As disobedient mankind steadily heads away from its Creator God straight toward its own destruction in its mad quest of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, a natural result of that sinful disobedience is the human race steadily forsaking the natural that God ordained for our life here on the earth and steadily becoming more and more perverted. Thus, mankind’s abominable sins rapidly increase in numbers and in magnitude as they rise up into the Face of our Holy God, causing His Fiery Wrath to steadily build against them. 

“Almighty God, please teach us all very clearly of this sinful progression that is now destroying the human race, that of us forsaking the natural life Thou didst ordain for us and embracing perversion instead. Please give us spiritual insight from Thee to enable us to recognize all of the many and increasing forms of perversion that are cropping up in the human race. Cause us to realize that all sins of perversion are most loathsome and abominable to Thee, our Holy, Pure, Upright, and Righteous Creator God. Please make us all aware of how heavily Thy Divine Wrath presently hovers over all sins of abominable perversion and how torturous and agonizing is Thy eternal punishment against sinful perversion. Have mercy on us all and save us all from the awful sin of perversion, I pray, for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s Precious Name’s sake. Amen.”

“The natural”

Our Creator God ordained for His human race, the natural life of living on the land and tilling the ground to obtain our livelihood. Contrasted to that natural, peaceful, and serene life on the land, I believe that the insane, hectic, constantly rushing to and fro on asphalt and concrete amidst monstrous man-made objects of concrete, steel, glass, and such, is all perversion in our Creator’s Sight. Such is certainly NOT the natural life that our Creator ordained and created for us in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2. So please consider just how greatly the devil’s “world” (that fallen man has built) differs from God’s gloriously created nature here on this earth.

“Heavenly Father, if what Brother Richard wrote in that last paragraph is true, please reveal that truth to me by Thy Holy Spirit to cause me to know the reality of it for certain. As I constantly behold the many material things around me, please give me sharp spiritual perception to perceive clearly what things are of God, and what things are of the devil’s world. I pray this for all other people also. Please make us all aware of our many sins of perversion and guard us all by Thy Great Power against sins of perversion, I pray. Amen.”

Almighty God led me to start this book by quoting His Holy Scriptures written in Romans 1:18-32. That is a MOST important passage in God’s Holy Bible. You should read it frequently to retain it in your memory in order to meditate on it day and night (Psalms 1:2). Human creatures who do not know that Scripture in Romans 1, and thereby do not believe it, and thereby do not do right regarding it, will all perish. Carefully read what that Scripture says about women and then men becoming perverted by changing and leaving “the natural use” of their bodies for that which is against nature and is unseemly.

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” (Romans 1:25) Now notice most carefully in the next verse just exactly what God did to these people who changed His Truth into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” (verses 26-27) These Scriptures declare perversion to be against God’s nature and against the natural use God ordained for our physical bodies that He created. This Scripture declares that perversion stems from “vile affections.” Here, God calls that perversion error and proclaims that a recompence (punishment) will be levied against that error.

“Heavenly Father, please help me to fully believe the Truth of Romans 1:26-27. Help everyone else to believe it also. Please bring Thy Holy Spirit’s Convicting Power ever so strongly upon and against mankind’s horrible and abominable sin of sexual perversion. Please bring all people involved in such perverted, abominable sins to repent of and to forsake such sins, Lord, I pray. Please save us all from all perversion, Lord, I pray. Amen.”

Study the next verse and take careful note of what God does to such perverted sinners. “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do things which are not convenient.” (verse 28) This is a definite curse that God will of a certainty put upon human creatures who forsake the natural that God ordained for them and embrace perversion instead. The word “perversion” means something that has been perverted, led astray, corrupted, misused, distorted, or debased. The word “perverse” means deviating from what is considered right and good. It behooves each of us to cry out to our God to guard us from going astray from the natural and good and upright path that He ordained for our daily walk on this earth. We must desire and seek God’s protecting care in order to be saved.

