceit, and such. Please have mercy on them and change their hearts to ‘right.’ I pray for those who out of jealously have opposed this work Thou hast given me. Please give them victory over such an immature, childish sin and help them to do ‘right.’

I pray for the several sinful thieves who have stolen money and substance, which Thou provided to me and to my associates for missionary work. Please have mercy on them and save the unsaved among them. Most of the thieves I am aware of are professing Christians and most of those are ‘pro- fessing’ preachers, pastors, and missionaries. If there are any children of the devil among them, posing as counterfeit Christians, please save them. As for the others who are Christian leaders, please show them just how displeasing it is to Thee for them to steal from a poor missionary. Show them just how sinful it was to covet and take the very small amount of funds given to me in Thy Name (temporarily entrusted in their care), just because they needed or wanted that money.

I pray for the pastor who stole from me all the funds that were sent to him for over a year, for him to turn over to me. Then he lied to me, saying his faulty calculator kept showing him that he had more money than he did and that caused him to spend my money, which he could not repay to me. Please convince him that I don’t believe that flimsy lie any more than Thou doest, and grant him repentance please.

I pray for my good, close friend who became a pastor and soon stopped giving to me the funds the church had previously (before he became pastor) voted to give me. And when he kept that ‘seizure’ secret from the church members and a church leader told him that he should tell the church body what he had done, he refused to do so, saying it would cause problems because they liked me. Well, Lord, I guess that would cause problems for him, wouldn’t it? But nothing like the problems he has waiting for him at Thy Judgment Bar, unless he makes this matter right with Thee in this life. So I earnestly pray that he will do that.

Heavenly Father, as best I know my own heart, I have forgiven these people of these crimes and sins they have committed against me and have earnestly interceded with Thee for Thee to forgive them and grant them repentance in these matters. Therefore I do not deem it necessary for any of them to make any amends to me, but only to Thee, their Creator and soon coming Judge. So please deal with each of them to repent to Thee and get these matters completely right with Thee in this lifetime. I ask Thee to forgive me of my trespasses as I have forgiven others. I pray that others will also find it in their hearts to forgive me of my trespasses against them. Please grant this, Father, I pray.

Lord, how I praise Thy Name that Thou hast showed me how important it is to live for Thy pleasure and serve Thee to the utmost in this life. I thank Thee for causing me to constantly consider just how gracious Thou hast been to me and what a blessed and fulfilled life Thou hast given to me. Thou hast caused me to know without any doubt that I couldn’t ask for anything better than the lot that Thou hast dealt me. And how I thank Thee for this wonderful contentment. ‘Godliness with contentment is great gain.’

How good of Thee to cause me to often think on how that probably within a minute or so after I was born, likely some- where in the world a baby, younger than I, died. Likely that child never breathed one breath and had just a few heartbeats after being born. And with each passing day since I was born in January of 1946, a greater number of people, younger than I, die. So that by now, billions of souls conceived after I was conceived, have already departed this life. And I know for sure that it is only by Thy Great Mercy and Grace to me that I was not among them. Therefore I am so grateful to Thee, Lord, for sparing my life during the time Thou hast not spared billions of lives younger than I. How I thank Thee, for sparing me, Lord. And the one thing I want to do regarding that is to serve Thee with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, in thanksgiving to Thee for my life. So please help me to do that.

Down through these long years on earth, I have seen so many of Thy human creatures with various physical handicaps, diseases, and such; blind, deaf, dumb, crippled, paralyzed, limbs missing, frail, weak diseased bodies or minds, and many like infirmities. And each time I see such a person, by Thy mercy and grace, my heart goes out to them in compassion and also overflows with thanksgiving to Thee for the sound body and mind Thou hast given to me. Thank Thee so much, for teaching me exactly what I am to do with Thy Precious Gift of a sound mind and body; totally concentrate it to Thee for Thy Glorious Service, and zealously labor for Thee with all my might. So please bless my efforts to do this. 

Down through the years I have known many Christian brothers and sisters who were weak in body, physically wasting away with sickness or disease, and such. Lord, Thou hast given me ears to carefully listen to them as they talked to me, many of them speaking from the bed to which they were confined. How touching and heartbreaking to listen to some of them tell of how they longed to do much in service to Thee if only they were able.

And that makes me praise Thy Great Name with joy unspeakable that Thou hast surely made me able, so able with a strong, healthy body and a sound mind. God forbid that I should selfishly use it for my own pleasure. God forbid that I not constantly think on the previously mentioned Christians who are not able to do for Thee. Praise Thy Name, Lord, for giving me a desire to do their part also, along with my part. Help me to do that, Lord. Thou well knowest I don’t count it a light thing that I am alive on this earth and am most able. So please use me to the fullest, Lord, I pray.

Lord, I ask Thee to please heal the light physical infirmities that I have. Please help me not to eat and drink for my own pleasure, but to consume only the healthy foods that Thou didst create to nourish my body. Please bless my bread and my water, and take sickness away from me. (Exodus 23:25)

Praise Thy Name, Lord, that I cannot think of any greater joy than to be out spreading Thy Precious Word in a healthy body and with a sound mind, breathing free air and with enough food in my belly to prevent hunger. Praise Thy Name that there is no better life than this. So do help me to serve Thee to the utmost. First, for Thy Name’s Sake. Second, for the salvation of lost souls. Third, for my own benefit. And somewhere close after, in honour and remembrance of the Christians who want to serve Thee vigorously, but are not physically able to do so. May I always think on them, Lord.

