Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” (Proverbs 22:29)


“Abba Father in Heaven, right now please send Thy Holy Spirit mightily upon me to firmly engrain into my soul, the grave importance of me being ever so diligent in each and ever endeavor I undertake in life, no matter how small that endeavor might be. Cause me to soberly think on the true story of the young Jester, horribly crushed to death into those trees because he did not diligently follow the flight rules for that dangerous jet he was piloting. Please stir up a strong craving in my heart to be perfect as Thou doest command me to be, and thus be an overcomer in the most perilous times soon to come upon the human race. Amen.”

Young Friend, think deeply on that wonderful promise to a man diligent in his business. First of all; “He shall stand before kings.” Think on diligent Joseph in Genesis 41:25 standing before mighty King Pharaoh and revealing most vital wisdom to that king.

Think on God’s man, Moses, (many years later) coming from the backside of the desert to stand before a later King Pharaoh (likely the most powerful king on the earth at that time) and boldly declaring unto him “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.” (Exodus 5:1)

Read the thrilling story in the Book of Daniel Chapter 3 of the Three Hebrew Young Men defying a powerful king’s order because they would diligently obey God instead. Tho the great king threw them into the fiery furnace to burn them up, their Lord entered that fire with them to protect them from all harm. Read in Chapter 6 of the king throwing Daniel into the lions’ den to be devoured by them because Daniel diligently prayed to the True God, which the king forbade. But God kept Daniel from any harm.

Think on many more such thrilling stories in the Bible of faithful men and women of God being likewise most highly rewarded for being diligent toward God.

“Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour, if I am most diligent in all I do for Thee, one day Thou mightest choose me to stand in the gap for the good or salvation of many souls on earth. Cause me to think seriously on the eternal value of such a diligent life. Amen.”  

  Secondly, “he shall not stand before mean men.” Diligence toward God will tend to save you from harm that mean men scheme to bring upon you. Most of the above Bible stories well illustrate that “life-saving” Truth.

In February 1970, I was a Marine 2nd Lieutenant finishing up the 5-month training of The Basic School for Marine Corps junior officers at Marine Base Quantico, Virginia. Toward the end of that training period, one night my training company held its formal banquet, sort of in celebration. Then a few days after that, my Platoon Commander summoned me before him to tell me that just a very few lieutenants in our company have been selected to be “guests” at the “War College” formal banquet.

The “War College” there at Quantico was much higher-level training for career elite Majors and Colonels, several of whom were likely to become generals to lead our nation into war. I think the purpose of letting just a few of us 2nd lieutenants attend was to inspire us to become career officers.

The guest speaker at that War College banquet was none other than the highest-ranking Marine in our nation, The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Four Star General Leonard F. Chapman, Jr. After the dinner and this general’s motivating speech, I mingled freely among everyone present, most mindful of my low rank and their most high ranks. Soon a high-ranking officer came to me, led me up to my Commandant, General Chapman, and introduced me to him. The four-star general shook my hand warmly, talked friendly with me as a photographer took my picture with the Commandant. (Then I knew to soon thank General Chapman and excuse myself to “get out of his way.”) 

Few Marines ever get the chance to shake hands with and personally greet their Commandant. It was a most memorable event in my life. I think my platoon leader chose me to be one of the few low-ranking officer guests because I do not drink alcohol. Everyone present could freely consume the intoxicating wine being served. Had a 2nd lieutenant drank too much and made a drunken idiot of himself in front of the Commandant, there would have been terrible consequences.

Four Star General Chapman was hardly a king. But he was a great man of most high standing in everyone’s eyes. Likely my diligence in totally abstaining from destructive alcohol was the reason I was chosen to stand before him at this grand banquet.

Think on my next story of the Father lying on the couch because tobacco and alcohol had disabled him. He spoke so hopefully of going to Alaska to work a high paying job. But he soon died instead, because he was not diligent to live a clean life.

“Almighty God My Creator and Soon-Coming Judge, please make me diligent in all matters. Help me to live a clean, pure, upright life, like the 3 Hebrew children and Daniel, and many others, so that I may stand before kings and not before mean men. Help Missionary Richard to turn many Japanese idol worshippers to their Creator to diligently live for Thee. Amen.”

“Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh…Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.” (Mark 13:35 & 36) “Lord Jesus Christ, Thou art my Lord and Master. I know Thou art coming soon to take Christians to Heaven. Please help me to daily, diligently watch for Thy Coming. Amen.”   

Richard Yerby  (Matsuida, Japan)  www.Christ-is-all.us



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