“Almighty God, please guard and save me from any and all perversion. I cry out to Thee, asking Thee to guard me from going astray from the natural, good, and upright path that Thou hast ordained for us human creatures. Create within me a most zealous desire to retain God in my knowledge. Cause me to know what a horrible fate it is for God to give some human creature over to a reprobate mind. Have mercy on me and save me from such a fate, I most humbly pray. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

Now let’s study the word “reprobate,” because when people do not like to retain God in their knowledge, Almighty God responds to that wicked, selfish rebellion of theirs by giving them over to a reprobate mind. “Reprobate” means depraved, unprincipled, wholly given up to sin. When used as a verb, reprobate means to give up, abandon, disown. When human creatures forsake the natural (that which is ordained for them and created for them by Almighty God) and go into perversion instead, God will quickly act upon their awful decision by disowning them, abandoning them, turning them over to unprincipled depravity to be wholly given up to sin. Study the long list in Romans 1:29-31 of deplorable sins they then commit. And more important, study verse 32 to see their deranged attitude regarding those awful sins and toward their Creator God in Heaven Who is soon to judge them for committing those sins.

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.(verse 32) That is the result of being given up, abandoned, disowned by God, and having God turn one over to his own unprincipled depravity to be wholly given up to sin. The reprobate has lost all fear of Almighty God. What a pitiful creature he has thus become. This Scripture says that he knows the judgment of God and knows that he is worthy of death because of the sins he commits. But even knowing that, not only does he continue to commit those abominable sins, but also continues to have pleasure in people that do them. What intense eternal sufferings await the reprobate sinner. Cry out to God to have mercy on you and to keep you from becoming reprobate. Cry out to Him to guide you and to help you to live the natural life He ordained for you, living your life in the natural setting that He created for you to live in.

“Heavenly Father, I cry out to Thee for Thee to please help me to do just that. Please guide me into and keep me in the natural lifestyle that Thou didst ordain for me. Please save me from becoming perverted and from being given over to a reprobate mind, being given up, abandoned, disowned by Thee, my Creator God. I pray this for all other people also. We all are needy of Almighty God’s salvation. Have mercy on us all and save us, Lord, I pray. Amen.”

Study verse 32, while thinking on how bold and proud perverts are becoming regarding their abominable sins of perversion. Presently, my nation’s government goes about to punish people like me who simply speak out against this loathsome, ungodly, abominable sin of sexual perversion. May God give all us Christian believers godly courage to always stand boldly for Him and for what is good and upright as long as we are here on the earth. May we always fear God, obey Him, and not fear what evil men may do unto us for pleasing our Creator God.

“Heavenly Father, please help all us Christian believers to fear Thee, to faithfully and boldly stand for that which is good and upright. Help us to fight for Thee, as good soldiers of Thine in the fierce spiritual war that is being waged here on this earth. Help us to ever keep in mind that Christian soldiers are always triumphant and more than conquerors through Christ Who loves us. Hallelujah. Amen.”   


God’s Scriptures in Roman 1:26-27 clearly denounce and condemn sexual perversion on the part of both male and female. The family daily living together all the time, on the land, tilling the ground, boys doing hard, manual work with dad, and the girls doing “housework” and such with mom, is a most strong, God-ordained safeguard against both male and female becoming sexually perverted. Women and girls dressing in feminine attire and wearing their hair long in feminine fashion is a strong, God-ordained safeguard against them becoming sexually perverted. (In previous chapters, I preached on these things in more detail.) However, perversion in the human creature is a broad field that includes many other things in addition to sexual perversion that readily comes to our minds when we think of the word “perversion.”

Most Christians are spiritually blind to the steadily increasing perversion that the devil’s world is bringing upon God’s human race. So I now want to preach on other areas of perversion, as they grow in variety and intensity during the very last of this endtime, perverse generation. I presently see the body of Christian believers going deeper and deeper into perverted thinking, and apparently most of them are totally oblivious to the fact that there is anything wrong with their warped minds and thinking. And I believe that the most basic cause of the making of sins of perversion is the human creature forsaking the natural setting (the land) and the natural occupation (tilling the ground) that God ordained for our life here on the earth. When people forsake dwelling in God’s natural creation, there is only one other choice for a dwelling place here on earth. We then go live in the devil’s world (Sodom and Gomorrah), and there we daily work to increase the glory, attraction, allurement, and power of Satan’s kingdom, all to our own perversion and all to our soon coming destruction. Another thing that severely perverts our minds and our thinking is sitting in schools for much of our lives, feasting on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

“Lord God, wake us all up and show us where and how we have gone ever so far astray from Thy natural that Thou didst ordain for us. Lead us back into paths of Truth and Righteousness for Thy Name’s sake. Save us all from perversion, Lord, I pray. Amen.”   

