Spring 2022 (March, April, May)

Dear Friend in Christ,


On Saturday 26 February, I rode trains from my place in southern Japan, northeast to Mino Mission in Mie Prefecture. The next day, I preached at the 10:30 AM and 7 PM services in the Tomidahama Bible Church where I abode. The following week, I walked much, putting out the postcard prayer from house to house. I feel ever so free out walking for hours in Japan’s compact residential areas, sowing Gospel seed, praying for much fruit. Thank you for praying for the same. Wednesday night at 7:30 PM, I preached at Tomidahama Church. The following night at 7 PM I did so at Oogaki Bible Church. Twas Glory!’

Saturday morning, I rode 2 trains to Missionary Jeff Brigham’s church in Anjou City to eat lunch in his church “space” with him and his son, Luke. We prayed & discussed evangelism in Japan, each sharing wisdom God has given each of us. The following day, Sunday March 6, I preached there in Jeff’s church “space”, a tiny, cramped 2nd floor office rental space. (Please pray for larger facilities for Pastor Jeff, if that be God’s Will. Rental rooms & buildings are most expensive where he is. The expense of buying or of building is out of the question for his small flock.) Pray for his Japanese wife’s health. Her name is Keiko, with serious, rare health problems.

This March 6 Sunday, I first preached at 10:30 AM in Oogaki Bible Church, having ridden 2 trains there from lodging in the Tomidahama church loft. Then I took a train from Oogaki City to Anjou City, to then walk 5 minutes to Jeff’s church for his 1:30 PM English service. (His Japanese language service is at 10:30 AM. Most who attend the afternoon English service are Chinese & Filipinos.)

God gives us a most blessed service today. Then I ride 2 trains back to Tomidahama church to eat supper with 3 church folks in the annex & then preach at the 7 PM service. The following morning, March 7, I boarded the 5:24 AM train out of Tomidahama Station, returning to my “main” Japan abode that day, after a most blessed circuit that began early last December!!!

Nowadays, when I have the privilege of preaching in established churches in Japan, the Holy Spirit clearly leads me to regularlyweave” Hebrews 13:13 into most every sermon. I hope you have memorized it, as I have. “Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach…” Most Laodicean churchgoers are too sinfully proud and love the praise of men so much that they will not accept this glorious invitation to lift God the Saviour Jesus Christ up high, and exalt Him out in public before the devil’s children.

Among the few Japanese Christians in Japan, almost all of them refuse to exalt Christ out in public in their Buddhist society. You please pray for Holy boldness for them, and for yourself if you are in the same boat with them.

It’s most easy for me to believe that “Christ the Judge” is soon to spue us out of His Mouth. I believe that has already begun, & that the death, pain and suffering that comes to us lukewarm churchgoers will steadily increase till each of us is crying “Woe unto miserable me, that I have sinned so horribly and fallen so short of loving my Lord with all my heart.”

“Woe to them that are at ease in Zion.” (Amos 6:1) That sho is us present-day churchgoers, now ain’t it???

 “Awake thou that sleepest…” (Eph. 5:14)

Spewing us out of His Holy, Sacred Mouth is to be a most painful, shocking, jolting jumpstart that is soon to awake us dead, lukewarm Laodicean pewsters to a full awareness as to just how loathsome we are to our Lord and Saviour Who laid down His Life to purchase us with God’s Own Blood.

“Lord Jesus, please revive our dead Laodicean bones!!”

Previously, I haven’t sung hymns near Matsuida Town school entrances surrounding my “main” abode in Japan from 7:30 to 8:20 AM as kids walk into & ride bicycles into schools. (I have been doing that often in the afternoons as they leave school.)

However, upon returning home on March 7, my Lord said: “Jump out there in the mornings to do that as they enter school!” So I immediately started that at the 3 local town schools nearest my house, one each; grammar school, jr hi, and high school. I have been richly blessed by doing so.

