Autumn 2019 (September, October, November)


Richard Yerby, PO Box 4, Matsuida-Machi, Annaka-Shi, Gunma-Ken 379-0200 Japan


Dear Friend in Christ,



Each day as I become less young and one more day closer to meeting my Maker at His Judgment Seat, it makes me more serious about my journey under the sun, desiring to well redeem each minute of it. Please pray for me that I will do so. I earnestly pray that you will do so. I pray for My Lord to perfect my every way, one of those ways being the way in which I eat and drink. "Lord, please instruct and guide me to eat and drink the perfectly healthy foods in the perfect amounts to perfectly maintain my health and strength to enable me to do my utmost for My Highest. AMEN."

We have had much adverse weather in Japan this year, unduly cold at times and more than usual rain at times. Two strong typhoons in this Kanto Region where I live caused much damage and took human lives, 4 or so died within 20 miles or so of my house. I thank God for protecting me. Crops were stunted, damaged and destroyed, shortening the food supply and leaving farmers hurting financially. May God turn souls to Christ for eternal help.

By God's grace, I have stood out in adverse weather holding forth the word of life to those who would listen. Intercede with me for their salvation, please. I am most blessed to be on the Firing Line for our Lord here in Japan. Thank you for holding me up in payer. Thank you for feeding me with your offerings and donations to me. "Lord, repay each dear soul many fold over for each and every kind deed they do for me."

Once again, I want to mention my missionary stories I have recently posted on this web site. Please read them, praying for the precious Japanese eternal souls mentioned in the stories. Please spread the word of those Stories to everyone you can, asking them to read the Stories and to pray for me and lost Japanese souls around me. Thank you for those earnest prayers.

I have made plane reservations to arrive in the States on January 30th and depart for Japan on April 30th. Please pray for safe and timely travel in accordance to our Lord's Divine Will. Come February, please watch my stateside preaching schedule on this web site, Lord willing.

God be with you, to bless you during the year's end, when life becomes a busy whirlwind of turmoil (and sinful gluttony) for many souls. Save us all from such, Lord.


Christís Servant in Japan,†††††††

Richard Yerby††



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