As people become perverted, they lose their desire to marry, to produce offspring, and to have a family. For many of these people, I believe that desire springs from perversion, as marriage and family is a natural thing that our Creator ordained for the human race. (But don’t forget the Scriptures in I Corinthians 7 that tell us it is good if a Christian believer chooses to remain unmarried in order to give his or her life fully in service to God. That is an upright reason for a person to choose to remain unmarried.)

As people become perverted, in varying degrees their love and affection detaches from the objects God ordained that we love and hold dear. And that love and affection then grows attached (in an unduly large degree) to objects that God did not ordain that we hold dear to such a great degree (or to any degree at all). In fact, we come to love things that God commands us not to love, like the things of the world. Just listen to the Christians around you as they gladly proclaim and boast of their ardent love for various things of the devil’s world.

Recently, as I sat in the presence of other Christians and missionaries, I heard a missionary wife repeatedly exclaim 2 or 3 times how she just loved some new, convenient e-mail and Internet services that had recently come out. Her enthusiasm was so apparent as she joyfully proclaimed more than once, “I just love that ____.” She plainly and proudly used the word, “love,” while joyfully telling all of us in the room just what hi tech services she so dearly loved. You know, I have been in her presence a good number of times. But I do not recall her ever exclaiming, “I love my Lord Jesus!” Also, I have not heard her talk much at all about the many glorious attributes of our Precious Lord Jesus that should cause us to love Him with all our hearts, which would naturally cause us to talk much about our adoration for our Creator God Whose Glory is set above the heavens (Psalm 8). Growing to love the devil’s world has terribly perverted the love of multitudes of Christian believers away from their God.

“Heavenly Father, wake us all up. Jolt us as strongly as necessary to cause us world-loving Christians to clearly see just where our affections lie. Remind us anew of just what a Jealous God Thou art, and that Thou didst create us for the purpose of loving Thee first and foremost. Save us from perverting our love, Lord, I pray. Save us from loving the devil’s world and the many things of the world. Amen.”

In this present day, a most profound manifestation of this inordinate, perverted love and affection is seen in the way people so adore animals, especially pets. You can readily observe this highly visible perversion. Look at the increasing variety of animals people now “make into pets.” Many of them dangerous animals. Many of them animals that any person’s God-given common sense would tell us they belong out in the wild where God placed them instead of in one’s house and living room. Many of them are most expensive animals. And we now hear the news of people in some nations spending more money (nationwide) on pets, and everything pertaining to their pets, than they spend on their own children. Listen to me, reader; that is perversion. It is wicked, evil, and abominable sin. Such people’s affections are becoming severely warped, causing them to be without natural affection (as prophesied of the end time generation). I observe people lavishing more love, affection, and time on their pets than they do on their family members. People have come to have funerals for their pets. And the perversion that leaves me in extreme shock and awe is that of churches welcoming pets to the church services, the church leaders blessing those pets in church, and even giving them “holy” communion. All of that is inordinate affections and it is sinful, abominable perversion. It comes about because man forsakes the natural of God’s creation for the artificiality of the devil’s world. That (along with eating much knowledge of good and evil) brings on warping and perverting of the human mind, causing God to give those people over to reprobate minds. We must have God’s salvation from such sinful perversion or else we perish.

“Save us, Lord, we pray. And thus we will be truly saved. Reveal to us our great need presently; to be saved from much and widely varied perversion. By Thy Great Mercy and Grace, please save us from all the perversion that we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved to because of our disobedience to Thy command to love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. Have mercy on us and turn our hearts and affections to Thee, Lord, I most earnestly pray. Amen.”

“There shall be famines”

Not only are people becoming inordinately affectionate toward pets, but also toward most all animals in general. This brings on undue restrictions against killing animals, causing them to increase in numbers and thus become increasingly problematic to mankind. Their increasing numbers consume larger and larger portions of man’s food. Meanwhile, opposition to killing any animals for man’s food becomes stronger and stronger. God’s Holy Scriptures prophesy famines in the end time. I can clearly see famine coming to us all, perversion being plenty dominate in causing the end time famines.