Brother or Sister Laodicean Christian friend, where did you go without the camp yesterday? The past week?? The past month??? The past year???? Since you were saved from eternal retribution???? The death, pain, & suffering being heaped upon us is steadily increasing. Please ask every Laodicean churchgoer that you can, to read this.

To Warn is Our Grave Duty!! 


On 29 April, I again opened up the rescue mission in Karuizawa. Many lost souls walk past it. Several come inside. Most are Buddhists. Please intercede for their salvation.

I post a notice on the front glass door of the rescue mission in Karuizawa, offering to teach English conversation there. Last year, June thru October, 3 local Karuizawa mothers sent 5 of their children to the rescue mission weekly for a 25-minute English session each time, 2 girls & 3 boys from age 5 thru 9.

When the mothers first came with the kids to ask me to start a class for them, most all 5 kids voiced their opposition to it. Japan’s public education system is most oppressive, wearing out the young ones, as adults cram all the knowledge of good and evil into them that they possibly can, with the goal of making the young ones into the greatest gods possible. Most destructive is that evil, causing teenage students to kill themselves, or their parents. From the start of those kids’ classes, I prayed for the salvation of those 3 families and made the short class as much fun as possible. Soon the kids began to enjoy it. At the end of each class, I let each child pick a present from the used goods that folks donate to me to sell. This year, 4 of the 5 children continue to come for English. Please pray for these 3 Buddhist families to be saved.

Previously I have asked you to pray for the salvation of retired Japanese ladies to whom I teach English conversation. Mrs. T is a grandmother in her mid 70s, a retired grammar school teacher, on the surface, a kind, gentle lady, but in her heart, most sinfully stubbornly rebellious against her Creator God, I thank God for putting me in regular contact with several such Japanese Buddhists.

I constantly strive to speak a word in season to each of them as Christ leads, and as opportunity arises, each of them stubbornly resisting Christ in varying degrees. But steadily the fear of death is increasingly gnawing away at their unblessed un-assurance that all is well with their soul, as they steadily age, and as the deadly plague of Covid becomes increasingly scary.

Months back, one day when Mrs. T came to my class, she proclaimed to me that when she dies, her spirit and soul will rise up above this earth and she’ll be peacefully looking down at the earth scene as she ascends (floats) up to Paradise. As fear of death constantly torments her, her mind must invent a happy ending. Mercy on her sinful soul, Lord, to save her family to the utmost!

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord.” (Isaiah 1:18) My Soul-Winning Friend, keep that verse in mind when you talk with sinful rebels. I do so. Thus in a kind gentle voice, I pleaded with Mrs. T: ‘Ask your Creator God if that is what will happen to you if you die soon.’ I must have faith, that if she would simply and sincerely ask God that, then He’d give her a clear answer, warning her of eternal retribution, awaiting her idol-worshipping soul.

Are you already guessing her response to my wonderful invitation? “NO!”, she most adamantly proclaimed, refusing to ask her Creator what eternal fate awaits her, or ask if her opinion is mistaken. Intercede with me for her & her house. God forbid that her adamant, rebellious proclamation stand for eternity. ‘Lord, smite her! Break her stony heart. Fill it with fear of Almighty God!’

I thank our Lord for each of you faithful intercessors in US of A who cry out to our Creator to have mercy on the Japanese I preach to. If you who receive my newsletters on paper do not save them forever, please consider doing this. When you are ready to discard one, pass it on to a praying Christian around you, who knoweth me not. Ask them if they would read that letter at least once, & at least once, intercede for the salvation of the Japanese whom I tell of in the letter.

“And he (the Lord) saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor…” (Isaiah 59:16) My Bible-Believing Friend, that’s the one & only time the word “intercessor” appears in the Holy Bible. Tragically, it is preceded by “no”. Consider even making copies of my paper letters to give to other Intercessors!

Each & every good deed from you invigorates me greatly. God greatly bless you for it all!

Christ’s servant in Japan,      

Richard Yerby



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