Please keep me broken hearted over all the suffering in the world. I ask Thee to use me to make a difference in lives that are hurting. Please make me a blessing to many. I sense that very difficult trials and hardships lie ahead for me. So please strengthen me to stand them.

Lord, I know that Thou art a God that hidest Thyself. (Isaiah 45:15) It seemed so often in the past that I have earnestly sought Thee without being able to find Thee. Thank Thee that as of late, Thou hast readily shown Thy Face in my times of need, and art now a God close at hand and not afar off. Thank Thee for being an enemy to my enemies and an adversary to my adversaries. Praise Thy Name for avenging me of my adversaries and slaying my Goliaths. I acknowledge that I have absolutely no power to fight my own battles. So please fight them for me and keep my enemies from triumphing over me. By Thy Grace, I in return will stand for Thee and proclaim Thy Everlasting Truth to everyone I can. 

Heavenly Father, I ask Thee to always do whatever is necessary to me, to keep me humble and lowly. Help me to be gentle and kind to people, as that is not my nature at all.  Help me to always be most careful to give Thee all the Honour and Glory for each and every good thing that Thou allowest me to accomplish during my life on this earth. What a privilege it is to know God my Creator as my Heavenly Father. What a precious privilege it is to know Thee, my Lord Jesus, and the fellowship of Thy sufferings, and to be used of Thee, though being so unworthy.

Heavenly Father, the joyous and victorious life that Thou hast given me in following the Lamb of God, is blessed beyond description. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Thee so much for all of it.

Thou art most dear and precious to me, Lord Jesus. All my family members, my friends, other people, and all possessions and all ‘things,’ just fade away in comparison with Thee. Truly Thou art my ALL. And how I praise Thy Name for being that to me.

What a splendid journey through the wilderness with Thee it has been, Lord, serving Thee in this pagan, heathen, foreign land so full of idols and cloaked in such thick, spiritual darkness. So brightly hath Thy Glory shined all along the way. What a precious privilege I have had beholding that great Glory as Thou has stayed ever so close by my side, walking Hand- in- hand with me, Thy Precious nail scarred Hand holding mine. Praise Thy Great Name, for this most fulfilling calling that Thou hast so graciously given to me. And help me to never turn my back on it, I pray. 

Lord God, I know that Thou created me in Thy Image for Thine Own Pleasure, for me to glorify Thee. So please use me now to greatly glorify Thee with this, which I write from my heart in Thy Great Name. Thou art the Potter. I am the clay. Mold me and make me into a useful vessel fit for the Master. Put me through all the fire, water, and trials necessary to make me into the pure gold that I must be, to be able to glorify Thee to the utmost. I am totally Thine, O Lord, for Thee to do any thing with me that Thou seeth fit to do. Come what may, I know that underneath me are Thy Everlasting Arms. Therefore, I have neither worries nor fears.

Praise Thy Great and Wonderful Name, Lord, for creating me and giving me the privilege of serving Thee here on the earth. What a joy it is to be loved by Thee with a Perfect, Holy Love. What an honour and privilege it is to live each day for the purpose of crowning THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS with a crown of Great Glory. Lo, I am here to do Thy Perfect Will. Here am I, Lord. Please use me in whatever way is most pleasing to Thee, I humbly pray. And help me to always be most careful to give Thee ALL the Honour and Glory. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.

Lord Jesus, how I look forward to the time I will be with the Redeemed around Thy Throne in Heaven, finally worshipping Thee by sight, after these long years of worshipping Thee by faith in this wilderness. There in Heaven the voices of us Redeemed will never cease to ring out with ‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’ and ‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.’ Meanwhile, please help me to faithfully occupy till Thou comest. (Luke 19:13) ‘Even so, come, Lord Jesus.’

My heart overflows with gratitude to Thee, my God, for allowing me the privilege of serving Thee here on earth amidst my infinite imperfections. Oh how I look forward, my dear Lord and Master, to serving Thee in perfection for all eternity.

Glory to God in the Highest for the Great Things Thou hast done without measure! Amen and Amen.


“So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.” (Luke 17:10)

So, how often do you obey this commandment Christ gave us, and call yourself an unprofitable servant??

Christ’s unprofitable servant,

Richard Yerby

P.O. Box 4, Matsuida-Machi

Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken

379-200     JAPAN


P.S. Wise King Solomon said: “This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed great unto me: There was a little city, and few men within it; and there came a great king against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it: Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city: yet no man remembered that same poor man. Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard.” (Ecclesiastes 9:13-16)

The moral of this story is: IT IS WISE TO LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF A POOR WISE MAN. But it is most sad and tragic that so few people will do that. Instead, most people despise the poor man’s wisdom and do not listen to his words. The reason is that they are just too full of sinful pride, and therefore think they are so great, and therefore look down on and despise poor men; no matter how wise any poor man may be. And what great loss those miserable, proud people suffer from that wicked sin of pride. So what about you? ARE YOU WISE ENOUGH TO LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF A POOR WISE MAN???

(This is the end of the Introduction.) 


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