Government decrees some animal to be an “endangered species” and then forbids tilling the ground, timbering, and such in a specified area, allegedly because that animal needs the government’s protection. That sure cuts back on our food production (and other use of God’s nature). Soon coming famine! And of course, unborn human babies certainly get no such protection from government. Government does just the opposite to those precious little souls. In that case, government readily and eagerly goes to any extreme necessary to protect the rights of mothers, the lucrative abortion mills (slaughter houses), and all others involved in that killing of unborn human souls, to put an end to those little lives. Abominable perversion, the stench of it reaching to Almighty God on His Throne in Heaven. Perverted sinful slaughter, awaiting His soon coming Wrath to be poured out upon it!

“Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you”

Back about the year 2000, I listened in disbelief and shock to America’s aged, beloved radio commentator “air” a proposal to protect the right of each and every animal to live. He is most skilled in speech and also in the fine selection of words he so carefully and thoroughly chooses when he speaks to a nation. Also he is plenty sly and cunning in choosing exactly what he wants to say and what he wants to leave unsaid. He was most carefully not to say that the proposal would put an end to all the killing of all animals by human beings, but that ban was clearly implied. Nothing was said about enforcing such a ban. But it would require a definite punishment to prevent people like me from swatting a mosquito or housefly, from exterminating the termites in my house, or from crushing a cockroach or similar animal under my foot. I understand this beloved commentator professes to be a conservative Christian. And this proposal of his was presented in such a loving, caring manner that would tend to make “good” people’s hearts just overflow with sympathy for his proposal to protect the likes of soft, cuddly, furry, cute little creatures.

But we must always be ever so alert spiritually in order to detect the much deception that is in many people (even good people, even the best of people) around us. Listening to him carefully, Paul clearly stated a proposal to protect the lives of all animals, crowing about each and every animal having the right to live. And if such a law ever wedged its way into our nation’s legal system, perverted minds in positions of power would definitely without fail make it blanket coverage for every rat, mouse, termite, leech, mite, louse, slug, tick, flea, mosquito, housefly, moth, wasp, hornet, snake, and all such animals that do us much harm, no exceptions. Right to life for ALL animals. That is exactly what he said. Perversion! Of course, unborn human beings do not have that right to life anymore, but to the many perverted minds around us, that is beside the point, now isn’t it? 

The slick talking, kind, beloved, gentlemanly, grandfatherly radio commentator smoothly proceeded to try to quell any opposition, or fears, or thoughts of unease that might be arising in the minds of his listeners about this perverted, far out proposal by assuring them that it was not a proposal that would require them to live with unwanted bugs, vermin, and such in their houses and surrounding environment. Instead, separate, appropriate places would be provided for all those bugs and such animals to live where they would cause no harm or discomfort to the human race. That previous sentence should boggle the mind of any person who has any sanity at all remaining in his thought process and has not been brainwashed by perverted thinkers.

In order to carry out that plan, “citizens” who desired to be rid of any unwanted creatures on their property (rats, termites, fleas, roaches, flies, ticks, lice, etc.) would be required to humanely trap such creatures. “Citizens” would be required by law to humanely care for those varmints in a humane container with sufficient food, water, and air at their disposal, until the “citizen” transported the filthy vermin to the paradise of a facility that “Big Brother” government had provided for a life of ease for all those bugs and vermin while they live out their natural life span in luxury (while multiplying endlessly). Instead of being exterminated, mother termites would continue laying up to 30,000 eggs a day for all of their egg laying days. And all of their trillions of descendents would have the right to live out all their natural life span while continuing to reproduce in such astounding multiples. From whence is to come all their food (wood), Paul???

Did any of Paul’s listeners even stop to consider the enormity of the “facilities” that would be required for our nation to put that insane, perverted proposal into effect? Did any of them stop to consider that the many man hours and inconceivable amount of money that would be required would leave practically no time or money for our nation’s populace to do anything else, practically ending civilization as we know it? Or did all of Paul’s listeners just let their hearts simply and naturally overflow with loving sympathy for such a loving, kindhearted proposal to take such good care of all the living creatures that God created? Beware of the many kind and benevolent faces around you that mask perversion all the while they speak such sweet but deceiving words cleverly disguised by false “good intentions.” We all must cry out to God to save us from being deceived. We must constantly walk in the Spirit, ever so close to God to have His Holy Spirit reveal to us the much perversion that is all around us.

“Lord Jesus, please help us to always cleave ever so closely to Thee in order for Thee to save us from all the wiles of the devil. Save us all from all perversion, dear Lord, I humbly pray. Open our blind eyes to see clearly the many kinds of perversion that the enemy is bringing upon Thy human race. Help all us Christian soldiers to fight boldly against all perversion. Amen.”  

“Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.” (Genesis 9:3) There is much good in that grandfatherly radio commentator that millions of people have fondly listened to for about 6 decades. That is why we must always bear in mind a direly important truth that I expounded upon toward the start of this book. ALL CREATURES ARE FALLIBLE. I am fallible. You are fallible. And every other creature is fallible, NO EXCEPTIONS. So always be ever so careful not to become so absorbed by the much good in any person that it causes you to become blinded to and unaware of glaring error that they might be broadcasting. Put not your trust in fallible man. Instead, totally trust in your Creator God Who is Perfect. Trust fully in His Holy Scriptures, His Holy Bible that is also perfect. Keep your nose in that Holy Book, meditating in it day and night, while also keeping your nose against the floor in prayer, begging God to protect you from deceit and from rampant perversion that is daily multiplying in mammoth proportions and is thus destroying mankind ever so horribly.

“Almighty God, please help me to do exactly what I should do about the things I have just read here. I pray this for all other people also. Save us all from deception and from the deranged thinking of the multitudes who have become perverted in their thinking. Deliver us and save us from all perversion, Lord, I pray. Please help us all to duly guard our affections in order to be saved from all inordinate affections and from all perversion. Save us all, Lord, I earnestly pray. Amen.”

“I believe, therefore I have spoken.”

I consider that proposal to protect the lives of all animals to be sheer insanity and perverted craziness. I believe it is perverted thinking by human minds that have been perverted by feasting on the knowledge of good and evil and by loving the devil’s world and loving the things that are in the world. I believe that such thinking is most unnatural. I believe that Almighty God regards such thinking as sinful, deranged, and spiritual insanity. I believe that such thinking is perversion in the sight of Almighty God. And as I wrote those 5 sentences, I carefully chose my words with fear and trembling, knowing I will be judged by the Judge of the Universe for each of those words. Who is on the Lord’s side???

A farmer tilling the soil to gain his family’s livelihood would never come up with a proposal like that, a proposal to protect the life of every varmint that is eating up his crops (his livelihood), eating up his house, barn, and all his farm buildings (termites), and even sucking the blood out of and eating on his body and his family members’ bodies (mosquitoes, leeches, lice, and such). A person cannot get that insane by tilling the ground, by being a dirt farmer as God ordained His human race to be. You have to go to school much, devouring much deadly knowledge of good and evil, and then spend your life sitting in a comfortably heated and air-conditioned office many years to arrive at such an advanced stage of insanity and perversion. But thanks to the human race’s love of the knowledge of good and evil, love for the devil’s world, and our love for the things of the devil’s world, masses are arriving at such an insane state, turning the world into an insane asylum run by its inmates. Perversion ruling and reigning in this world like never before, and it will continue to worsen at an escalating rate till Almighty God declares that time will be no more. Then the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will come riding down from Heaven on that great, white stallion to set straight and right every crooked and perverted thing. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

“Lord Jesus, I beg Thee to please have mercy on all us Christian believers. Speak to us in the thunder of Thy power. Wake us all up from our deep, deadly spiritual sleep. Cause us to be wide-awake and ever so vigilant in these perilous days of the end time. And please clearly guide us daily so that we Christian soldiers are always doing exactly what Thou wouldest have us to be doing during the short time we have remaining in our lives on this earth. Make us believers into gallant warriors for Thee, Lord, I pray. Amen.”

“And be not conformed to this world”

In this end time age, constantly listening to recorded audio (a product of the devil’s world even if the content of the audio is of God) has perverted us Christian believers from regularly and habitually singing praises aloud to our Lord. The many video type screens that always vie for our attention pervert our eyes from viewing that which God created. The more Satan’s kingdom progresses, the more it conforms us to it and perverts us humans from the natural that God created for us. Beware!

“But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground”

Tho the one and only Biblical record, of our Lord Jesus Christ writing while He walked this earth, tells us of Him stooping to write with His Finger on the dirty ground, nowadays fewer and fewer people will stoop to write on clean paper with pen or pencil. O how highly we have risen. “I must decrease.” About 1997, a missionary friend proudly boasted and bragged to me, “I don’t do paper and pencils any more.” He was most proud that he had evolved to doing practically all of his writing on computers and like worldly equipment. How highly we have risen, ever so far above our humble Lord’s Example of stooping to write with His Finger on the dirty ground. Few or none desire to be like Christ in that area, but rather openly and proudly boast of how they have succeeded in rising up high above our Saviour’s Example. “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

“Lord Jesus, please help me to meditate on Thy Scriptures day and night, considering all spiritual aspects of each and every Scripture. I have never stopped to think that You writing in the dirt with Your Finger was meant to be an example to me. I have never stopped to think how unChristlike I am regarding that, in that I even despise using pen and paper to write because I have come to fervently love using modern “things” of the devil’s world for writing. Please show us all how far we have strayed from Thee, and from the natural life Thou didst ordain for us, by coming to love the “greatness and the glory” of Satan’s world and all the conveniences and pleasures it gives us. Turn our hearts to Thee, Lord, I humbly pray. Have mercy on us, we plead. By Thy Abundant Grace, save us to the utmost, and we will be saved. Thank Thee, Lord, for being merciful and gracious to us. Amen.”

Christ stooped to write on the ground, indicating humility by the act of stooping. Nowadays, about the only place we stoop to is to sin and perversion. Few people stoop to be humble and lowly like Jesus Christ. With great excitement and joyful expectation, you just anxiously await the next new invention coming out tomorrow because it will bring more convenience, worldly excitement and pleasure into your life. You will passionately love and embrace that new invention which will raise you up higher, making you a “greater” creature, and thus move you further from the natural that is ordained of God and thus cause you to stoop lower into sinful perversion. The end of all of this perversion is destruction. Wake up! “But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground.” (John 8:6b) “And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.” (Verse 8)

“Almighty God, please have mercy on us and wake us all up. Show us the old paths, guide us to them, and give us a burning desire to forsake all perversion and to walk in Thy old paths. Lead us in paths of righteousness for Thy Name’s sake, I humbly pray. Amen.”

“In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation”

The more the devil’s world progresses, the easier it becomes for Satan to deceive people and thus pervert them (Christians included) away from perceiving and from holding in regard truth and reality. Listen to some clear and simple illustrations of such deception by the devil.

In the middle of the 20th century, my uncle worked supervising a crew of men doing road and highway maintenance. When my uncle first started that job in the late 1940’s or early 50’s, the workers manually loaded sand or gravel onto trucks using hand shovels and scoops. Then the time soon came when “progress” gave them a mechanical loader that greatly simplified that task. But at times that loader would break down and was out of use until necessary repairs could be made. Sand and gravel needed to be loaded, but the men would sit idle. When my uncle asked why weren’t they loading it, they would reply that they could not because the loader was “down.” These were the same men that just a year or so before had customarily loaded by hand shovels. But in just a short time, the devil’s deceitful world (along with those men’s laziness) had brainwashed them into proclaiming that such is no longer an option or possible. That deceit caused them to deny truth and reality (the option of manual loading that they recently did). That is perversion and it came straight from the devil’s world.

A Christian friend of mine once told me that people who view my web site couldn’t contact me, because there was no e-mail address listed. I reminded him that my postal mailing address was clearly written at the very start of the web site. But many people no longer regard writing a letter on paper, putting it in an envelope, addressing the envelope, putting a stamp on it, and posting it, as a viable way of contacting someone. The reason they think that way is because the deception of the devil’s world has perverted their thinking, causing them to readily and openly deny the truth and the reality of that option still existing. “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)

In the early 1900’s, as certain missionaries preached Christ in a certain village in Africa, word of that Good News spread near and far (by mouth and on foot). Upon hearing that word, some natives who were far off set out walking to that village, a journey that took 18 days of walking all day every day. (I would estimate that to be a distance of well over 400 miles.) When those walkers arrived, the missionaries asked why they walked so far. They replied, “Because we heard that God is in this place.” If those walkers were now living in a modern nation and heard that God was working a great work in a place over 400 miles away, I suppose they would reply, “Too bad we can’t contact them, because we don’t have e-mail.” Not only did those primitive natives have no means of correspondence, but they also had no means of transportation. But that did not hinder them in the least from using their God ordained means of locomotion, walking (remember the previous chapter), to go hundreds of miles and to take 18 days to travel. The reason being, they were not deceived and perverted by the devil’s world like most people are today.

“Almighty God, please have mercy on us, to save us all from all deception and from all perversion. Show us clearly where the devil’s deceptive world is taking us. Show us how that the world brainwashes us to deny truth, and show us what a great sin that is in Thy Sight. Save us for Thy Name’s sake, I humbly pray, dear Lord. Amen.”

I believe that talking on a phone (and other such instruments) to be a perverted way of communicating. It certainly isn’t a natural, God created way to communicate. And just look at how much more time people spend using phones in various ways, now that their phones go with them everywhere they go.

When used for writing and communicating, computers and such hi tech instruments grossly pervert (butcher) the natural writing styles of the languages that God gave us, doing away with proper punctuation, capital letters, and such. God gave us His Scriptures in the 1611 King James Version of the Holy Bible at a time when the English language was at its peak of refinement. Since then, the devil’s world has worked hard at steadily perverting the international English language. And if time drags on much longer, the devil’s hi tech world will pervert most everyone into babbling idiots by perverted the languages.

“Heavenly Father, help us all to truly desire to do right regarding all these matters of perversion. Help us to honestly desire to be saved from all perversion, Lord, I pray. Please have mercy on us all. Amen.”

Dyed hair, body tattoos, body piercing, strange clothing, and most all gaudy decorating of the human body is the forsaking of “the natural” ordained by God and embracing the devil’s perversion instead. God calls on us to modestly clothe our bodies, not to pervert them in any way at all. “Did change the natural use.” “Leaving the natural use.” Read that carefully in Romans 1 while prayerfully asking God to save you from all perversion and to keep you in “the natural” way that He created for you.

“Heavenly Father, I cry out to Thee, pleading with Thee to please do that for me. Please have mercy on me and save me from all perversion. Please set Thy Divine Guard upon my life and by Thy Unlimited Power, keep me in the natural way that Thou didst ordain for me. I pray this for all other people also. Amen.”

Most all “fast food methods” are a perversion of the natural way God ordained for us to prepare food. I believe microwave cooking is dangerous to our health, even deadly to us, and gross perversion in the Sight of God. Dear reader, we only have 2 choices concerning lifestyle, the natural ordained and created by God or the perversion set up by the devil’s world. As the perversion in the devil’s world rapidly increases the death and destruction it deals to us, soon we are all going to be crying the lament of the Book of Lamentations. “WOE UNTO US, THAT WE HAVE SINNED!” (Lamentations 5:22)

“Heavenly Father, have mercy on us and save us from our perverted thinking and ways. Give us keen Spiritual vision to see that there are only 2 choices for us while here on this earth, the natural that Thou didst create for us, or the perversion of the devil’s world. Please save us from our destructive, perverted wills and ways. Please turn us to the natural that Thou did create for us. Save us all, O Lord, I most humbly pray. Amen.” 

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father”

God ordained that our religion be pure and undefiled before Him. But our love for the devil’s world allows the devil to pervert our religion. One area, in which this is clearly and openly manifest, is in Christian teaching materials becoming more and more filled with pictures (images). Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures does God call for the use of pictures in teaching His words of the Bible. But not only does the use of pictures increase, but with passing time those pictures steadily become more strange in appearance, cartoon characters increase, pictures of veggies and such replace pictures of humans, etc. Satan’s world perverts Sunday School and such children’s Bible classes into worldly circuses filled with perverted pictures, images, hi tech sounds, and an unlimited assortment of worldly paraphernalia. GROSS PERVERSION, STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PITS OF HELL! And a Just and Holy God’s Wrath steadily continues to build against all such perversion until He rains down total destruction on it and eliminates it all. May God turn our hearts to love that which He loves and to hate with a Holy passion that which God hates.

Pictures in Christian literature, especially literature for children, just keep becoming more freaky, bizarre, grotesque, etc. It appears that no one is stopping to consider, “Such perversion cannot be of God!” Most everyone is praising such perversion with such words as, “But the children like it.” “It holds their attention.” “They will look at it and read the writing it contains.” Just beware that fallen man (especially little children) is strongly attracted to that which destroys him. Why should the church do the devil’s work for him by feeding his perverted garbage to precious little souls we are supposed to be training up to follow God???  

“Almighty God, please have mercy on us and save us from our foolishness and perversion. Give us a vision of Thy Righteousness and Holiness. Give us Spiritual discernment to clearly distinguish that which comes from the enemy and then help us to completely reject it. Give us all a fervent love for the things of God and a fiery hatred for the things of the world. Save us all, Lord, I pray, and we will truly be saved. Amen.” 

“Then cometh the end”

Likely, in the very near future, all buying and selling, powered vehicles, electricity, electronics, software, hi tech gadgets, and such will completely and absolutely come under rigid control of the antichrist. Then they will be only available to people who meet conditions set by the antichrist. And the devil’s world has so perverted people’s minds that very few souls will say, “Show me the old paths back to the natural life that God created for us.” Thus they will submit to the anti Christ or else die or be killed. “But Brother Richard, we Christian believers will be raptured out of this world before then!” Maybe so. Maybe not. You also thought that you would be raptured out of this world a long time before today, didn’t you? You were deceived about that. And possibly you are deceived regarding how much worse it will get before Christ returns for us believers.       

As God continues to give masses of people over to reprobate minds because perverts do not like to retain God in their knowledge, perversion steadily increases with passing time, strengthening its deadly grip on mankind. As it does so, it more and more loudly cries, “Away with everyone who is straight and upright.” Thus the persecution and killing of Christian believers increases.

Perversion increasingly decrees that individuals are not capable of running their own lives, or do not have the right to do so. Thus perversion seeks to turn man into a robotic like being whose every action is strictly controlled by the devil’s kingdom, the world. Just look at how fascinated people have become with robots. Children and young people are especially dazzled by robots. This love and affection for robots is turning humans themselves into robotic-like creatures. Perversion, that makes the devil ever so happy!

Listen to the world as it increasingly boasts of gaining the knowledge and the ability (mechanical and such) to control more and more of God’s creation, for example, control of weather and such. May God open our eyes to clearly see the great magnitude of the destruction mankind brought upon itself when man opted to leave the tilling of the ground to instead devour all the knowledge of good and evil possible and then use that powerful knowledge to build the devil’s kingdom on the face of God’s earth and to pervert God’s creation.

“Heavenly Father, please open my spiritual eyes and give me the spiritual insight to see exactly just how perverted Thy human race has become. I pray this for all other people also. Save us all from perversion, dear Lord, I pray. Amen.”

Living for the 3 things that God ordained that you live for and take pleasure in is a strong safeguard against you and your descendents becoming perverted. Those 3 things are: 1. Almighty God our Creator. 2. Other people. 3. God’s created nature.

“Show us the old paths, dear Lord, I humbly pray. Create within us all a sincere desire to walk those old paths of “the natural” that Thou didst create. Please give us all a Holy hatred for the devil’s perversion. Help everyone to, first and foremost, take pleasure in Thee, our Creator God, by loving Thee with all our hearts. Help us to love other people as much as we love ourselves, finding our pleasures in other people as Thou hast ordained. Help us to find pleasure in Thy created nature as Thou hast ordained that we do. Please save us from and protect us from all perversion and please set our priorities in life aright, Lord, I pray. Amen.”

(This is the end of Chapter 17 of Creature Versus Creator)


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